The Moon, Ch. 40 – A Sookie Interlude…Sookilude? Wait…

Ok fantabulous readers-mine, this is for you.  You know Sookie’s weird-ass’d cravings and her new-fangled fairy light hands?  Remember that teleportative pop to Eric’s side several chapters back?

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Holiday Wishes & Moon, Ch. 38

Here’s hoping every one of you has a very Merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it) and/or a fantastic holiday of your choice (if you so choose!) and that all your best dreams come happily true in 2017!

Now that THAT is over with, on with the bla bla bla:

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Ch. 37 for my Mooners – and the rest of y’all!

That’s right, laydeez and gennelmen, Chapter 37 of The Moon is finally up!  I would offer all kinds of excuses for why this update is so long in coming – same as for the other WIPs not named “One Night” – but while there are a lot of them (and some are quite good, honestly), you’re not here to read whine.  I’ll just blame this one on the FLM.

She’s all cool like that.  That’s why she gets the big bucks…  *snort*

Also, it’s fucking cold here.  Just thought you should know that.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the chapter!

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Update for my Mooners…… Wait…what? (Ch. 36)

Thank you very much for all your kind words and support – you guys rock!  😀

And now, for any FANS OF The Moon out there in reader-land, catch!  (Hint:  GO SEVRIN!)  I really, really want a Sevrin of my own…

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Happy reading!


Ok, so…Moon, Chapter 35, is up!

I know One Night is the main attraction just now, but the muse and I decided to show some love to The Moon.  Eric and Sevrin demanded it, and yeah, well, *you* try to tell those vamps no…

*pfft*  Exactly.

But first, in case you missed it, here are the past few posted chapters (we all know how WP notifications sometimes go, um…awry, right):

One Night – The Third Night – Part 1

One Night – The Second Night – Part 3

Decisions, Chapter 38

EN: ATS, Chapter 19


Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 29

And now for the moment maybe a few of you have been waiting for:

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As always, let me know what you think.


The Moon, Ch. 34, and a question

See, toldja I had the next chapter of Moon in progress – TAA DAAA!


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Ok, the question:  So, standing in front of the open fridge and squirting one’s mouth full of Reddi Wip every now and then is, like, normal, right?



Sevrin (erm, ok, ok: “Aquaman”) gif – I blame 4Padfoot, also, Andre news

So, yeah, I dunno if 4Padfoot made it or found it, but she drew my attention to it and so now I draw yours to it, too…

And it’s a damn good thing that I just finished Andre like 10 minutes before cause my eyes are glued to the magnificence that is Jason Momoa as Aquaman – BUT HE’S REALLY MY SEVRIN…mostly…

Oh, yeah, The Revealing of Andre is FINISHED!!!!!  YES!!!  FINALLY!!!  I’ll give it the once-over and possibly be posting it tonight or tomorrow.  ANDRE IS FINISHED!!!  HE MIGHT EVEN LET ME CONTINUE WITH THIS WHOLE “LIVING” THING AN’ EVERYTHING!!!  (Yeah, he can be a little scary…)

*whew*  It’s only been going on for HOW LONG now?


Enjoy the Sevrin, erm, yeah whatever, gif below compliments in whichever way of 4Padfoot.  (She’s also safe to blame for any lunches left unfixed or dinners left uncooked or chores left undone or…or…or…)  😀

Oh hai Sevrin…unf………………………….


TWOFER: The Moon, Ch. 33, and New Story, all in ONE NIGHT…

See what I done there? 

The “thank you” story written to thank readers after gaining my 500th site follower…several followers ago since I’m slower than molasses…was originally titled “The Night Eric Northman’s Life Changed Forever” but that was quickly changed to “One Night” (hella shorter).

Anyway, to keep your reader-y eyes (and comment-y fingers) busy, here’s a tow-fer:  a chapter of The Moon and the first chapter of One Night.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

As always, never beta’d, etc.

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One Night

(Yes, there are intermissions in Night – each chapter will probably be a “1 pee break” length, unless you’ve had kids, then it might be a 2-peer…)


The Moon, Chapter 32, is up for your viewing convenience

Hope you guys enjoy! 

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It’s been creepy-hot over here in NC-land, like, upper-70s/lower-80s crap – IN MARCH.  But there’s no global warming…nope…none at all…  *tosses scuba gear to all of Florida and affected areas of the Gulf*  (That’s not my excuse for waiting so long to post…it’s just a general bitch/gripe.  My excuse is the throbbing in my brain because ~migraine~…I figure it actually does have to do with the weather shifting; I know my allergies sure as fuck do.)

