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Ok, readers-mine, time to touch base with y’all again.  As enthusiasm for “One Night” seems to be waning (like tides and allergies, it happens…, and while clicks on the page haven’t fallen all that much, page likes and reviews *are* down from previous Parts so it’s kind of obvious), which other stories would you prefer that I concentrate on instead?  Lol, we have choices…

(Moon isn’t listed because it depends more on the FLM than I’d like for her to know.)  (See also:  SEVRIN…)

Now, for the “other” – to correct a typo on the YWB page, the site is allowing voting to continue until Oct. 22nd now, so go back, vote for your faves and, I dunno, have a coffee and think fondly of me and Eric’s Spider or something, lol.

*snicker*  Kittyinaz suggested nominating Eric’s spider (*spoiler* to be named later by, well, Eric himself) for Best OC next awards season…and I totally support that notion.  No, I haven’t told Eric yet…I’m smarter than that (usually).

Anyhu, lemme know what story you want updates on next!  (If “One Night” recurs in the comments, then I’ll definitely listen, but you guys deserve options.)

NOTE:  I am not bitching about the falling number of likes and comments – I’m thrilled that even ONE of you guys likes it enough to, yeah, like and comment.  But…I *am* reacting to the (inevitable) trends in how interest in stories can fluctuate – srsly, like tides and allergies, it happens (hence these annoying polls from time to time).  So, yeah, the story is in no danger whatsoever – I just want to know what you’d *rather* be reading and will attempt to bribe the FLM accordingly.  (And she just totally flipped me off, btw…*sigh*…)

Have a <beverage of choice> day!  (And yes, that banner was chosen just because I’m kinda hungry.)


Gimme A Name – Poll + Suggestions – ONE NIGHT…

Ok readers-mine, I need a name for the King of Texas in One Night.   None was ever mentioned in True Blood and Idc to look through the SVM mess to see if one was ever listed (a brief i’net search never revealed one, fwiw), so…

The King of Texas’ name is…hell if I know.  Hence:  POLL TIME!  There’s no timer on the poll (since I’m not sure how to put one on it) but you’ve got 24 hours (cause the next chapter is clicking right along already):

Thank you for your cooperation help.  Coffee and cookies are available at the exits.


Until Then, I will Sit

A friend of mine wrote this and it is entirely worth the read. ♥

It's a Mis-fit

stadium-seatsI did it. I sat through the presentation of colors, the invocation and the national anthem at a local high school game. I sat, because I love the country I live in. As much as I love it, I am bothered by so much of what I see. I am also bothered by what I see as a near compulsory demand for an adherence to ritual while failing to truly understand, that for many Americans, such rituals ring hollow. It is for them, after much contemplation that I sat.

I sat for the people of Flint, for whom profit mattered more than safe drinking water, for the residents Standing Rock for similar reasons. I sat for those serving long term sentences for minor drug charges while those who commit violent crimes go free. The injustice, often along color lines is an ongoing injustice. Even worse, profit comes into play…

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I have not died…I think my body has though…

Ladies and Gennelmen,

1: The first round in the YWB Awards (the “vote for who you want to vote for later” part) is now open. Go’eth thou forward and conquer! Voting is easy (I think you get to pick three per category?), and there are quite a few categories.
2: Thank you to the fantastically kind soul/s who nominated SO MANY of my fics in SO MANY categories!!! (I had to keep my SQUEEEEEs toned down ’cause WriterPuppy is asleep, but that SQUEEEEE was there ♥.) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Gotta tell ya, it does the ol’ ego some good to be keepin’ such fine company…
3: Andre is now up in PDFs if you want a copy. It’s so dang long that it’s split into two parts: Chs 1-25 and 26-50…but it’s there, lol.

Peace and coffee,


You Want Blood Awards

I am back guys and although I am still working on a little bit here and there.  (Mostly the nomination links page that almost every person put in their suggestion box)


The Polls for the Semi-Final Round are up.  In this round every nomination that fit the time frame is entered to be voted on.  All 470 of them *according to my excel files*  Man my brain hurts!  This post will be short as I am sure that everyone just wants to get to reading and voting.

First, I want to say I know that there are probably some typos or I missed something so just go ahead and shoot me now for it but if you will just send Godric or Eric with a message I will fix it ASAP.  Remember I am only one person.  *I can’t believe it has taken me three days of pretty much solid…

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Time for a Kindle dealio!

