Hi…remember Decisions? Ch. 37 is up!

So yeah, summer has been kicking my kinda-flat, A/C-loving ass here lately.  But…even though it’s been insane and inane and other words starting with an “i”, I managed to find time to finish up this chapter of Decisions for y’all!

Apparently threatening to boycott the story helped Godric to move HIS gorgeous ass out of the way so that Cara and Sookie could let their voices be heard.

Heh, it all worked out…  (Yes, I’m totally nanner’ing at Godric right now…just, you know…don’t tell him or anything…  I’m brave, not stupid.)

So, enjoy, and let me know what you think:

5 decisions-meridian-the-maker-award-2nd-place

(And yup, I totally went there – that’s a winner-banner from some of the awards Decisions has won in the past.  So I’m a little/lot proud…)  😀

Decisions, Ch. 36, is up!

Despite my best procrastination skillz I somehow managed to complete this chapter.  It – the procrastination, not the chapter – fought the valiant fight, though.  Beware the potential bedroom disaster found within the page/s of this chapter…  Hope this helps make your Monday just a bit less…Mondayish!

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Also, it’s freakin’ chilly over here in NC-land after these past couple of gorgeous spring days!  I’m considering crawling back under my blankies again – it’s warm there…



Update on my little underdoggie of a story: Decisions, Ch. 35

After having gotten caught up in the holidays, the January blear, the posting of a completed story, the February blear, and various and assorted power outages, I have ***finally*** managed to post an update to one of my favorite stories, the Godric/Cara fic Decisions.

While this one is primarily the story of How Godric Got His Cara, there’s a strong secondary plot of How Eric Is Possibly Accidentally Maybe Getting His Sookie, too (for my E/S fans).  Pam is a GoodPam and she’s considering getting herself a naked cat…

Go check it out, and let me know what you think!  Forgive any mistakes, leave lots of love, send bushels of coffee,  you know, the usual.  (Donuts get you mushy but not-creepy hugs.)

Decisions Story Banner

(Shoo!  Go read and enjoy!)

So Sookie stopped by to chat this morning – Decisions, Ch. 33 (yes, Decisions) (yes, Sookie)

So yeah, Sookie from Decisions (yes, DECISIONS) stopped by this morning and was all chatty – downright verbose for her usual self!  I’m not an idiot (usually) so hell yeah I took advantage of this situation.  (Eric might have chimed in a bit, too!)   I’m only now on my *SECOND* cup of coffee and this chapter is done and everything!  For SOME vague, strange, dunno-why-I-think-it reason I had the notion that you Eric/Sookie shippers might enjoy this rare other-character treat, so here:

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Decisions, Chapter 32, is now up…and it’s…

…yeah.   Ok, y’all, the gore factor of this chapter is more than my usual, and it’s NSFW.  You have been warned – read accordingly…  Enjoy??  *snicker*

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Decisions, Ch. 31, is up!

As you might can tell by how I skipped in the rotation, Andre is pouting at me (you’d think he’d realize that if he’d stop with the sulking and get with the talking things would happen faster but noooo…thtat would be too SIMPLE and too EASY so we can’t have THAT, now can we…  That’s ok…Imma be telling Emma on his non-verbal ass.  SO THERE, ANDRE – SO! THERE!)

Anyway, here’s Ch. 31 (31!!!) of Decisions.  I really hadn’t meant for this little story to go on so long…oy…

Enjoy!  Imma go hide now.

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Decisions, Chapter 30, is up, and it’s long…

Srsly, grab a drink…maybe a donut…go potty first…  I’d meant to “progress the plot” further but there’s still a lot happening in this chapter, so read carefully – there might be a test!  (Or not…)  Lol, just enjoy.

I’ve clicked to “enable comments” in all the places WP tells me I can, but there is NO telling if the Comment Box will actually appear or not.  (It’s all out of whack since WP’s ridiculous fuckedupdate.)  I have no idea if the Comment Box will magically appear below…or not.  So, there’s that.  I started to delay posting this update since I *do* value my readers’ comments (hint hint), but I wouldn’t do that to y’all.

So, here ya go in its almost 5,000-word glory:

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It’s a 2-fer! Moon, Ch. 20 *and* Decisions, Ch. 28, are up!

Both of these chapters were finished at about the same time, so – because I adore y’all and stuff – I decided to release them together rather than waiting.  So, without further ado’ing:

Decisions Story Banner


aThe Moon banner 2

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!










Decisions, Ch. 27, plus VOTE!

