~ Just a status update ~

Hello all you awesome readers…if any of y’all are left!

Unfortunately this isn’t a new chapter…of anything – it’s just a notice to let y’all know that I haven’t forgotten ANY of my stories even though it’s been a while since some of them have been blessed with an update.

(I’ve been told that half-written, unposted chapters don’t count which sucks because I have a lot of those!)

Here lately my life has been slightly busier/more insane than usual, and sometimes something has to give. That something, sadly, is usually my writing/creative time. I do what I can as I can, but I absolutely detest trying to force myself to crank out chapters solely to have something to post. I feel that pumping out sub-standard material, or even chapters that I’m not satisfied with, is disrespectful to my readers, the characters, and to the story itself.

I’m of the “if you’re going to do something, do it right” school of thought, which, translated, means: y’ain’t gettin’ nothing new today…but maybe tomorrow.

Just don’t quote me on that.   😉

The other problem is that my muse is a batty little shithead.  On the rare occasions I *do* have time to sit and write, she’s rarely cooperative. She’d rather do just about anything other than muse-up and help keep Eric from being too stoic or Sookie from being flighty or Andre from being pissy…well, pissier than usual…or Emma from being miffed or Godric from being violently angry or Cara from being…too Cara.

You get the drift…

And on a completely unrelated note, I’m now taking applications for a new mu…hey, stop it! Ow!  Dammit! Ok, ok, get your shit together and you can stay ya barmy little bint!

Oi. Muses these days…

Anyway, excuse the tardiness and send coffee. My muse and I are both bribable. It might not buy me more time to actually write, but it’d make us both happy!   😀

27 thoughts on “~ Just a status update ~

  1. So what kind of coffee do you like & where do I send it? Give the bitchy muse time. It’s off-season now, the rates are cheaper, so that’s why she took a vacation. She’ll be back!


  2. Waiting patiently. Definitely worth the wait.
    Looks around for a coffee maker…. Hmm

    *fiddles a bit, loads in a variety of cup things. .. hits it few times*

    Hmm. Try this. Just press the red button 🙂


  3. missrissa81: Awww, thank you Rissa! *The muse just sprinkled fairy dust on your nose…hope you don’t mind…she WAS going to lick your cheek but I told her that was no longer socially acceptable* 😀

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  4. msbuffy: And you know how much she adores being thrifty… She’s a road ho’, too – she’ll drop in just long enough to inspire ideas, then off she’ll go, leaving ME to be interrupted constantly… UGH! Thank you hon – if you see her, cage her ass… 😀

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  5. You know sometimes the best course of action with those elusive muses that live with their heads in the clouds and run around on their tippy toes is to take a well aimed swing with that baseball bat I know you have hiding in a corner somewhere and like not call an ambulance for at least a good six hours… Inspiration comes when it comes and we’ll deal accordingly, if not you know exactly where to swing that bat at next…

    If the situation is really dire I am now offering my Bill Compton punching bags (also great target practice btw) as a two for one special with an Eric body pillow filled with aromatic coffee beans and I guess I could be persuaded to procure one of Godric and Andre too 😉


  6. hisviks: We are sorry but the relevant writer is now too busy removing good coffee beans from their respective body pillows and refilling said respective pillow with cotton batting and other appropriate fillers and then snuggling with said body pillows while eyeballing a certain baseball bat, tennis racket, and lacrosse stick to form an appropriate reply*

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  7. Don’t worry dear! I’m always here waiting for new updates…I’m always grateful for your stories and I appreciate that you use your free time to entertain all of us! As for your muse she is on vacation..needed some time off.Take care


  8. No problem, dearie! 🙂 Oh, those muses. Such fickle tramps. I’ll keep an eye out! 🙂 I’m enjoying Dunkin’ Donuts coffee right now. What kind do you prefer?


  9. jules3677: Awww, thanks! 😀 It’s so annoying: very busy, but then when I have that rare chance to get into a chapter, the muse has been encouraging my characters to fight and pout rather than get along… (I’m ineffectively glaring at her, but at least she’s letting me.)