From our own Suki59:

Suki59's Fanfiction

Check out Drop Dead Gorgeous on Kindle for just 99 cents September 1-8 on Amazon! It’s also on sale in the UK.

For those who aren’t familiar with my book, here’s what it’s all about …

Derek Randall had a perfect life as an L.A. supermodel falling in love with Clara Devereux, his dream girl. But when he’s murdered and becomes a vampire, his world is turned upside down by his evil maker, Madeline. He struggles with his new existence, finds help from his nest of brothers, and goes to Clara. They renew their love and hatch a plan that will get him back in the spotlight, but it’s a dangerous game, and as Madeline circles closer, Derek has to choose: his life or Clara’s.

Drop Dead Gorgeous Updated Cover final

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Regarding downloadable .pdfs:

Before I go through all the hassle (Anticipating has 41 chapters PLUS side stories…  Andre?  50…), I gotta ask:  would you fantastic readers-mine even BE interested in downloadable copies of my magnificent (or whatever) fics?

In the past, several truly thoughtful readers have asked if they could make .mobis or .pdfs, etc., to read at their leisure and I’ve always given the go-ahead but had never actually thought about making them.

Anyway, just to see how the process went and to see if I could post them for y’all here on WP (which does not allow me to post .mobi files, btw, but Online Convert can do that for ya for free after you download this version), and to test interest,  I decided to go ahead and post the .pdf to Blue Nail Polish.

In the menus, the page for these (potential) files is listed under PDFs (I know, so original, right?), but here’s the handy-dandy link for if you want to read my BNP words while you’re getting your oil changed and your tires rotated or while you’re waiting for the progeny to finish with practice or…

PDF large

Let me know if it downloads the way it should.


2016 Awards update

Reblogging so I can be all blog-i-licious and stuff. 😀

You Want Blood Awards

Hello Everyone!


After reading all the surveys . . . we are letting Eric out of the cage and making several changes to the rules and maybe adjust more over time to ensure that the 2016 Awards are a celebration of all your favorite authors and artists.  I have decided to hold the You Want Blood Awards for this year (but I need everyone to remember it is only one person that runs this and please contact me 4padfoot aka Robin with any issues).  It will be a little different than what has been run in the past.  First off I want to thank everyone for helping fill out the surveys.  I received a lot of helpful information and there were a couple of things that everyone kept asking for that were surprising.  More categories, better links and category definitions.  All of these I have utilized all the new ideas checked…

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Hey look! My book’s on a horse’s booty!

Our Suki59’s book is on a horse’s booty… 😉

Suki59's Fanfiction

rudy with arrow

I’m honored and tickled pink to see the cover of Drop Dead Gorgeous plastered onto a horse’s rump for all to see.

Thank you to North Carolina artist, Kim Attwooll, for Rudy the well-read horse, which is part of The Art of the Horse, a community arts project and fundraiser orchestrated by Our Carolina Foothills, a nonprofit organized to educate the public about the small towns of the Carolina Foothills.

Kim is one of only 12 artists chosen to decorate one of the 15 fiberglass horses which will all be auctioned off on August 19 at the Tryon International Equestrian Center in North Carolina.

Kim’s choice in designing her horse was to honor the rich literary history of the Carolina Foothills by covering Rudy with book covers of works by local authors.

I’m proud to say I lived in the dreamy little town of Tryon, North Carolina, when Drop Dead…

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Sneak Peek into DTRT Ch 26

She’s so deliciously teasey…

There's more to it than blood, sex, and vampires...

Fable The Last Story by HaleyDesigns

I’m on the roll, people! Almost 8K into DTRT Ch 26, and stuff is happening big time. Thank you all for R&R, you’ve lifted my spirits tremendously! Keep cheering the lady Muse up! If you haven’t had a chance to drop me a line on Ch 25: Forgiven. Part 1: The Price of Freedom, please let me know what you think. It’s mostly EPOV, and since I still have a lot to write from his point of view, I’d like your feedback.

In this preview I’m paying homage to Ch 22: Ashes and Dust. Enjoy!


The first thing Kha did was examine his genius progeny from head to toe, and the younger vampire said something in Russian, to which Kha nodded, only marginally relaxing.

