The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 36, + verbosity

WordPress just told me that there are 306 of you wonderful, amazing, brilliant, fuck-awesome readers following my blog!!   Here’s sloppy wet smooches and warm not-too-feely hugs to every one of you!!

(There are 503 of y’all if you go by some other number that I don’t understand – ‘Publicize’, whatever that means…)

Anyway, here’s a huge THANK YOU to every one of you fantastic readers! Your presence, your support and kindness, your tolerance for my overly-opinionated ass (and the rest of me), and your awesome and encouraging reviews really do make my day – and they feed that gorgeous flighty little muse o’mine, too!

Thank you2

Now for an update on the updates: I’m having a blast working away on the actual ending of Valentine’s Night – no, don’t give me that look…oh, come on…that story has to end SOMETIME, right?



And I’ve also just about finished another chapter of Eric Northman: After the Show – does anybody remember that one? Huh? Anybody??

The Moon and STC are both kind of, well, pouting at me at the moment (but not for long since we ALL know Sookie can’t stay out of trouble for long and Eric is, well, ERIC…), and Godric is still flying around with his Cara in his arms in Decisions – oddly, neither one of them wants the flying to stop. Y’all will have to take that up with them… (Godric is such a deviously gleeful little shit…)

This…this chapter of Andre was gonna be a short chapter, but…  Oops? Hope you don’t mind the verbosity! It’s also a somewhat restful chapter, something they all needed after the previous chaos…and before the upcoming chaos…(Yes, there’s more…)

So grab a warm (or cool for y’all in warmer climes) beverage of choice, get comfy, and I hope you enjoy!

 the Revealing of Andre

3 thoughts on “The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 36, + verbosity

  1. I haven’t forgotten about any of your stories. How could I when they are all so great? Publicize is the people from Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else. I didn’t really ever understand it either. Off to read Andre!


  2. gyllene: Awwwww, thank you!! I love your stories too!!! And yeah, that Publicize thing confuses me…but as long as I don’t have to feed it or change its water, it’s A-OK! 😀 Hope you liked the chapter!


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