POLL question

This is my first poll on here, so yeah, I hope it works…

Is there anything (WITHIN REASON, sorry…!) you would like to see happen in Andre (The Revealing of Andre) before it ends? There are still several big plot-things in the works, and if I cram each chapter full, there are about 5-ish chapters left. (Don’t quote me on that b/c you KNOW how these things can go…) But if I’ve left something out or you’d like more explanation of an action or angle, etc., now’s the time to lemme know.

I may or may not be able to use any suggestions, but I’d love to know what you think and what you want more (or perhaps less?) of in this story.

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12 thoughts on “POLL question

  1. Tiffany: Cara is Andre’s much-beloved significant other…

    *wonders wildly if I can get away with this as an answer….no? shit…*

    Ok…how’s this: Cara will be explained…eventually… I promise!!! 😀


  2. td4bz2: ♥ Thank you! And that’s one of my favorite parts, too! They have much more in common than they want to admit, but they kind of don’t mind…sorta… (They grumble a lot more it than you’d think…)


  3. I’d really like to learn more of Andre’s back story. I’d also like to see the guys work on developing the women’s fighting skills by demonstrating various moves with each other. You’d get some real tension going there.


  4. treewitch703: It might be a bit before too much of Andre’s back story comes out *cough*sequel*cough* but he’s definitely got one.

    And that’s a great idea about the guys working on Emma and Sookie’s self-defense abilities, too. It would be interesting to see the differences in how Andre and Eric even approach the topic, much less how they go about it…IF they choose to go in that direction…

    Thanks! ♥


  5. Tiffany: *booming voice* All sacrifices are appreciated. */booming voice*

    Lol! Gevalia’s Stockholm and Royal Vinter roasts are good places to start…erm…so I was told…by someone…


  6. I really want to see the twins and Rasul get their own mates especially Rasul and Tracy oh so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  7. Hadley: Awww, I love Rasul and Tracy as a couple. I do see at least one of the “brudders” getting his own mate, possibly both…but it may be a while for one or both of them… (I am so not good at being vague and mysterious!) Great ideas!


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