Happy Tuesday? EN: ATS Ch 14 is up!

Thank you for your recent consideration as I dealt with the unexpected (although it really shouldn’t have been, but hell, how do you go about “expecting” someone to die?) death of my uncle. 

That event upset my muse a little and impacted, however temporarily, her (and my “her” I mean “my”) ability to focus on chapters for current WIPs.  Part of the reason for the temp. stop was that it caused her to think in a bit of a different way, I guess you could say, in a “mood” that would not have suited any chapter of any current fic I have open.  But…that different “mood”, because it IS so different, sideways-sparked a short new (as yet untitled) story that I’ve almost completed. 


It will be *COMPLETED* (I really wanted to put some pretty fireworks and happy ‘splody things here) before I even post the first chapter.  A story that’s finished BEFORE posting the first chapter???  I’ve heard this can be done, that some writers even do this kind of common-sensical, intelligent thing on the regular!  Oh, I so admire their fortitude and, yeah, their common sense…  😀

Anyway, shit happens, the sun still rises, and life progresses.  Sometimes words are even (somehow…eventually) caused to magically appear on virtual paper.  Hence, EN: ATS Ch. 14!


Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

13 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday? EN: ATS Ch 14 is up!

  1. My condolences on the loss of your uncle. Loss is loss, no matter the way we experience it, and it takes time for the reality to set in as well as the time to grieve. It can be very confusing. Do whatever you need for you. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Pam is a delight!
    Of course you’ve been good *snicker, cough* so I’ll ask Santa to bring you your own Stan when I get my Eric 🙂 (since I’ve been really really good 😀)


  3. msbuffy: Thank you, sweetie. It’s hard, and no matter how “expected”, it’s still going to be that shock. I’m at peace with it all now; it sounds selfish to say that but then, grief is for the living…those released from this earth are free and doing their own thing soon after. ❤

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  4. shoegirl01: *hands over cough syrup…sounds like you’re coming down with a cold…yeah, that’s it…a cold…course, I sound the same way after that last part you wrote* How about we just save time and energy and create a Mutual Alibi Association instead?

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  5. That’s true, I love believing that they are free and happier doing exactly what they dreamed of doing. Still its hard and we grieve, a perfectly natural process with several stages. I don’t think that sounds selfish at all. I believe our loved ones would be happy to know that we were at peace rather than not. They are, and I find solace in believing that they want the same for us. You take care.


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