Yes, that sad time has come – Andre has been (mostly) revealed.  I decided to combine the final chapter and the epilogue into one longer post because it worked out so well to do so. 

Heh, warning:  the story leaves off in somewhat the same vein as it all began so long ago…  (That would be Dec 22, 2012 if you’re counting…sometimes Andre would stub up at me and try his cold/silent routine.  I’d just pat him on the head and wander off to write on other stories when he’d get like that.  Perhaps we should wish Emma a fuck-ton of luck with him??)

Thank you so, so much to those of you who took a chance with me and Andre.  He’s definitely one of the really bad guys from SVM, and hell, he wasn’t even mentioned in TB, but his character was so very one dimensional that it felt criminal not to listen to what he might have to say.

Turns out, Andre had a hell of a lot to say – 50 chapters’ worth at that!  Most of it came in spurts, and he seemed most loquacious when torture of enemies and sex with his Emma were involved – odd, that…

Instead of being the cardboard cutout with the word “villain” pasted above that we were supposed to have believed him to be, he became a multi-faceted foul-mouthed, decreasingly ill-tempered vampire capable of surprising depths, tenderness, and gentility…who could kick ass and fuck taking names.  He has a hidden history mentioned but yet to be explored, and his Emma has a few secrets tucked away here and there, too.  That’s what sequels are for.

Emma was a charm to write, too.  Naturally she fit perfectly well with Andre (as designed), but she too became her own person with her own ideas and worries and personality.  

Anyway, I’m goin’ maudlin, so here – read and I hope you enjoy.  This brain-baby is finished.

a Andre collage


Sevrin (erm, ok, ok: “Aquaman”) gif – I blame 4Padfoot, also, Andre news

So, yeah, I dunno if 4Padfoot made it or found it, but she drew my attention to it and so now I draw yours to it, too…

And it’s a damn good thing that I just finished Andre like 10 minutes before cause my eyes are glued to the magnificence that is Jason Momoa as Aquaman – BUT HE’S REALLY MY SEVRIN…mostly…

Oh, yeah, The Revealing of Andre is FINISHED!!!!!  YES!!!  FINALLY!!!  I’ll give it the once-over and possibly be posting it tonight or tomorrow.  ANDRE IS FINISHED!!!  HE MIGHT EVEN LET ME CONTINUE WITH THIS WHOLE “LIVING” THING AN’ EVERYTHING!!!  (Yeah, he can be a little scary…)

*whew*  It’s only been going on for HOW LONG now?


Enjoy the Sevrin, erm, yeah whatever, gif below compliments in whichever way of 4Padfoot.  (She’s also safe to blame for any lunches left unfixed or dinners left uncooked or chores left undone or…or…or…)  😀

Oh hai Sevrin…unf………………………….


Andre, Chapter 49, is up!

Ok, so, yeah, hey…I’m still a being that exists…somewhere.   Been wrangling this chapter around for ages, it feels like, but it’s the penultimate in Andre so…  I don’t know when the epilogue will magically appear – it’s partially written, though, so there’s that.

I just don’t want my brain-baby to grow up, is all.  I mean, sure, I’ll get to hang out with the cast of Andre during the creation of Attaining, the sequel (to both it and Anticipating), but…but that’s “then”…and this is “now”…which isn’t “then”.

So Imma little maudlin…and pouty – bite me.  (Andre…or Godric…or Eric, not y’all.) 

Anyhu, here ya go – enjoy!

a Andre collage

*sinks into the usual “don’t want the fic to end” pout – hey, I’m really good at pouting…it’s all in the lip*

Yhep…It’s me again. Notes, shout-out, and a new chapter of…

You guys are probably getting pretty tired of hearing from me here lately but, well, I have been on kind of a roll…and I’ve learned that when the planets are cooperating, go with that flow.


So, in case you’ve missed anything lately, here are the basic links:

BNP, PT. 7

BNP, PT. 6

BNP, PT. 5

BNP, PT. 4

EN: ATS, CH. 16


STC, CH. 23


(I think that’s most of what I’ve posted in January?  I got tired of looking…)



Gyllene has finished her Lover’s Always fic!!!  (This is actually a sad “yay” since I loved that story and didn’t want it to end.)  If you haven’t been following it, now’s a great time to pop over over and give it a read!



of BNP!

Yup, here’s Part 8 of 9.  There is one Part after this with a chance of a possible outtake or two.  CHANCE.  MAYBE.  But I can’t wait to hear what y’all think about this Part…

BNP huge

I hope you enjoy!

Oh, it’s Tuesday – how’bout a two-fer?

So these chapters are a little…wordy.  Hope y’all don’t mind?  I’ll keep this short to make up for it all cause it totally works that way, right?

