Decisions, Chapter 19, is up!

Ik,r?  Bout time, eh? 

I’d give you the list of excuses, but you’d prolly just throw things at me.  Hey, if you do, use vegetation (namely tomatoes, beets, and cauliflower) – I can catch and freeze it!  😀


Apparently my last post scared a bit of superglue onto my muse’s butt ’cause she magically reappeared AND kind of stuck around a bit, well, her version of “sticking around”.

Anyhu, w/o further ado or vegetation:


6 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 19, is up!

  1. Chocolate! Give that biotch chocolate! I’m stuck in a lack of motivation stage, or an imitation of Scarlett O’Hara’s “Tomorrow is another day,” period since my last surgery & recovery. Anything more than an hour typing/editing makes my arm hurt but do I stop? Not like I should & this causes more pain so I don’t get to the things I want, like answering emails or updating my blog. This foolish old woman needs a kick in the ass, so I’ll send you some virtual superglue for your muse if you’ll send me a virtual ass kicking! Deal? 🙂


  2. msbuffy: *checking frantically to find out if they ubiquitous ‘they’ make any “chocolate ass kickers” – deliciously able to get asses in gear! 😀

    Hate that you still hurt after over-use, and hope that it’ll go away soon. Now go rest!


  3. I will do that when I start to feel some pain…I took half a painkiller today. I gave in. I’ll rest then & get some reading in!

    What is that muse? Chocolate heals everything, especially if you have it for breakfast with good coffee! Feed her some!

    It’s the weather. Damn Autumnal Equinox!


  4. msbuffy: Glad you took something to help – just hope it helps enough! And yeah, srsly – this time of year will bring out the aches and pains, that’s for sure.

    *Gee, thanks…now li’l Mz Muse is sitting over here glaring at me wanting chocolate (something I really don’t keep around) and good coffee (which I’ve already given her!)… *gurrr*

    Feel better soon, hon.


  5. Thank you!

    Now we’ll just have to come up with something for that muse… I’ll keep thinking. The house may burn down, but I’ll keep thinking anyway. 🙂

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