Have a good one and I hope to get another chapter of (nanner nanner not tellin’) out to ya soon.  I have chapters to several fics in progress so in theory it shouldn’t be too long. 

Yeah, I like my theories.  They come with cookies and hot coffee.


Yhep…It’s me again. Notes, shout-out, and a new chapter of…

You guys are probably getting pretty tired of hearing from me here lately but, well, I have been on kind of a roll…and I’ve learned that when the planets are cooperating, go with that flow.


So, in case you’ve missed anything lately, here are the basic links:

BNP, PT. 7

BNP, PT. 6

BNP, PT. 5

BNP, PT. 4

EN: ATS, CH. 16


STC, CH. 23


(I think that’s most of what I’ve posted in January?  I got tired of looking…)



Gyllene has finished her Lover’s Always fic!!!  (This is actually a sad “yay” since I loved that story and didn’t want it to end.)  If you haven’t been following it, now’s a great time to pop over over and give it a read!



of BNP!

Yup, here’s Part 8 of 9.  There is one Part after this with a chance of a possible outtake or two.  CHANCE.  MAYBE.  But I can’t wait to hear what y’all think about this Part…

BNP huge

I hope you enjoy!

Hi…anyone remember something about The Moon? Ch. 31??

Here – catch: Chapter 31 of The Moon is up!  It’s a fluff-fest of sorts – Sookie’s cravings, Thalia’s Thalia-ness, Sevrin’s nods and a grunt, Willa’s blush, and Eric being his magnificent self – so I hope you enjoy!

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Frozen sky piss still sucks.  IT’S STILL ALL OVER MY YARD AND IT WAS 51*F TODAY!  (Whine over…mostly.)

The Moon, Chapter 29, is up!

I’ve been told that this chapter might require half a tissue, maybe all the way up to a whole tissue.  *grimace*  No ducking or dodging of rotting vegetation will be necessary, though, so there’s that.  (Coffee I’ll bestir myself to actually catch, so if you gotta throw something, be sure to only throw the good stuff…)

Keep in mind as you read that there will always be at least three parts to Eric.  Among many others, there’s the man he was, the vampire he is, and the Maker he’ll always be.

Enjoy?  Let me know what you think…

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Hope this makes your Monday a bit less…Monday – Moon, Ch. 28, is up

Here’s to having the best Monday possible.  And by “best” I mean I hope you can just turn over and go back to sleep for a couple of hours, but if you can’t, I hope this helps.

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(No words of wisdom, just an offer of an extra coffee or tea or other murder-preventing beverage of your choice.)

Moon, Ch. 27, is up! (AKA: can I come out of hiding now?)

You heard it here ladies and gennelmen – The Moon, Ch. 27, is up!  (Srsly, you can stop with the de-coffee’ing threats now – not the bribes, though…they’re fine…) Hopefully this will help soften the “tomorrow’s Monday” blow.

Enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think:

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The Moon, Ch. 26, is up! (Yes!)

First I want to apologize for not replying (yet, gotta see how my time goes) to your lovely, delicious, fantastic comments left on the last chapter of Moon.  I adore your comments – I really do, and the ones from last chapter have been a joy to read.  It’s fascinating how a single chapter (or even portion of a chapter) can be interpreted in so many different ways and how each angle is usually right in its own way.   (Sometimes there IS no right answer; other times ALL the answers are right.)

Free time, however, isn’t something I have a lot of and so I chose to go ahead and get this chapter out to y’all (while Eric was still willing to chat and everything…always good, that).  Plus it appears my area is possibly in for a visit from a hurricane potentially in the next few days maybe.  Every 10 minutes the forecast is something different, so who the fuck knows. 

Either way, here’s Ch. 26 of The Moon.  I hope you enjoy it and don’t murder me too  hard.  That’s a great way to get no more chapters…plus I’d be all crying and I don’t cry pretty…

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It’s another TWO-FER: ANDRE and THE MOON!

Cause I love y’all and stuff.  How do ya like me now??  *blows invisible dust off nails then sips coffee with graceful élan cause I can*


Ok, first up is Andre (cause he finally got off his pouty if really cute ass and started with the talking again):

Oh My Andre

And now…srsly, cause I adore y’all:

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Lemme know what you think!  😀

Moon Followers – Guess What? Ch. 24 is up!

I like you – I really like you!  I must…cause here’s the next chapter already (like I would make y’all wait for it…).  YES – CHAPTER 24 of The Moon IS UP! 

