EN: ATS, Ch. 19, is up!

I have to be up at ass:30 in the morning but I wanted to get this on out to y’all cause I’m all wonderful an’ stuff (and I hate having content just sitting on my desktop gatherin’ dust, lol).

So..this has not received that last final “going-over” (yes, there’s often more than one “last” going-over, lol) where I find all the silly, stupid, and sometimes funny errors. If (sadly, when…) you find mistakes, simply overlook them (hey, it’s a free fanfic…what can I say?).  If said errors are somehow egregious, scream at me via the “Ask Me” contact button (that’d be the mature and otherwise acceptable way of notifying fanfic writers that YOU’VE SPOTTED AN ERROR!!!111!!!  Srsly, ain’t none of us paid for SVM/TB-fanfic writin’…) and I’ll look at it when I get back on tomorrow (probably evening…because you really needed to know that, right?).

In the meantime:  Enjoy! 

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*psst:  go read!  review!  then pet kitties and puppy-doggies!  call your mama and/or daddy!  take a nap!!!  deep-throat the drinkable-temperature’d contents of a pot of coffee for me!!!!  😀

EN: ATS Chapter 18 is up!

I figured you guys would rather have a new chapter than me replying to your fantastic comments, although I do plan on getting to them regardless, but…yeah, chapters…!

Your support – from being excited to read the chapters to leaving such great reviews to all the other stuff in between – means the world to me and I really do appreciate it.  You guys are why I hit that “publish” button – I could write all day and all night without posting a thing, but y’all add the fun to the process.

Hope you enjoy – heh, Stan’s a hoot…

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And, just in case you’ve missed them, here are my last four fanfic posts since WP doesn’t always think to do its notification job:

STC, Ch. 28

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Andre, Chapter 49

Poll! EN: ATS, Ch. 17 is up and so’s… *smirky grin*

You’ll just have to read an’ see…

There are several things to cover in this post so:

Which story do you want to see updated next?


(Haven’t done one of these in a while…hope I remember how to check the results and all that…well, the results should display, right?  That’s what I clicked anyway.)

You may vote more than once and for more than one choice (hey, I’m easy) and “comments are allowed” (apparently in the poll thingie?) but then, they’re always allowed and encouraged so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I in my infinite magnanimity/stupidity have even added a write-your-own-answer “other” option (which was probably kind of dumb of me considering that I know some of y’all…).

News:  Fanatic Fanfics Awards thingie is accepting nominations until March 6th so if you’re interested in nominating any fanfic writers, fics, or artists:  http://awards.fanaticfanfics.com/index.php/nominations#

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Yhep…It’s me again. Notes, shout-out, and a new chapter of…

You guys are probably getting pretty tired of hearing from me here lately but, well, I have been on kind of a roll…and I’ve learned that when the planets are cooperating, go with that flow.


So, in case you’ve missed anything lately, here are the basic links:

BNP, PT. 7

BNP, PT. 6

BNP, PT. 5

BNP, PT. 4

EN: ATS, CH. 16


STC, CH. 23


(I think that’s most of what I’ve posted in January?  I got tired of looking…)



Gyllene has finished her Lover’s Always fic!!!  (This is actually a sad “yay” since I loved that story and didn’t want it to end.)  If you haven’t been following it, now’s a great time to pop over over and give it a read!



of BNP!

Yup, here’s Part 8 of 9.  There is one Part after this with a chance of a possible outtake or two.  CHANCE.  MAYBE.  But I can’t wait to hear what y’all think about this Part…

BNP huge

I hope you enjoy!

Well wouldja look at that…

Anyone want some EN: ATS, Ch. 16?  😀

I’m working on upcoming chapters of Decisions, Andre, and STC, too, as I can.  We’ll get there!

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That white crap is still in my yard. 

Well would you lookit that… EN: ATS Ch 15 is up!

No words of wisdom, really, just that whole “do unto others” and “don’t put your elbows on the table” (what, they’re gonna steal the silver?) thing…

So here’s EN: ATS Ch. 15, and the end of this chapter holds a bit of father/daughter, well, Maker/child sweetness…someone might have cut a bit of an onion around me right then, dammit.  Need to look into that shit…meanwhile I’m going to blame Christmas commercials!

