4 thoughts on “Today’s column …

  1. Hi Duckie! Thank you for your kind words! My health is still a problem, just, not as much as before. (I’m sure that clarifies everything, right? *sigh*) I’m still committed to finishing my WIPs and feel like an utter failure for not having done so yet, but life does have a way of interfering. More, later, tho’! ♥


  2. Sure do miss your writing, hoping to hear something in the near future. I don’t know about your health but mine sucks lately, so feel ya. Feel better.

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  3. Ugh, what IS it about health that sets us so far back?? It’s just not fair. *insert vast quantities of useless-but-really-loud whining here* Oh, well, we’ll get there eventually. Thanks, gorgeous! ♥


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