What it is not:  huge, long, filled with death/sex/angst or dealing with Sevilla
What it is:  surprising, I think, and definitely informativeish



Sadly I am NOT one of those awesome people who has chapters and chapters already pre-written just waiting for that final go-over before posting.  Hell no – that would be too damn simple.   I’ll have the plot bits figured out before I start writing (except for the little things – they can appear as they want), but pre-writing?  *pfft*  I am not, and probably will never be, that freakin’ organized.  I’m definitely a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of lady which means that in general you get chapters less than a day, normally, after I write them.  I don’t want you guys to have to wait to get your dainty little  paws on a new chapter so I’d never withhold them after I feel they’re finished.  You get them hot off the virtual press.

The next WIPs demanding attention in the rotation (that I at least try to stick to) will be STC and EN: ATS, muse willing, but I admit that I’m hoping Andre gets off his pout in the meantime so I can rescue freakin’ Emma and freakin’ Sookie from the freakin’ assholes who freakin’ stole their fine selves.  (Can you tell I’m getting a bit peeved with Mr. Andre and his Pout?)

Anyway, it’s short, but I hope you enjoy.  If you haven’t read the previous chapter yet, read it first.

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The Moon, Ch. 23, is up!

Sorry it’s been a little while (and also sorries for the lack of Andre update in the rotation, too, but he’s still being a bit of a bastard atm). 

I do my best (read: easiest) writing between midnight and, say, 5 am, which would be fine but the (ugh) outside world has this odd idea that people need to be ACTIVE and AWAKE and FUNCTIONING during those annoying daylight hours, and there are times when even *I* have to pretend to be a normally functioning human.  Yeah, it sucks. And it bites into my preferred writing time.  Which also sucks.

Ugh, real life can be real annoying.  What’s up with that, anyway??

But yeah, here!  Enjoy!

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It’s a 2-fer…~ish: The Moon, Ch. 22 + a tiny non-fic piece

Ok, I’ll be honest – I started to not post this today since it’s Saturday and I know that most of my readers are busy on the weekends and may not have time to sit down and read, but then I decided that I wasn’t in a withholding mood.  I hope you DO have time to plop your butt in a comfy place and escape for a bit.

The first item is Chapter 22 of The Moon (I kind of think you’ll like this chappie!).  The second is a little non-fic piece you might like – read it if you want, and if you do I hope you enjoy it.

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This piece is a, well, it’s a something…a short something:

Death Now Has A Dog…But Still No Head

Enjoy?  Your thoughts, as always, are welcome.

The Moon, Ch. 19, as requested

You guys said which fic/s you wanted updated next and The Moon came out on top, so here ya go!   I hope you enjoy, and maybe get a wee kick out of this chapter.  Also, it ends on a tiny bit of a Sevrin/Willa cliffie…don’t throw things, I don’t duck all that fast…

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Oh, and unless I can’t math right today (always a possibility), there are *6* days left to vote in Round 1 of the, well, here’s the handy dandy super convenient link:

fanatic fanfics multifandom awards

(GO VOTE if you haven’t already!  You are MORE than welcome to vote for me in the various categories in which I’ve been nominated {Did that sound gracious enough?  If not, I can try again…} I’m still SQUEEEING!!, btw, and also: THANK YOU!! for all the lovely nominations! – but regardless, do go vote if you’re so inclined!)


The Moon, Ch. 17, is up!! Also: NOMINATE!

1:  New chapter of The Moon, anyone?  Click the banner and go straight to the chapter, or read the second part of this post before clicking over to the magic – your choice because I adore you!

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(Still with me here?  Cool!)

2:  GO NOMINATE!!  😀  Yup, nominations are open for the You Want Blood Awards.  As I understand it, you can *only* fill out one form, and you can *only* nominate ONE writer/story PER CATEGORY.     One.

And on a completely unrelated note, my birthday is May 5th.  (*overly-innocent face*)

As best as I can figure, for your ease and convenience (and because I was bored) here are my stories that are eligible for inclusion this time around.  I’ve stuck this little pic here out of the innocent kindness of my heart – stop laughing – because I had a hell of a time figuring out what qualified considering the Award’s rules and categories and wanted to save you kind folks the headache.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with making it easier for you to nominate my works. 

Nothing.   At all.   Much.  Did I mention that my birthday is May 5th? 

(Ok, so I did the pic above because I liked the little bubble bullets instead of the itty bitty square bullets…yeah, I’m that nerdy? geeky? Sorry.)

Anyway, no matter which writers/stories you nominate, DO nominate your favs if you want.  It’s all in good fun!   😀