STC, Ch. 36, is up!

You know how Sookie likes to be in charge?  Well, that was the problem with this chapter and why it took so long to write.  I forgot that…Sookie likes to be in charge.  Brilliant, right?  Shaddup.  Anyway, when I got bright and shut the hell up up and let her speak, BAM – here ya go!  Eric, naturally, had to chime in at the end, though, so there’s that.  (Can’t keep a good Viking quiet for TOO long, now can we?)

Hope you enjoy, and be sure to let me know what you think!

And thanks as always to the fantastic Gyllene for the gorgeous banner above and to Kittyinaz for the gorgeous banner above the chapter!  These two amazing ladies aren’t just truly talented banner-makers – they’re brilliant writers, too, so check them out!

Enjoy the chapter!


STC, Ch. 35, is ready!

I would very much like to thank you guys for your patience (whether you wanted to have it or not) – it really does mean a lot to me!  And, on that note and without further ado and other such clichés as are appropriate, catch!


S is TC again, y’all – Chapter 33 is up!

Here there be vampires!  And Fairies!  And Godric!  Who’s both!!
Heh, enjoy and let me know what you think.

(And just as a reminder, I’ve posted Chapters 39 and 40 of The Moon, too, in the past week or so, so there’s that, too.)

I didn’t spend many letters typing on and on about Eric and Godric growling and snarling in this chapter because, well, that kind of thing is understood, right?  It’s not that I forgot to describe it, right?  Nope, that’s not it at all.  Much.  Carry on…



Two-fer to make your Monday a better place, I hope!

Welcome to the only official Monday of this week!  For better or for worse, aren’t you glad each week only gets one Monday (usually)??  Hope you have a great one – now, on to:

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STC, Ch. 29, is up, and new PDFs added

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the PDFs page conveniently listed as “PDFs” in the menus, have a look.  I’m slowly converting posted one-shots and finished fics into – you guessed it – downloadable PDFs for y’all (cause I’m all nice and cool and shit like that).   Converting these fics is a slow-going process done in my spare time (let’s all laugh gaily at the thought of that mythical “spare time” bullshit, shall we?), but I’ll post’em as I do’em so check that page every now and then. (There may be a chance that a multi-chapter fic or three may-just-might be pulled from all sites at some nebulous point in the far-flung future so grab’em if you like’em.)

Anyway, happy reading!

STC banner from Gyllene

As always, let me know what you think!

So, anybody up for an UNcliffy’ing? STC, Ch. 27 is up!

No wise words of questionable wisdom – just enjoy your day with this next chapter of STC.  Let me know what you think!

STC banner from Gyllene

**psst:  the coffee helped…!**

You know that new chapter of STC I promised? Catch!


That being said, I think some of it is funny, but then I know I have a strange sense of humor, so keep that in mind.

The Night Eric Northman’s Life Changed Forever is coming along swimmingly, and according to Word the latest word count is 16,150, so for ease of consumption I may well split it into two posts cause I ain’t done with it yet…I mean, even at 8,000+ words each they’d still be “2 pee break” reads…

Dunno…we’ll see.

Anyway, here’s the latest STC chapter – enjoy!  *snicker*

STC banner from Gyllene

STC, Ch. 24, and other words:

1:  Here’s the new chapter of STC.  The Poll said you guys wanted a new chapter of this (what, you don’t like The Moon anymore??) (j/k…probably…) and since the muse (sometimes) listens,  voilà!!  Hope you like it!

STC banner from Gyllene

2:  Here are some recent posts jic WP neglected to send out the notifications:

EN: ATS, Chapter 17

Decisions, Chapter 35

BNP, Part 9 (the final chapter)

3:  The Fanatic Fanfics group are doing their nominations thing again so I’m hawking that – and not just for me, either:  there are some amazing writers and banner-makers in our fandom, so go show some love!  There’s a little less than a week left to toss names/links into the pot:

Now go read and I hope you enjoy!  *evil grin*

Yhep…It’s me again. Notes, shout-out, and a new chapter of…

You guys are probably getting pretty tired of hearing from me here lately but, well, I have been on kind of a roll…and I’ve learned that when the planets are cooperating, go with that flow.


So, in case you’ve missed anything lately, here are the basic links:

BNP, PT. 7

BNP, PT. 6

BNP, PT. 5

BNP, PT. 4

EN: ATS, CH. 16


STC, CH. 23


(I think that’s most of what I’ve posted in January?  I got tired of looking…)



Gyllene has finished her Lover’s Always fic!!!  (This is actually a sad “yay” since I loved that story and didn’t want it to end.)  If you haven’t been following it, now’s a great time to pop over over and give it a read!



of BNP!