“Why did you call with such urgency, then?” he switched to English. “I assume it has nothing…

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Story Recs: Redeemable Assholes

Andre made me reblog this. Ok, well, he sneered and growled and I *think* that’s what he meant… ♥

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


There’s no denying it really, whether it was “True Blood” or the Southern Vampire Mysteries, at first meeting, Eric was a bit of an asshole. One that redeemed himself quite quickly or slowly, depending on your view, but a bit of an asshole, nonetheless. While that cockiness may be an attractive charm initially, it will only carry one so far, we never managed to get over Bill all that well, now did we? Some might be unredeemable for eternity, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as witnessing the change, the underlying motivations explored, and extrapolated to uncover a side we’d suspected was there, but never could be sure hidden underneath the animosity. For balance, don’t worry, we’re not just discussing Eric here, though he is an oft-utilised character for this narrative, Sookie can be just as bad, if not worse, while the inventiveness of a fanfic writer can…

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Nominations are now OPEN for the 2016 You Want Blood Awards!

Looks like it’s that time again – saw that the 2016 version of the You Want Blood Awards is accepting nominations for the next week, so go nom your favorite stories, writers, artists, and if you know’em, betas! And don’t forget to vote in the Fanatic Fanficts Multifandom Awards too if you haven’t already. Have fun, and oh hey, I think One Night might maybe qualify for the YWB noms? I dunno…you guys figure it out…I need to write and my coffee’s going cold… ♥

You Want Blood Awards

Nominations will start TODAY, April 15th  and you will have one week to nominate your favorites in the following categories:

Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Best One Shot
The Human Award – Best AH
The Hybrid – Best Crossover
The Best of Both Worlds – Best SVM/TB combo
Mr. January – Best Lemon
The Greatest Love Story – Best Romance
Tissue / Kleenex – Best Angst
Rollercoaster Award – Best Drama
The Alan Ball – Best Rewrite of TB
The Charlaine Harris – Best Rewrite of SVM
Best of the Best – All Time Favorite Story
EIM – Favorite Author
Van Gogh – Best Artist
Eagle Eye – Best Beta
Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on

Here are the results from last week on how we were going to award our new Grand Prize of a music video trailer for a story.  As…

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Question, reminder, ALEX

Sorry, not a chapter update, but wanted to cover a few things.

1:  You know that thank-you “””one-shot””” that I started writing as I neared gaining the 500th site-specific follower (as opposed to the email-only followers cause, yeah, WP differentiates between the two)?  Well….ok, the GOOD news is that it’s finished and in edits.  The either BETTER or BAD news, deepening on your POV, is that the monster has grown to apx. 20,500 words on Word (WP counts words differently because they gotta be weird)…and I’m not finished with edits yet so it could grow even more (but not much…I swear…honest!).   So…it’s now gonna be a multi-chapter piece.

Here’s the deal:  Lemme know if you want this bad boy in three or four parts (along the lines of BNP).  I’m thinking four although it naturally falls into around five breaks (20,500~ Word words, remember?).  At this point if I were to post the entire thing, it would definitely be a “5-pee, lunch, snack, nap, dinner, snack, nap, rinse, repeat” read.

2:  Voting in the Fanatic Fanficts Multifandom Awards is open and doesn’t close until May 2, 2016.  On a completely unrelated note, my birthday is May 5th.  I guess you can select up to five options in each category but can only vote the one time per category/genre?  I voted a little while ago and didn’t find the process or layout as easy as it was last  year, although it could easily have been due to operator error.  I hope your experience is more pleasant.  Check out all the options, though, if you do decide to take the time to vote, because I am in some great company.

To make finding me in the chaos a bit easier (and to proudly display the love you fantastic readers have shown me because you guys have made me happier than a unicorn in cotton candy over it!), here are the categories/genres where my stories have been listed:

All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic – Blue Nail Polish
Favorite Comedy Fanfic – A Parody in Three Acts
Favorite Comedy Fanfic – TwiFuckery
Favorite Complete Fanfic – Blue Nail Polish
Favorite One-shot Fanfic – Playing for Keeps
Favorite One-shot Fanfic – Shall We Dance
Favorite Risqué Fanfic – Eric Northman: After the Show
Favorite Romance Fanfic – Blue Nail Polish
Favorite Romance Fanfic – Decisions
Favorite Romance Fanfic – Sookie Takes Charge
Favorite Romance Fanfic – The Moon
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – Eric Northman: After the Show
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – Sookie Takes Charge
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – The Moon
Favorite Veteran Author

3:  ALEXANDER SKARSGARD WAS (sorta, not really) HURT (possibly maybe a little bruised but it’s kinda sorta funny if you have a weird sense of humor) FILMING A (Tarzan) SEX SCENE!

