It’s 2019 already?!? How long have I been asleep??

I’d hoped to spring forth at the new year flinging new chapters around at you guys all willy nilly, but that hasn’t happened yet…and then I figured it was unfair to you guys to remain all quiet with nary a peep coming from my end, so…

PEEP!  ???

Yes, I yet live, and no – despite all evidence to the contrary, I have not abandoned my unfinished works.  I’m also not in the process of writing other things “professionally”, either…I’m just in a writing-less funk, that’s all.  Granted it seems to be a long-term non-funky funk, but yeah, it’s just a funk.

The fact that I have unfinished stories is quite stressful to me, and I figure that’s likely part of why I’m in said funk (stress + stress + stress * even more stress = no words flowing from me). 

But anyho, I really did want to touch base with you guys to let you know what’s going on (cause I’m all that an’ stuff…riiiight…) and to let you know that you are NOT forgotten.  I cherish the kind words you’ve sent my way and have in fact gone back to read reviews because they’re an incredible mood lifter-upper.  You guys really do rock the mostest!

TL;DR = I’m still here, words will spew forth at some point, and you guys rock.  Stay tuned, and I hope you guys have a fantastic 2019!


26 thoughts on “It’s 2019 already?!? How long have I been asleep??

  1. Lotsa hugs being sent your way. Hopefully if we coddle and pamper (and suck up to) your muse, she might leave the funk behind and get on with the spewing forth of the storytelling. 😋 We love her anyway ❤️ Even when she’s in the funkiest of funks 😜

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  2. Hopefully 2019 will start to dim the writing funk and your Muse will allow you to write and share soon. In the meantime…☕☕🍫🍫

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  3. I’m not a writer, but I do love your stories. I have even re-read them. I don’t know but maybe if you started a whole new story, maybe with Godric, Eric, Sookie, and Thalia (I love her too), your muse would get excited and would all all those dammed up words to start flowing again.

    Enjoy reading our reviews and possibly other stories, and we will enjoy re-reading your lovely stories and looking forward to new chapters when you are ready to start writing again. I personally am re-reading the lovely Ericizmine universe stories, I’m just about to start Board to Death.

    Happy New Year 🎆

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  4. First, Happy New Year.
    Does not it bother you that when the mind is active, the body is not? Sometimes it’s the other way around, but we do not remember those occasions.
    The best of luck and the best health for your 2019.

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  5. Funks are no fun, ☕️☕️☕️☕️🍫🍫 I love your stories so much I re-read everything. Miss you bunches. Bribe the muse with coffee and chocolate it works on my kids. Lol hope to read more soon… Happy 2019

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  6. It’s a new year with new wrinkles and grey hairs for me. I wish my funk was an Uptown Funk, I might want to dance. 😂 I’m going to reread Kjwrit for some laughs and hope all the MIA muses’ are off getting drunk, feasting and sharing Viking stories.
    Blessings to you and yours ♥

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  7. Happy New Year! Now, relax. You won’t write anything if you’re stressed. Take a deep breath. Read something completely different: a mystery by Dana Stabenow (“A Cold Day for Murder” is number 1 in the series of 20). Fanfics: A Pride & Prejudice fanfic, anything by WadeH or prhood; a light non-canon Twific by Theadosia57 or Geezerwench(“Peaches” is my fav!) or mama4dukes.
    Now you have some, I hope, new choices to distract your brain and make your muse happy. I won’t even say, “Good luck!” No pressure! Enjoy!

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  8. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂 Know exactly how you feel with the funkiness, my muse abdicated 36 months ago. Spend hours looking at the keyboard then the monitor hoping words, that make some sense, will appear. So far no joy :(. I wish you well in your search of your muse.

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  9. Here musey, musey, want some candy and coffee? A nice bubble bath? Let me rub your feet for you… If I could, I would, for all the fantastic stories you’ve given us. I just re-read The Moon and Sookie Takes Charge and enjoyed every wonderful passage on both. Now I’m gonna savor One Night again so I’ll be all caught up when your eloquence returns, as I have faith it will. In the meantime, rest up and pamper yourself and your muse and know that you’ve brought much joy to so many. And Happy New Year! Thanks for the update!

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  10. Happy New Year! Thanks for the update. I think a lot of folks are in a weird muse-less funk too (myself included), but no doubt inspiration will come if not for writing than in other important ways. No worries! Be well! Sending you hugs and coffee, xx.

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  11. You lady, wow, um I hate to say this but I might have a small crush on your writing. Nothing creepy not like I have stalked you across the interwebs to try and find all of your stories. Nothing like that.
    I am going to do a review of a two of the stories that I have finished in the last 24 hours.

    Decisions- Best best Godric, the moving parts of his personality; damn lady. Eric, the care! Impressive. Pam dear sweet crazy Pam, you have done well. Cara- um, what I was drooling I can’t hear you.