○ Yup!  Decisions, Chapter 27, is up for your perusal!  For all you Eric lovers, I’ve given his voice quite a bit of air-time in this chapter.  I hope you enjoy it (and the chapter), and that you let me know what you think:

Decisions Story Banner

○ Voting (UNLIMITED!) in the 2015 You Want Blood Awards is now open!!  As I may have mentioned (screamed, squee’d, whispered, shouted from the rooftops…), I’m nominated a (THANK YOU!!!) grand total of *22* times!!   I don’t know who all nominated me, but whoever you are, consider yourselves hugged enthusiastically (but not to the point of being creepy)…(much), sloppy-kissed (on the cheek…no, not THOSE cheeks…), and sincerely thanked!!

○ And on that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to send a huge shout-out to the brilliant and gorgeous Gyllene for making me the BEST banners!  (Obviously not the one to Decisions above, lol – that’s proof of my “skill”…).  Gyllene, however, truly IS extremely talented at making fantastic banners that are beautifully crafted banners I’m very proud to display/show off/stare at for hours.  She’s also up for some nominations, too…  (*cough*hint*cough*)

Now:  GO READ, and have a much-better-than-average/awesome day!  (Ok, just don’t get put in jail, alright?  Alright.)

And here’s an extra link to the new chapter for your ease and convenience (as a reward) jic you read all the way down this far (Thank you!):

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Decisions, Chapter 26 is up

See?  Tolja it wouldn’t be long before this chapter was ready!  I just didn’t want to fling a huge long chapter at you, so I decided to post a “shortie” that was a full chapter on its (slightly brief) own so you didn’t have to wait for the full (really long) one cause I’m all nice and shit.

Ok, ok, here!  Go!  Read!  *tosses out chapter then runs off and hides while peeping out to see if y’all like it or not*

Hope you like:

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Happy Day-Before-Valentine’s-Day!! ♥

Anyone ready for more Godric and Cara?  I hope so, because CATCH!

(It’s a mostly safe for work chapter, so, um, read slowly?)


Hope you like!  I’ve worked on this till I was sick of looking at it – hope it doesn’t disappoint!

Decisions, Chapter 19, is up!

Ik,r?  Bout time, eh? 

I’d give you the list of excuses, but you’d prolly just throw things at me.  Hey, if you do, use vegetation (namely tomatoes, beets, and cauliflower) – I can catch and freeze it!  😀


Apparently my last post scared a bit of superglue onto my muse’s butt ’cause she magically reappeared AND kind of stuck around a bit, well, her version of “sticking around”.

Anyhu, w/o further ado or vegetation:


Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 6, is up!

You know the drill – enjoy now, or save for after True Suck tonight – your choice!

This chapter will tell you more about Godric and his time in Fairy:

Sookie Takes Charge pic


And, just in case you missed it yesterday or would prefer even more “After True Suck” brain mints, here’s the next chapter of Decisions (my 2nd Godric and Cara story):


Either way, enjoy!

Decisions, Chapter 17 is finally up!

Also, check out this awesome review for Decisions my friend Kittyinaz did for The Non-Canon Awards!!  Thank you for the fantastic review!!!  😀

Now, on with the story:


**Me hurriedly getting this chapter out at this particular moment in time had nothing whatsoever to do with getting an awesome review placed in front of my face.  Really.  Honest!  (inspects nails)**










Believe it or not, Decisions, Chapter 14, is up!

Wow – is it Tuesday already?  Where the hell did the weekend go??  I wasn’t done with it yet!


Just a note:  The Revealing of Andre is coming along, just…slowly.  Why?  Because I suck at writing fight scenes.  Valentine’s Night and Eric Northman:  After the Show are “in progress”…meaning that I’ve almost figured out what I want to happen in their respective next chapters.   Links to these stories are in the menu above if you wanna leave some written encouragement…or booze…either/or…or naked pics of Andre or Eric…again, either/or…

Here – hope you enjoy!



Godric 3








Aww, crap. I’ve started a new story…

I did what I really, really didn’t want to do – I started a NEW “Godric and Cara” story while still working on The Revealing of Andre.   Dang muses shanghai’d my li’l fingers and MADE THEM TYPE!  Ugh.  You know how it goes.


Also:  ^HE^ made me do it.  Honest.

Continue reading

Just a wee peek into Cara’s past…

Due to several hints and bugs in my ear (STOPPIT – those are itchy!), I’ve scrawled a wee bit of a one-shot/side-story about Cara’s past.

I ended up staying up all night to get this done – damn time-inconsiderate muses…

So, since I can’t think of any further ado (no matter how hard my swimming-in-coffee brain tries), click that:


It is, unfortunately, completely SFW…hope you like it anyway!  *cheeky grin*