Yup, here’s Part 8 of 9.  There is one Part after this with a chance of a possible outtake or two.  CHANCE.  MAYBE.  But I can’t wait to hear what y’all think about this Part…

BNP huge

I hope you enjoy!

Chappy and a question

There’s a shameless question at the end of this post, but first:

Was someone saying something about STC?  Who was that…

Anyway, despite an unusual number of background distractions (and noise)…not to mention my sudden and rabid fascination with PBS’s Inspector Lewis series…, here’s Ch. 23 of STC.  It gets a little juicy toward the end…

STC banner from Gyllene

And now for the shameless question:  Who wants more BNP?  If you do, lemme know, and I might could be persuaded/bribed to post the next part early, say, I dunno…tomorrow or the next day, if there’s interest.  It’s pretty much ready to go, just needs that usual final tweak.

What say you?

As always and either way, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

STC, Ch. 22 is up!

I’m going to go operate on a painful hangnail now.  Yes, I suffered the agonies of a VERY SORE HANGNAIL to get this chapter out to you ’cause that’s how I roll or, um, something.  Lol, enjoy!

STC banner from Gyllene SMALLER

Happy Friday! Andre, Ch. 46 (NSFW) **and** STC, Ch. 21 are up!

Because I adore you and want you to be happy, here’s a 2-fer.

To your left you’ll see a fine new, rather long and…erm, yeah, chapter of Andre.  Bloodlust is a thing, y’all:

Andre banner1

And to your right you’ll find a brand new chapter of STC where Sookie…then Eric…and…oh, hell, just read it:

STC banner from Gyllene SMALLER

Here’s hoping you have an awesome Friday, a fantastic Halloween, and an amazing weekend!

Anyone want some STC? Ch. 20 is up! (Ok, that might have sounded wrong…)

So, yeah, STC Ch. 20 is up!  Enjoy!!

(Ignore the crappy banner below.  love playing around making them…I suck at it, but that’s irrelevant, right?  I mean, I know for a fact that I could ask the amazingly talented Gyllene to make me any sort of banner or button and she would gladly do it, but she’s kind of busy right now…I hear there’s an update to a certain story in the works… #nopressure…#much…)

STC banner

STC, Ch. 18, is up!

If y’all are sensing a trend in my update schedule, it’s because there is one.  I aim to update each of my 5 current WIPs in order  so that NO story gets left behind or left alone for too long. 

This, of course, is assuming the muse is willing – that flighty little bitch is prone to tossing out new story ideas, but I do use things like WILLPOWER and SELF CONTROL and LOTS OF MEAN-SOUNDING NO!!s to make myself only write up the summary/relevant notes for new stuff and then I make me TUCK THE IDEAS AWAY in a folder marked (oddly enough) STORY IDEAS FOR LATER so that I can concentrate on the fics that I already have open.  Of course, said muse also sometimes gets bright and takes a vacay withOUT taking me because, as I may have mentioned once or twice, she a flighty little bitch like that…  (Remember that time she took off with Andre and didn’t tell me for, like, ever?!?)

But anyway, this is the GENERAL rotation schedule:  Next up will, theoretically, be EN: ATS, then should come Andre (hush), then Decisions, then The Moon, then STC again, rinse, repeat.  (Now watch…I’ll get stuck on EN:  ATS and then Cara in Decisions will start screaming at me and then Willa will run off and do terrible things in Moon and then Andre will glare and ugh…yeah…that’s how it goes sometimes.)

Anyway,  here’s the next chapter of STC – hope you like it:

Sookie Takes Charge pic

(**Yay – the pretty pretty linky-pics are back!**)

STC, Ch. 17, is up!

I was going to complain quite heartily about THIS DAMN HEAT, barometric headaches (“Barometric Pressure Headaches” if you wanna be technical), and, yeah, THIS DAMN HEAT, but I won’t.

(And the humidity.)

Instead I’ll gift you with Chapter 17 of Sookie Takes Charge.  Enjoy (in a nice cool location with a nice cool beverage – cold coffee counts – if you’re in most places in the Northern Hemisphere)!!

Sookie Takes Charge pic

Let me know what you think – reviews/muse, yadda.   😀

(Did I mention THIS DAMN HEAT? It’s like Nature doesn’t want me going outside, fickle bitch…)

STC, Ch. 16 is up + MY TURN!