The Revealing of Andre is winding down.  This chapter reflects it in its length, I think.  There is one more chapter planned after this one (although there’s always the vague possibility of it actually being two, depends on the flm) before it ends.  More information about this is in the AN.  Andre, btw, is a bit pissed at me about this…you know how he gets.

Andre banner1

And because I adore you and the love you’re sharing, here’s BNP, Pt. 3 a little early.  I hope you don’t mind too much…

BNP huge


Happy Friday! Andre, Ch. 46 (NSFW) **and** STC, Ch. 21 are up!

Because I adore you and want you to be happy, here’s a 2-fer.

To your left you’ll see a fine new, rather long and…erm, yeah, chapter of Andre.  Bloodlust is a thing, y’all:

Andre banner1

And to your right you’ll find a brand new chapter of STC where Sookie…then Eric…and…oh, hell, just read it:

STC banner from Gyllene SMALLER

Here’s hoping you have an awesome Friday, a fantastic Halloween, and an amazing weekend!

It’s another TWO-FER: ANDRE and THE MOON!

Cause I love y’all and stuff.  How do ya like me now??  *blows invisible dust off nails then sips coffee with graceful élan cause I can*


Ok, first up is Andre (cause he finally got off his pouty if really cute ass and started with the talking again):

Oh My Andre

And now…srsly, cause I adore y’all:

aThe Moon banner

Lemme know what you think!  😀

WordPress is being strange (aka: WTF?)


—> Since WordPress has decided to fuck with the ability to leave comments/reviews (the comment box comes and goes, and hell, WP is even having problems ensuring that post notification emails make it out…*eyeroll*), please feel free to visit my loathed fanfiction.asshole site, my AO3 site, or my TWCS site for this and all fics until they can figure out how to get their collective heads out of their collective asses.  Comment away!  WE WILL NOT LET THEM WIN!! **glare***   <—

So not only did WP magically and mysteriously “disenable” my Comment boxes (fixed now) on today’s new chapter, but I’m finding out that apparently it didn’t even send out some email alerts when I posted it, either.

That makes me wanna kick inanimate objects…you know, ones named “WordPress”.  I have really strong thighs…I can kick pretty damn hard…

Andre might not be my most popular story (understandable since it IS about Andre…yes, that Andre) but I put just as much time and effort into it as I do my higher-profile fics and it makes me angry that my readers who HAVE given it a chance might miss a new chappie b/c of WP’s fuckery.

Fucking meanypants.

Here’s the link for the new chapter (again) in case WP snubbed you:

Andre banner1

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 44, is up!

This chapter gave me fits.  I hope Andre appreciates the effort, but really he’s probably off snickering at me in retribution for having him create odd glittery pottery in that crack fic. Sadly, I couldn’t blame him (Sorry for the crack fic, Andre…- it was just your turn…). 

Hope you like!

Andre banner1

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 43, is up!

1.  Thank you everyone for your well-wishes and support during the “The Great and Annoying Revenge of the Hands, V. 2015“.  The Site of the Great and Invisible Splinter is now all-but undetectable, and the Stabby-Sore Finger-Joint of Death and Grumbling seems to have finally shut-it.  The Voldemorting Palm Scar seems to be minding its manners, too, so yeah, that’s good.

I wisely and/or lazily gave all of the above a couple days’ extra rest before hovering too closely over my keyboard just in case.  You know how vengeful hands can be.  I wouldn’t want them attacking me in my sleep and I know those bitches…they totally would, too.

2.  For some reason WordPress has become a wise-ass here recently and has decided that aprox. one-fourth of the reviews and comments I receive need, for some reason, to go hide out in either the Pending or the SPAM folder instead of posting normally.  I’ve caught quite a few reviews and other comments from long-time readers as well as from some of my newer lovelies hanging out and being bored in those folders.  I’ll go through and approve (again and again and again), but for some reason it keeps happening.  I’m only letting y’all know about WP’s strange new habit so you won’t wonder where’n hell your review went when it doesn’t show up immediately, but no worries – I keep an eye on those folders. 

Also, I’ve been told by a couple of friends that, apparently depending on their phone’s system?, they sometimes have to enter their comments two or three times to get them to go through.  I dunno if this is a phone thing, a WP thing, or a duck farting in China thing, but it sounds very frustrating.  The comments do come through eventually, though, if you keep entering them.  I guess you have to keep stabbing “enter” or whatever till that duck farts or something.

KEEP REVIEWING, though – review OFTEN and LOTS and all that jazz CAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY!  😀  I like being happy!  Happy is good!

Okee dokee, after all that ado’ing, voilà:

Andre banner1



Chapter 41 of Andre is now up + awesome b’day vid!

1:  First I wanna brag about/gush over the AMAZING FANTSTIC BRILLIANT video 4Padfoot created for my birthday!!!  That lady is extremely talented and makes the BEST videos and banners!