    Anticipating- What can I say, I started with this one on a whim, I tend to go with whims a lot. 2:30 pm yesterday I was caught hook, line, and sinker; within 2/3 of chap 1. By chapter 30 it was 1am and by 2 this morning I was trying very hard to not have a panic attack that it was over. What a wonderful and complex revolving set of characters with detailed depth and range of interplay. You have a very unique style and voice.

    In closing I would like to offer my services to help you ‘find’ your muse. I will retrieve her and bring her to you and gently place her in her cell.. I mean room and keep her safe till she gives up the goods.


  12. L_Viviane – I was going through my inbox doing a “why is this still here” sweep and saw this and THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have no idea how I missed it (I’m certain it has not a single thing to do with me being semi-Luddite…) but I really and truly appreciate your kind words. Godric is the culprit who lured me into the world of writing fanfic, Godric and his Cara in the first of their several iterations, and they’re like old friends I don’t want to say goodbye to which I think might be the problem with finishing up Decisions, maybe. I love that my versions of him, them, are enjoyed by my readers – it’s a lovely validation and Godric certainly approves. Again, thank you for your lovely words!

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  13. Wow! You have almost skipped 2019 altogether. I don’t blame you. I stopped my newspaper subscription and turned off the TV news and I’m waiting for it to be over too. I hope you’ve enjoyed your hiatus and are ready to jump into the saddle again. Who else is sitting on that horse with you? Your muse? Godric? Eric? Andre? Mr Darcy? Big horse.

    I hope you took my advice on reading matter and that your brain is full of possibilities. I scored a 3 month free trial to Kindle Unlimited and I’m gorging on Pride & Prejudice fan fic, called “Variations” when they are published. My brain is beginning to turn into a female 19th century antique – unneeded & unusable. Time to turn again to the present or future with the companionship of 1,000 and 2,000 year old vampires.


  14. As Long as you don’t mind a new stalker! Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond, I am rather new to the WP and still trying to navigate it. I am most glad that I could cheer you in any small way. Godric really is a nasty bit of work, being all stupid hot, really not fair. He should just hold still and let us drool on him. The jerk!
    I find that I have a hard time staying with one fiction trope. I am glad that I found you. I hope that you enjoy your ‘insert whatever thing you do at this winter time’! PSthe send on the WP inbox was not working.


  15. I saw your post regarding your writing funk. My best suggestion for a remedy is to try a collaborative story again. I read Dodge and Chase & thought your work with JR Watkins there was very successful, so you must have a talent for working collaboratively.

    My creative background is visual art, although the SVM/TB FF stories have been tempting me to try a little creative writing. Don’t know if I’ll give it a try or not. At any rate, I know from experience that bouncing ideas around and trying things out with fellow artists can definitely stir the creative juices & light a fire under elusive muses.

    If you could get a kick start from working on a collaboration piece, it might just get you back on track to tackle your WIPs. Are you still in touch with any of the SVM/TB FF story writers? I see that the fandom isn’t very active anymore, but I know some of those writers have done stories for other fandoms more recently.


  16. Jayla1070:

    Yes…and no. How straightforward is that?? I write it in my mind but know it isn’t good enough to put down on virtual paper. Hopefully the brain fog will blow itself away at some point soon. Fingers hella crossed for 2020!


  17. L_Viviane: I’ve been on WP for donkey’s years and still get turned around…annnd about the time I do figure WP out, their PTB “fix” what wasn’t actually broken and in the process mess up things that were working fine… (I have major gripes about their questionably competent asses.)

    I’m the same with the fiction tropes – there are several that I like, and they differ per fandom, and I’ll generally try fics with those tropes in the description, but it’s also nice to find something more original, too. I mean, I may not LIKE it, but at least it’s something different…can’t hurt to give it a whirl and if I don’t like it, there’s that lovely little “X” option at the top of the screen…

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  18. gaijinvamp: *waves* Yeah, 2019 can go fornicate itself sans lube, ya know? It hasn’t been a totally horrible year but it sure did try for the nomination… Bah.

    My writer-brain has a severe case of brain fog. It and I are NOT getting along at all, still. I’m sure there’s lots of glaring and rude gestures going on but I can’t see them because of said fog…

    Fandom-wise, I’ve been drowning myself in HP fics lately. Sadly it got to the point that if I read ONE MORE TB/SVM fic, I would scream. Read one crappy one too many and it broke my fandom-heart so I’m still practicing avoidance therapy. I hope it works because I’m almost frantic to finish up my works (I can feel my Sookies and Erics and Godrics and Caras and everyone else yelling threats at me…) but until it’s “fresh” again, anything I try to write is trash. I figure tho’ that at some point I’ll become just too irritated with HP brats to bother with them anymore and revert back to vampire-sanity. See also: Sevrin. He’s still my hunk’a vampy dude! *cheeky grin*

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  19. I totally get it. I write stuff in my head all the time. Have a great new year. Ill keep looking for something but understand if you dont.


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