Ch. 37 for my Mooners – and the rest of y’all!

That’s right, laydeez and gennelmen, Chapter 37 of The Moon is finally up!  I would offer all kinds of excuses for why this update is so long in coming – same as for the other WIPs not named “One Night” – but while there are a lot of them (and some are quite good, honestly), you’re not here to read whine.  I’ll just blame this one on the FLM.

She’s all cool like that.  That’s why she gets the big bucks…  *snort*

Also, it’s fucking cold here.  Just thought you should know that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter!

aThe Moon banner

4 thoughts on “Ch. 37 for my Mooners – and the rest of y’all!

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  2. I’ll join the whine. It’s fuckin’ cold here, too! I hate it, but the Winter Solstice is close and that means the days will be getting longer… Thank Goodness!


  3. MsBuffy: There’s no excuse for it to be so cold! So what if it’s “winter” and all that crap…doesn’t mean it’s gotta be this cold. Blech! 😀


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