Art books? Rubies? A FROG? ♥


Caution:  Pure, unadulterated deliciousness ensues forthwith…

My bed loved me this morning.  It was warm and soft and didn’t want me to leave it.  The snuggly soft flannel sheets and warm silky comforter, topped by my favorite old woven cotton blanket, formed the soft intractable bands of Morpheus’ arms that gently, irresistibly, held me securely in place.  My 15 lb kitty and 9 lb doggy even joined the campaign and left my feet blessed with plenty of room to move.  I was allowed all the stretching, scrunching, wiggling and foot-paddling I wanted, but I was not allowed to leave Morpheus’ hypnotic, intractable embrace.

My pillows gave me sweet, strange dreams to show me that they love me, too.  Their misty assault provided the final wave ensuring my complete surrender, collateral damage willfully ignored.   There were art books involved, and I still have no idea what Snow White and Legolas were doing with all those rubies, but they helped somehow. 

I think. 

There was also a frog named Marcille. 

I blame the pillows.

Yeah, so there’s that.  After pleading my case in the arms of Morpheus (and having my nose doggy-licked and my ear kitty-tickled), I finally, reluctantly, arose from the most delightful prison ever.

But while I’m tackling today’s projects and doing chores and creating whatever it is that I’m going to create today, it’s still going to tickle my mind:  Art books?  Rubies?  A FROG??








Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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