  10. carletticlaudio2014jackie69: Thanks, gorgeous! I think she’s feeling a little guilty, now. I haven’t had time to write yet, but she’s hanging close. She even brought me coffee (but I don’t trust her that far yet). Thanks for your patience!


  11. msbuffy: *considering Superglue’ing her butt to a chair* 😀

    I’m an admitted Keurig addict, and while I try to stick with San Francisco Bay Breakfast Blend (it’s 97% bio-degradable but it also has a bit of that nasty burnt Starfuck’s back-taste that I violently detest), I also love (believe it or not!) Folgers Classic and Folgers Colombian in the k-cups. I’m a sucker for Colombian “blends”. Green Mountain Colombian Fair Trade Select and Green Mountain Nantucket Blend are also great, but I’m currently being pissy about how Keurig changed (fucked up) their ordering interface, so PFFFFFT on them. Amazon sells’em…! *MWAHAHAHA* 😀

    Gevalia used to be my go-to for regular brewing until they stopped making their Stockholm roast. Now it’s Folgers Colombian when I get nostalgic, lol.


  12. Muses can be fickle and infuriating, no doubt. I suggest a softer approach, take her for a day at the spa, paint her nails and let her know that we would all be lost without her. Then…if that fails, break out the the bats. 🙂 *and if you see mine at the spa, tell her we got a deadline and we need to get back to work, silly hussy!*
    Hugs to you, I am sure inspiration will pull up a cup next to the coffee soon and you can sip from both as you wish!

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  13. idream3223: It’d be great if she’d be both around AND cooperative when I finally DO have time to write, lol!

    *I saw your muse and tried to encourage her to go back home, only, she kinda stuck her tongue out at me and ran off…

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  14. We got into the DD from travelling up through New England, but we can get it here now. We still love Folgers Classic & Columbian too, but it’s so expensive! It just seems more thrifty to buy 2 lbs. of DD for $15 & grind the beans vs. a 2. ? lb. large can of Folgers for nearly the same price. I LOVE Green Mountain coffees! I got hooked on those when I spending lots of time in Vermont years ago. Gevalia is old favorite as well. There’s an online store where I buy the Keurig cups for my daughter. It’s called 11th Street Coffee & it’s way less expensive than Keurig, although if you have Amazon Prime, you might be better off there. They offer free shipping for orders over $60 and they have a sale going on now. They have frequent sales.

    Here’s the info:


    Check ’em out! Couldn’t hurt! 🙂 I do so love beating the retailers out there by using Amazon! 🙂


  15. msbuffy: Ohh, thanks for the link! I love trying new coffees, too, and saving $$ never hurts! 😀 Usually the http://www.keurig.com site is, now was, a pretty good place to buy from especially if you were a member of their coffee club, but I *STRONGLY DETEST* their new layout. I dunno what they were trying to prove, but all they did was make it needlessly harder to use. Fuckwads. At least Amazon is easy, and I’m definitely going to look into that site you posted! 😀


  16. You are very welcome! I tried the Keurig site when she first got hers & looked at those prices. No way was I going to spend that much! I’m a firm believer that there’s always a better deal out there! Why would they make their site hard to use? Stupid, stupid, stupid! That’s as bad as MS making all their Office products changing Word & Excel “thinking” they were making them more user-friendly but they made them so damn difficult that I feel as though I’m learning how to use them all over again. Changing things to a point where they are nearly unrecognizable is a sure way to lose consumers (!980’s – “New Coke”?). I love Amazon. I buy practically everything from there! If they sold food, I wouldn’t leave the house! My husband has to do something on the weekends so he does the grocery shopping, otherwise he’d drive me insane. It’s his hobby.


  17. msbuffy: I was really surprised at the change. I gave it the old college try, then decided that if I had to work that hard to buy coffee, I could buy it some place else…

    Buying from Amazon is so easy!! They do have a Prime Pantry program that I’ve seen but never really investigated. But there’s definitely a benefit to give hubster something to do…! 😀

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