Holiday Wishes & Moon, Ch. 38

Here’s hoping every one of you has a very Merry Christmas (for those of you who celebrate it) and/or a fantastic holiday of your choice (if you so choose!) and that all your best dreams come happily true in 2017!

Now that THAT is over with, on with the bla bla bla:

Ok, yes, One Night – ***THE FOURTH NIGHT*** is under way.  It’s slow going because I want it to be “just so”, but yeah, it’s in the works. 

In between the Christmas crap, RL crap, bronchitis crap, and now sneezing crap (srsly, it’s D-fucking-CEMBER—-WTF is up with my allergies?), words have been added to Decisions, EN:  ATS, and STC, too.  (And I think they’re pretty words, too, if I say so myself…which I kind’a just did…)

This Christmas-gift chapter of The Moon should make Sevrin/Willa shippers happy (I hope!)...but for non-Sevrin/Willa fans (pout), Eric does appear at the end of the chapter (and yes, Sookie is on his lap, of course). 


aThe Moon banner

Don’t drink and drive or text and drive, y’all.  You might not get the end of this story or One Night or EN: ATS or Decisions or, etc., iffin ya do. 

Be smart. 




11 thoughts on “Holiday Wishes & Moon, Ch. 38

  1. I totally sympathize! My allergies have been crazy too. Esp the last week. I don’t what the hell is in the air here in NC right now, but something is driving me nuts.


  2. switbo: NC here, too, and for the past 5, 7 hours it has been HORRIBLE! My freakin’ nose is raw! This shit keeps up and I’mma be siccing Sevrin on…I dunno…something.


  3. Thank you for the bonus Xmas chapter. 🙂 Sympathise with your allergies, come down here we’re at the beginning of a six day heatwave. There won’t be any traditional food on the tables for Xmas, we’ll all be raiding, if not living in, the fridge for something cold/frozen. Long live air conditioning!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Merry Xmas and a safe New Year.


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    Don’t text and drive or you’ll force me to go all “Sevrin” on that ass lol!

    Feel better soon, RL….ugh, eff you,

    Merry Christmas to you & yours!



  6. jules3677: I think I’d be trying to figure out how to cut a hole in a deep freezer big enough for a chair and me… Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Years! 😀

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  7. Joyce: Thanks! And srsly, watch the road, not your phone…! Sevrin would “lay a hurtin'” on someone! Hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Near Year!!


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