Melodramatic whine – feel free to join in

I’ve been told that I should show more of my words than just the ones in story form.  It’s been an off day, so here’s this:

Have you ever felt like you’ve just been around way too long, that you’ve already walked way too many miles in your shoes, only, you’re barefoot?

Have you ever felt like you’ll never see or hear or feel anything new ever again, that you’ve seen or heard or felt all there is, and that there is nothing new left in the world?

Have you ever been fed up, pissed off, disgusted, irate, bitter, angry, disillusioned, frustrated, furious, aggravated, inconsolable, melancholy, abandoned, disheartened, cynical, jaded, and just plain worn the fuck out, but you didn’t even know exactly why?

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t pinpoint one specific thing that’s wrong because it’s all caused by a huge fucked up conglomeration of ALL things, but even then, you still couldn’t point to even twenty instances and say, “That’s why I feel this way” because there’s an angry miasma settling down over every single part of your life, your day, your night, your everything?

Welcome to my world.  You are not alone.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.







15 thoughts on “Melodramatic whine – feel free to join in

  1. treewitch703: True! No matter how removed, in the end our characters truly are extensions of different parts of ourselves. When we see the world through their eyes and hearts and souls, we’re allowing ourselves the chance to explore other perceptions that we might not have thought of otherwise. (I just have to be careful, though, or each chapter would be a 7000-word monster if I were to relay all that I think of while considering their POVs…) ♥


  2. Every character is part of us in some way. I live my characters lives in their stories…

    Rant away my friend. And yes I have had that happen just recently as you know!!


  3. not whine at all. Why you’d be told to use your own words instead those in the story is beyond me – those are all your words, anyway. You write what you feel, even though everything is filtered through the characters. And yes, there’s a lot of nasty business going on in the world all around us. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on the positive, but there is also a lot of good. Like friends you have who understand you. Like stories you write that help you express yourself. So don’t stop doing what makes you feel better. We’re all with you.


  4. Kittyinaz: Thanks! I love having good things happen to my characters. Makes it feel like counteracts even just a small portion of the fuckery that goes on in real life.

    Feel free to add your own rants anytime you want. Door’s open 24/7!


  5. AlphaEN: Thanks, hon, and you are absolutely right: while there are times when the bad overshadows the good, you really DO have to remember that the sum of all the available good shines right through the shadows cast by the bad.
    I guess that’s why I write mostly fluff – I like to write good things happening to my characters. There’s so much negative in real life that I love the chance to write good, simple things happening to good people, and take some of the power away from the foul shadows that would love to overtake the light. ♥


  6. I’m old & menopausal, so yes! I feel like this every day! I’ve been around for too damn long! You’re a lovely person and a well-read, prolific writer, so all I say is this:
    We’ve both been around for quite some time; you on the FF & writing sites/blogs, me on the TB wiki/blog I think you were around on the writing sites even before TB started. If you feel like whining, go right ahead, but I don’t consider it whining!! You have to know how talented you are, and what you really have to offer your readers! Your stories are always so intelligently written; who could have ever dreamed up an Andre who was a mix of his lethal & sly character from the books, but he falls in love with a woman in the very same as the Viking? PERFECT! Just one example! This is complete nonsense about “using your own words.” Is someone else writing your story? Perhaps you used a quote? Perhaps the reviewer needs to find another story to read? Ignore this stuff, and keep on writing all the great things you do! On the days when things like this might upset you, raspberry truffles can make all your troubles go away… even adult children & husbands (a contradiction in terms)… bubble baths, a nice cup of tea or glass of wine if you like; do all kinds of things that make you feel good for you! Then go and write whatever you want when you’re ready! I wish you peace & laughter.
    Have a great day!


  7. msbuffy: *sniff* Awww, thank you! You made me tear up – in a good way! I guess it’s normal to get down on ourselves and our lives every now and then, but it does give us a chance to find our bootstraps and haul ourselves up, too.

    I very rarely, if ever, quote anyone…I won’t even mention real life buildings/businesses that exist if I can help it, because I want my works to be entirely fiction. I want them to be realistic because of the characters’ actions and reactions, not because of things that exist in real life (when I can help it). 😀

    And thank you for your comment about Andre. I felt he had a story to be told, that his character had much more potential than had been previously explored. Plus, he’s Andre – I just HAD to tweak him up a little, age him a bit, flesh him out…but I couldn’t let him be a silly dom or an overly-controlling ass like a reader might have expected him to be, not to HIS Emma, at any rate… *grin*

    Thank you for your lovely comments – I really appreciate them. *shares freshly-baked amaretto cookies*


  8. mmm…Yummy! Thank you! I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to make you cry, even in a good way! As long as it’s in a good way, it makes it all better!

    Have some cocoa & stay warm!


  9. Yummy! Thank you! Those will go well with my am coffee! So sorry, didn’t mean to make any tears appear at all… Even at my advanced age, (LOL), I’ve yet to understand why people feel it’s OK to be mean, just because we can’t be seen over the Internet…like that makes it OK? In the future, I’d reply with the emoticon that has the tongue sticking out. Sums it all up! Have a great day!


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