Annnnd that’s all folks!  Click, read, ogle, then if you have time/patience/a good screen, go vote! 


In Your Shoes Review by Mer

Srsly, it’s a great read – you should give it a shot! Like they said: Go – Shoo – Get it already!

September Roberts

September Roberts is addictive

5 star review on Amazon

By Mer on 2 March 2016

I don’t usually read modern-times non-paranormal romances (sorry, vampires and mythical gods are just hot, y’all) but I picked this up on a whim and I have to say: GO ME!

This was an excellent book if you’re in the mood for a REAL story. This isn’t romantic pap – it’s got a few teeth and sometimes they nip, but in the end it’s very much worth it. The lead characters, Nicole and Scott, are presented realistically – faults and strengths and humor and everything in between. The flow is effortless and in no time at all their story sucks you in and soon enough you’re weeding through their dirty laundry with them, cheering them on, Gibbs-slapping them a time or three, and laughing.

Caution: there is ice cream involved…and magic…and chocolate…and wine…and phrases like…

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Poll! EN: ATS, Ch. 17 is up and so’s… *smirky grin*

You’ll just have to read an’ see…

There are several things to cover in this post so:

Which story do you want to see updated next?


(Haven’t done one of these in a while…hope I remember how to check the results and all that…well, the results should display, right?  That’s what I clicked anyway.)

You may vote more than once and for more than one choice (hey, I’m easy) and “comments are allowed” (apparently in the poll thingie?) but then, they’re always allowed and encouraged so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I in my infinite magnanimity/stupidity have even added a write-your-own-answer “other” option (which was probably kind of dumb of me considering that I know some of y’all…).

News:  Fanatic Fanfics Awards thingie is accepting nominations until March 6th so if you’re interested in nominating any fanfic writers, fics, or artists:

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic Cropped



Story Recs: From Dallas with Love

Hey look: The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction’s latest story rec post, “From Dallas with Love,” is featuring among other great stories Gyllene’s “From the Rooftop with Love” and “Dodge and Chase” that I co-wrote with the fantastic JR Watkins as CollidingMuse!! Stop by to check them out if you haven’t already! 😀

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


It may just have been a blood-infused dream that falsely led us to hope of a Sookie without Bill, but it’s undisputable that Dallas was a turning point, both in books and, most especially, the show. We came to see Eric in a different light, gone was the stoic and leering, tough Viking Sheriff as suddenly a vulnerable side was exposed, whether or not he liked it, for many this was the moment where it allowed us to see the possibilities of what could be. Dallas was also where we were introduced to the intriguing character of Godric that, even in his short cameo, became an instant favorite. It is no wonder that this specific spot is where many fanfics started, that rooftop in Dallas is almost a classic starting point now. Today we’re featuring some of our favorites set in and around that magical place known as Dallas. There’s…

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The Vikings Used Comfortable Shoes

For those of you interested in Viking footwear:
Hint: Vikings wore comfy shoes…

Osberg Ship Viking Shoe

 One of the original boots found in the Oseberg Burial Mound dating back to 834 AD. (Photo:

A number of complete Viking Age shoes found in Scandinavia and England have the same characteristics. They are flexible, soft and mostly made of cattle hide, but also other kinds of leather was used.

There are complete shoes found in the Oseberg ship burial mound in Norway, Hedeby trading center in Denmark, and Coppergate (York, Viking Age Jorvik, Editor’s note) in England.

All three of these discoveries show a similar construction and form typical for the Middle Ages.

The shoes found in the Oseberg ship consists of two main parts, soles and uppers, and are so-called “turn shoes”.

(Article continues)

Reconstructed Oseberg Viking Shoes

Reconstructed boots found in the Oseberg burial mound, by Bjørn Henrik Johansen. (Photo: Bjørn Henrik Johansen/ 

The shoemaker stitched the shoe together inside out, and then turned right side…

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Oh my lands…that trailer…oh, yeah, that trailer… AND A GIF!!