1:  Without forcing you to search through this (very, very long/ginormous) post for the chapter (although I do like thinking that you’re reading the whole post which contains lots of eloquent witticisms, secrets of the universe, and sincere thanks…ok, so not that many secrets of the universe, but lots of the other two), here:

Sookie Takes Charge pic

2:  I MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST ROUND OF VOTING IN THE FANATIC FANFICS MULTIFANDOM AWARDS!!!!  That was some stiff and plentiful competition, and I know that I have you fangtastic readers to thank for my (LUCKY??) *13* surviving nominations…that’s right, ladies and gennelmen, ***13***!!!  THANK YOU!!!

So, that being said, now it’s time to go vote again…yes, again, and, like, NOW. (Don’t worry – it’s hella shorter this time around.)  Round 2 – the final round, I think? – is open for voting:

2nd Round of Voting opens on June 15th, 2015.
2nd Round of Voting closes on June 22nd, 2015.
fanatic fanfics multifandom awards
For your ease and convenience (and because I’m proud as hell!), here are the categories in which I’m nominated and the relevant stories:

ALL-TIME FAVORITE TRUE BLOOD FANFIC:  (There was a LOT of STRONG competition in this category, as in them all, and I’m extremely honored to have not just one but TWO stories make it past Round 1 – y’all make me tear up!)
FAVORITE ANGST FANFIC:  (To this day I feel both chagrined and oddly proud that I managed to write an angst fic, albeit a one-shot with extremely short angst…  I keep wanting to declare:  but I’m the ANTI-angst!  Really!  I am!)
FAVORITE COMPLETE FANFIC:  (Ya know, I am kinda proud of that li’l fic…)
FAVORITE ONE-SHOT FANFIC:  (Shhh – preening in progress*)
FAVORITE RISQUÉ FANFIC(That ANYTHING I wrote was even nominated for this category astounds me, but that not one…not two…but THREE of my fics survived Round 1 in *THIS* category – and against such, erm, STIFF competition?? – makes me both laugh {THANK YOU!!) and…laugh {Oh, the irony!} since I’m kind of known as being anti-smut…  Either way, you guys rock my world, and I’m, yeah, I’m still in shock BUT IN AN AWESOME WAY!!)

FAVORITE ROMANCE FANFIC: (Awww, thank you!!)



*ME  (Out of all the nominations, I can’t believe I’m still in this one!)

Now, Imma ask you fine folks to remember to vote for Gyllene, too.  Not only is she a fantastic friend and a fantastic writer, but she’s also a fantastic banner-maker.  If you see a banner on my site AND it actually looks GOOD, there’s an extremely high chance that she was the one who made it.   She’s up for:


There are many other brilliant writers from our fandom who survived Round 1, including but not limited to: BonTempsBaby, California Kat, Chicpea, dream7me7to7sleep, ElfChef, hisviks, Kittyinaz, Morggy, and Queen of Area 5.  IF I HAVE FORGOTTEN ANYONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Also, our own 4padfoot is nominated in many of the Artist categories.  I humbly suggest that you not forget them while voting in this MUCH SHORTER poll.

If you have made it down this far, here’s a treat to thank you for reading!
Eric black background(Now go read and vote!)  😀

Here’s to a (hopefully) better Monday – STC, Ch. 15, is up!

It’s a Monday.  If you can’t sleep in, then I hope you have enough coffee to make up for it.  And cake.  Mondays need cake.  And bacon.  And donuts.  And more coffee.  Then more sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.

Lol, here’s the next chapter of Sookie Takes Charge.  Eric’s nervous…Sookie’s nervous… Wonder how it’ll go?  Read and see!  (Just beware the lack of double editing…my eyes are Monday’d but I didn’t want to hold this in the to-post shoot any longer.)

*Yes, “Monday’d” is a thing.  Just ask my eyes…*

Sookie Takes Charge pic

STC, Ch. 13, is up!

In the interest of full disclosure, I started to delay release of this post because I don’t want y’all getting sick of seeing too many posts from me popping up in your inbox –  I don’t want to become the writer who overposts so much that you get annoyed with me, start rolling your eyes every time you see YET ANOTHER notification, and end up spilling your soup/coffee because your eyes were stuck in the back of your head (I’d feel really bad about the coffee being spilled, but honestly, it’d depend on the kind of soup and how big of a mess it made…).

Then I said “Fukkit” (yeah, it’s one word when I say it) and decided to post anyway.  You can read it when you want to (or have time) but you have to have it first!   😀

And,  on that note, enjoy!

Sookie Takes Charge pic

Sookie Takes Charge, Chapter 4 (The Bill Chapter)

Here it is, Bill-Haters mine, The Chapter Where Pissy Sookie Has It Out With Beehl…  Read now, or save for after the (likely to suck quite badly) episode of TB tonight – I just hope it suits!

Dear Bill,

Let me know what you think…