Just a little one-shot to hopefully brighten your day

An imagine popped into my brain-box most-way through Monday evening.  In this image I ‘saw’ Eric holding a gold-painted metal music box – small, old but not antique, well-tended but nothing special…and voilà:  Ten Years Later was born.

Read on to find out more – and read with a kind eye, please.  There’s humor in this piece, and maybe a touch of “awww”…

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Let me know what you think, and which story you’d most like to see another chapter of next!


Moon Followers – Guess What? Ch. 24 is up!

I like you – I really like you!  I must…cause here’s the next chapter already (like I would make y’all wait for it…).  YES – CHAPTER 24 of The Moon IS UP! 

What it is not:  huge, long, filled with death/sex/angst or dealing with Sevilla
What it is:  surprising, I think, and definitely informativeish



Sadly I am NOT one of those awesome people who has chapters and chapters already pre-written just waiting for that final go-over before posting.  Hell no – that would be too damn simple.   I’ll have the plot bits figured out before I start writing (except for the little things – they can appear as they want), but pre-writing?  *pfft*  I am not, and probably will never be, that freakin’ organized.  I’m definitely a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of lady which means that in general you get chapters less than a day, normally, after I write them.  I don’t want you guys to have to wait to get your dainty little  paws on a new chapter so I’d never withhold them after I feel they’re finished.  You get them hot off the virtual press.

The next WIPs demanding attention in the rotation (that I at least try to stick to) will be STC and EN: ATS, muse willing, but I admit that I’m hoping Andre gets off his pout in the meantime so I can rescue freakin’ Emma and freakin’ Sookie from the freakin’ assholes who freakin’ stole their fine selves.  (Can you tell I’m getting a bit peeved with Mr. Andre and his Pout?)

Anyway, it’s short, but I hope you enjoy.  If you haven’t read the previous chapter yet, read it first.

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HAPPY FRIDAY!! And then this happened…

Hey, thanks for letting me know which story you’re wanting an update on first! At this point it looks like The Moon came out on top (it’s the Sevrin factor, iddin’ it…), then STC, then EN: ATS!!  😀  Now, I’m certainly not forgetting about Decisions and Andre, but TM/STC/EN: ATS will get attention first.

To that end, I was working on one  (two) of those fics when then this happened:  Sookie was something then that happened and then alluvasudden Eric was sitting in front of Sookie’s old, rundown farmhouse in his SUV in the rain


listening to In Too Deep by Genesis:

And thus was wrought:

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I hope you enjoy this site-specific one-shot, and yes, I really and truly am working on one or more of the aforementioned fics, but you know Eric…he had a word or 3,000+ to share.  And he does have such a nice voice…

Shall We Dance? New TB (short) one-shot

I’ve had this one lingering in the wings for a while now and finally…finalized it? Finished it?  Poked at it until I was sick of seeing it?  Got tired of it cluttering my desktop and decided to toss it to y’all?  That’ll work…

Now, as anyone who knows me can testify, I suck at making banners (hence the mess below), but I also don’t like bugging my friends to make them for me, either.  I have several who would truly not mind in the least, but I know they’re busy with their own writing and I don’t want to pull them away from their amazing works.   (That, and I’m usually far too damn impatient to get the chapter or story off my dash and on out to y’all to wait for their MUCH BETTER THAN MINE WILL EVER BE talents.)(Sublime impatience is a virtue, right?  RIGHT?)  I’m only admitting this here so that y’all won’t think one of the ladies with actual talent created that disaster. 

Finally, as always, this not beta’d;  I *STILL* do not own Eric or Sookie (how could anyone, really?), nor, sadly, do I own HBO or The Twit, erm, Charlaine Harris (ohhh but I wish I did…and this is NOT my sweet grin, either – Sevrin does have that silver mine, ya know…), yadda and etc.

Ugh, just read and I hope you enjoy!   ♥

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Happy Valentine’s Day – here’s a kick in the feels!!  However, this comes with a GUARANTEED E/S HEA – and it’s appropriately cheesy-ish, so that’s a good thing.

Grab some tissues, maybe your favorite blankie/cat/teddy bear, but keep in mind:  it will all be ok.

I promise.


I’m supposed to post that warning, right?  It all ends well, though, so do have faith.

Banner At Last

Happy Valentine’s Night, erm, Merry Christmas!

As a Christmas gift to all of us, Eric finally let me finish Valentine’s Night.   (Ik,r?)

I’ve gone over this chapter a blue billion times, but considering the festive fray constantly going on in the background, many things have probably been missed – please ignore what you can.

Regardless of what you celebrate, I hope you’re all having a bright, brilliant holiday season, and that this final chapter of Valentine’s Night finds you in good health and cheer.


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Just like in politics, your vote counts!


a votesI am absolutely positively BLOW AWAY by the response to the Poll!  You guys have amazed me with your ‘turn out’!!!

3,943 votes at final count when the Poll closed at 9pm EST????!!!???


Ok, you asked for it – you got it:

Chapter 9 of The Moon for your reading pleasure!

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(For all my awesome STC readers – I have Chapter 9 almost ready, too!)

Thank you all very much for letting me know what you think – your votes and your opinions matter!  😀

Is it time for an E/S Christmas (Fix-It) One-Shot yet? Yes? No? Ok, so I should delete it then?

Or not!  Hey, I know it’s just now Dec. 10th, but I wanted to get this on out there (Read:  I’m nervous since I’ve never written a Christmas one-shot before and I have no freakin’ idea if it’s good or not, if it’s too soon to post it, anything…).  I’ve been told (rather nicely, actually) that going ahead with posting will give readers time to read it more than once before Christmas (Awww!), so that’s what I’m going to choose to believe!  😀

The A/N is humongo-long, so I’m going to shut up for now and just say:

Here, I hope you like it:

Last Christmas banner

(On another note, I’d like to thank you for voting in the Poll, which is still going strong at over 3,000 votes cast so far!  THANK YOU!!)

NOW GO READ (and tell me what you think)!!