The Tarzan trailer…  I’m fearin’ there’ll be no recovering my poor brain from this gutter-trip, and that’s fine by me…

And this that I saw in Gyllene‘s FB group and had to promptly steal for mine (and y’all!):

And then here’s this gif our amazing 4Padfoot made for me – it’s perfect!!

Tarzan gif

My poor brain?  GONE SPLODY. 



And we all know our amazing gif and banner makers are going to be having a field day with this trailer creating all the fantastic things they do!

I’m going to go stare off into space for a while…ignore any drool and/or whimpering…

Story Recs: Fixing the Fuckery Beyond the Final Season

They like it! They really like it! 😀 Lol, love the write-up:
“Come aboard Meridian airlines and let her fly you to “The Moon” for a jump in time into a not-too-distant future where the Rockwellian Thanksgiving postcard TB sent us is actually not a time of happiness for Sookie, even when seemingly surrounded by her Bon Temps ‘friends’ and ‘loving’ fiancé… Fear not! Meridian quickly addresses this sorry state of affairs via the intervention of one marvelously characterized Willa Burrell, Eric’s estranged progeny. After some minor angst, our favorite couple will soon be ready to face whatever challenges, pregnancy-related or not, the future may hold for them together… A uniquely satisfying read with TB Pam fittingly put in her place and one charming, original character in Sevrin whom we just can’t help warming up to, one single grunt at a time…”

The TB/SVM Writers Directory : Fangfuckingtastic FanFiction


The last time we looked at those brave souls who took on the impending doom known as Season 7 and preemptively sought to rewrite the inevitable wrongs that the last and final season promised. This time we’re taking a closer look at our favorite stories that took what that last season handed us and methodically set to rights the epic fuckery, using it as a point for launching an entirely restored and altered ending.


Second Chance by Alh1971

Eric visits Sookie on her deathbed. TB One-shot, with elements from SVM. E/S, rated T, ONE-SHOT

Season 7 left Eric and Sookie with a gap too wide to cross. Sookie, unwilling to embrace her supernatural self, hangs on to her illusions of a ‘normal life’, and Eric chooses to say ‘goodbye’ rather than have his heart destroyed once more. This was a most dismal ending for Eric and Sookie shippers… but what…

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The Viking Calendar

This is very interesting and may be of good use to WRITERS, too:

Runic CalendarWorm’s Norwegian runic calendar described in his book Fasti Danici dating back to 1643. The drawing only shows the winter season lasting from 14 October to 13 April. The summer season on the other side of the bone from a whale or big fish was never copied, and both the pendant and the calendar have unfortunately been lost.

Although contemporary Scandinavian sources for the Viking Age are few, there are indications that the Vikings probably divided the year into moon phases and only two seasons: Summer and winter.

The Vikings did not use exact years to date events, a so-called absolute chronology. Instead, they used a relative chronology with reference to the number of years after important events. One could for example date the year by saying “five winters after the Battle of Svolder”.

As far as we know, the Icelander Ari “the Wise” Þorgilsson was the first who in…

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Norwegian Viking Age Swords – Typology

Interesting sword information.

Norwegian Viking Age Swords – Typology

Vikingsword Island of Ingoy

Remains of a Viking sword from the Island of Ingøy, Northern-Norway, classified as a Type H sword in the Peterson typology. (Photo:

The sword was one of the most important weapons in the Viking Age together with ax and spear. Viking swords are found throughout Scandinavia, but the majority counting about 3500 have been found in Norway.

The reason is that the pagan burial customs of putting swords into graves were more common in Norway than in Sweden and Denmark. Several Viking swords are also found in the British Isles, Mainland Europe, Russia and the Baltics.

A typical sword has a blade that measures 70 to 90 centimeters (27.5 – 35.4 in) – and may have one or two edges. Single edges were common at the start of the Viking Age, but in the 800s and 900s AD, two edges became common.


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EN: ATS Ch. 11 is up!

Yes, the FLM (“flighty li’l muse”) might have spawned a 3-Act Parody of Andre (just do NOT tell him about it…) – it’s pure unmitigated fluffly nonsense and the third “act” will be posted either this evening or tomorrow – but: I’ve also been working on “the regulars”. 