Well, here…enjoy!



Happy Tuesday? EN: ATS Ch 14 is up!

Thank you for your recent consideration as I dealt with the unexpected (although it really shouldn’t have been, but hell, how do you go about “expecting” someone to die?) death of my uncle. 

That event upset my muse a little and impacted, however temporarily, her (and my “her” I mean “my”) ability to focus on chapters for current WIPs.  Part of the reason for the temp. stop was that it caused her to think in a bit of a different way, I guess you could say, in a “mood” that would not have suited any chapter of any current fic I have open.  But…that different “mood”, because it IS so different, sideways-sparked a short new (as yet untitled) story that I’ve almost completed. 


It will be *COMPLETED* (I really wanted to put some pretty fireworks and happy ‘splody things here) before I even post the first chapter.  A story that’s finished BEFORE posting the first chapter???  I’ve heard this can be done, that some writers even do this kind of common-sensical, intelligent thing on the regular!  Oh, I so admire their fortitude and, yeah, their common sense…  😀

Anyway, shit happens, the sun still rises, and life progresses.  Sometimes words are even (somehow…eventually) caused to magically appear on virtual paper.  Hence, EN: ATS Ch. 14!


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EN: ATS, Ch. 12, is up!

It’s 2:21am so I be not witty.  Sorry…

Here’s the chapter, and I hope you enjoy.  It’s short, but relevant…

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And because WP has been being weird about notifications lately, here are some of my recent posts copied, oddly, directly from the Recent Posts widget on my sidebar (sorry, it’s now 2:28 am and yeah, I got lazy):


Happy Saturday – EN: ATS, Ch. 9 is up!

I have super-talented friends and I have proof (both images link to the chapter):

Here’s a great banner that 4padfoot made for EN: ATS:

And here’s a great image made by Gyllene that you’ll be seeing again REAL soon:

(Voting closes I think tomorrow?? night in the Fanatic Fanfics Multifandom Awards, so, yadda:


fanatic fanfics multifandom awards

2nd Round of Voting opens on June 15th, 2015; 2nd Round of Voting closes on June 22nd, 2015. So…did you yadda in the appropriate manner or….?)

Lol, hope you enjoy the chapter!

EN: ATS, Chapter 8, is up for your perusal!

Happy, erm, well, just MONDAY, y’all!  😀  I hope you had a great weekend and that your upcoming week is vastly tolerable, possibly even vaguely enjoyable!

Srsly, I hope you enjoy:

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EN: ATS Chapter 6 is up!

Hope you enjoy!  It’s currently 9*F here in NC-land where the usual temp for this date/time SHOULD be around 35-40*F.  So, yeah, not fun.

New kitty (Galen Demitri NoLastNameYet) gets along great with the DOG…but, yeah, not so much with the other two cats.  (And that “not getting along’ness is entirely mutual… assy little fuckheads.)

*sigh*  C’est ma vie…

So, yeah, here’s another chapter of the saga of “what the hell happened with CH/TB” and how it goes with Eric and Fam after the farce of a show ended.

AKA:  Clicky the picky:




EN: ATS Chapter 5 is up! Also:

Since this is probably my last post before Christmas (never say never, but you know…), I wanted to wish every one who celebrates it a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  And, if I do post again before then, I’ll just wish it all over again!  It’s not like Imma be wearing it out…  😀

(Attribution: http://www.annestokes.com)

So, want some Eric Northman:  After the Show?  Then click the magic pic below:


**Part of the reason this exists at all is due to the awesomeness of  charity6201 who talked me through a slight melt-down over this chapter (it’s a writer thing…all’s well that ends, well, is found within the already-written and posted chapters…)!  Thanks gorgeous!!

Eric Northman: After the Show, Chapter 4, is up!

This gorgeous banner is brought to you by M4T and I wanted to show it off:

banner for Eric Northman After the Show by Becky

(The banner and that font are so awesome they make my toes happy!)