2:  Last, I wanna brag on ME for (finally) getting the next chapter of Andre out to y’all.  I am constantly surprised (and, honestly, gratified) when a new reader tells me that I’ve managed to change their opinion about Andre…yes, THAT Andre…!   I feel that Andre from the books was an extremely under-used, overlooked, badly presented character who had TONS of potential that The Twit purposefully ignored.  One day I was wondering about his motivations, what made him tick, etc., and decided that if he really was that old then he must have had at least SOME redeeming qualities, and that QSA must have had some, too, or not only would she not have survived so long, but she wouldn’t have retained such loyalty from her progeny even WITH some sort of mythical vamp-gift.

Ok, ok, I was looking to find some good in these characters, qualities that truly were redeeming, and found JUST ENOUGH to work with without having to change too much (even if I did  use that as an excuse to grow Andre up some age-wise, and a lot body/mind/heart-wise…). 


Andre banner1


Oh look at me being all number-y and stuff!

1.  Galen’s doing a bit better (because I know you’re on the edge of your seats about the now-not-stray kitty, right?).  Yay!

2.  Why can’t I save up all this “lovely” (snark font desperately needed) cold weather for use in summer when it’d actually come in handy?

3.  Check this out if you’d like and let me know what you think:  When Reading My Words


4:  NEW CHAPTER OF ANDRE!!!  I can’t believe we’re already on Chapter 39 of a fic I’d intended being MAAAYBE, what, 25? 30 chapters at the most?   Erm…oops?

Andre banner1

Anyway, I hope you like it.  Enjoy!

And then there was this…

I started to share a human/pet interest story, but then decided that I’m boring and y’all aren’t here to hear about me.   Therefore:  Andre, Chapter 38:

Andre banner 1 2015 2

Happy reading and hope you like it!  😀

*ducks because of the wee cliffie*

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 36, + verbosity

WordPress just told me that there are 306 of you wonderful, amazing, brilliant, fuck-awesome readers following my blog!!   Here’s sloppy wet smooches and warm not-too-feely hugs to every one of you!!

(There are 503 of y’all if you go by some other number that I don’t understand – ‘Publicize’, whatever that means…)

Anyway, here’s a huge THANK YOU to every one of you fantastic readers! Your presence, your support and kindness, your tolerance for my overly-opinionated ass (and the rest of me), and your awesome and encouraging reviews really do make my day – and they feed that gorgeous flighty little muse o’mine, too!

Thank you2

Now for an update on the updates: I’m having a blast working away on the actual ending of Valentine’s Night – no, don’t give me that look…oh, come on…that story has to end SOMETIME, right?



And I’ve also just about finished another chapter of Eric Northman: After the Show – does anybody remember that one? Huh? Anybody??

The Moon and STC are both kind of, well, pouting at me at the moment (but not for long since we ALL know Sookie can’t stay out of trouble for long and Eric is, well, ERIC…), and Godric is still flying around with his Cara in his arms in Decisions – oddly, neither one of them wants the flying to stop. Y’all will have to take that up with them… (Godric is such a deviously gleeful little shit…)

This…this chapter of Andre was gonna be a short chapter, but…  Oops? Hope you don’t mind the verbosity! It’s also a somewhat restful chapter, something they all needed after the previous chaos…and before the upcoming chaos…(Yes, there’s more…)

So grab a warm (or cool for y’all in warmer climes) beverage of choice, get comfy, and I hope you enjoy!

 the Revealing of Andre

Thank you to…??

Whoever you are:



fanatic fanfics multifandom awards



Can I just say:  WOW!!!  SRSLY???  FUCK!!!  WOW!!!

Ok, I said it anyway…! 

Because WOW!!!  😀    ♥    😀

Thank you!!!!!!!

Voting runs from Monday, March 31st through Monday, April 14th.

Other notable nominees of my actual acquaintance are:



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And, last but by no means least: Ericiz Mine

(If I’ve forgotten to add someone, please add yourself in the comments below!)

And srsly, I can’t believe Godric Wakes was nominated for anything but a smut award…











The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 30, is up!

I hope you enjoy!


*Yeah, ok, I know *ANDRE* wouldn’t be wearing glasses, but, um, yeah…just click it and go with it…it’ll allllll be ok……








Andre Chapters 18 and 19 are up!

Hope you like!

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 18

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 19

*This Short-n-Sweet Post is brought to you by the Short-n-Sweet Poster who is, um, me.*

Remember:  Reviews are love!


Andre finally (marginally) stopped hating my muses…

Srsly, Andre has a thing about muses these days – he hates them!

Regardless of his lack of cooperation, I still (finally…sorry!) managed to get Chapter 14 out…and I have to say, I love me some Sophie-Anne!

Anyway, sorry for the hold-up – hope you enjoy!

Pretty Andre Porn For No Reason:

Oh My Andre