EN: ATS, Chapter 8, is up for your perusal!

Happy, erm, well, just MONDAY, y’all!  😀  I hope you had a great weekend and that your upcoming week is vastly tolerable, possibly even vaguely enjoyable!

Srsly, I hope you enjoy:

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3 Fresh, New Chapters of Dodge and Chase!


That’s right, ladies and gents – *3* more chapters!

(This is me pretending I’m not a lazy slug when it comes to posting updates… Is it working??  Between afternoon thunderstorms, migraines, 2 annoying cats, annoying…everything, allergies, and other crap you couldn’t care less about, updating has been taking a huge hit.  Sorry!!)

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9



Andre finally (marginally) stopped hating my muses…

Srsly, Andre has a thing about muses these days – he hates them!

Regardless of his lack of cooperation, I still (finally…sorry!) managed to get Chapter 14 out…and I have to say, I love me some Sophie-Anne!

Anyway, sorry for the hold-up – hope you enjoy!

Pretty Andre Porn For No Reason:

Oh My Andre