It’s EN: ATS’s turn, so…HERE!  CATCH!  This chapter is all E/S…  Let me know in the comments if you liked it!  😀

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

Story Spotlight: A World Without You

Kelpie's Korner

Title:A World Without You
Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: Canon/AU
Complete? yes

Summary:Anyway, I was clearing away Tumblr and saw this gif of Sookie staking Bill from season 6.  Inspiration immediately bloomed for a one-shot and here it is.

My oh-so-humble thoughts
So I usually love anything that Gyllene writes and this little one shot is no exception. It’s simple and perfect.

It’s basically her take one what would’ve happened if Sookie’s stake HAD killed Bill. (Ah, we can all dream, right???) I loved the uncertainty that pervades this fic and the adorable quality that comes in at the end.

(I’ve been watching too many cooking shows…gah!) Anyhoo-it’s a sweet and short little fic that will leave you all fuzzy and happy. So go head on over and check it out. And don’t forget to leave her some love!

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STC, Ch. 18, is up!

If y’all are sensing a trend in my update schedule, it’s because there is one.  I aim to update each of my 5 current WIPs in order  so that NO story gets left behind or left alone for too long. 

This, of course, is assuming the muse is willing – that flighty little bitch is prone to tossing out new story ideas, but I do use things like WILLPOWER and SELF CONTROL and LOTS OF MEAN-SOUNDING NO!!s to make myself only write up the summary/relevant notes for new stuff and then I make me TUCK THE IDEAS AWAY in a folder marked (oddly enough) STORY IDEAS FOR LATER so that I can concentrate on the fics that I already have open.  Of course, said muse also sometimes gets bright and takes a vacay withOUT taking me because, as I may have mentioned once or twice, she a flighty little bitch like that…  (Remember that time she took off with Andre and didn’t tell me for, like, ever?!?)

But anyway, this is the GENERAL rotation schedule:  Next up will, theoretically, be EN: ATS, then should come Andre (hush), then Decisions, then The Moon, then STC again, rinse, repeat.  (Now watch…I’ll get stuck on EN:  ATS and then Cara in Decisions will start screaming at me and then Willa will run off and do terrible things in Moon and then Andre will glare and ugh…yeah…that’s how it goes sometimes.)

Anyway,  here’s the next chapter of STC – hope you like it:

Sookie Takes Charge pic

(**Yay – the pretty pretty linky-pics are back!**)

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 43, is up!

1.  Thank you everyone for your well-wishes and support during the “The Great and Annoying Revenge of the Hands, V. 2015“.  The Site of the Great and Invisible Splinter is now all-but undetectable, and the Stabby-Sore Finger-Joint of Death and Grumbling seems to have finally shut-it.  The Voldemorting Palm Scar seems to be minding its manners, too, so yeah, that’s good.

I wisely and/or lazily gave all of the above a couple days’ extra rest before hovering too closely over my keyboard just in case.  You know how vengeful hands can be.  I wouldn’t want them attacking me in my sleep and I know those bitches…they totally would, too.

2.  For some reason WordPress has become a wise-ass here recently and has decided that aprox. one-fourth of the reviews and comments I receive need, for some reason, to go hide out in either the Pending or the SPAM folder instead of posting normally.  I’ve caught quite a few reviews and other comments from long-time readers as well as from some of my newer lovelies hanging out and being bored in those folders.  I’ll go through and approve (again and again and again), but for some reason it keeps happening.  I’m only letting y’all know about WP’s strange new habit so you won’t wonder where’n hell your review went when it doesn’t show up immediately, but no worries – I keep an eye on those folders. 

Also, I’ve been told by a couple of friends that, apparently depending on their phone’s system?, they sometimes have to enter their comments two or three times to get them to go through.  I dunno if this is a phone thing, a WP thing, or a duck farting in China thing, but it sounds very frustrating.  The comments do come through eventually, though, if you keep entering them.  I guess you have to keep stabbing “enter” or whatever till that duck farts or something.

KEEP REVIEWING, though – review OFTEN and LOTS and all that jazz CAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY!  😀  I like being happy!  Happy is good!

Okee dokee, after all that ado’ing, voilà:

Andre banner1



New One Shot & Personal Update

SHE LIVES! (or would you prefer: She’s BAAACK! ?)
Either way (and complete with a NEW BUNDLE OF HANDSOME JOY), Gabrielle Blue has a new story up – check out her words – she uses them well! She’s also a great lady in her own right? write?, and a great friend. Go! Shoo! Read!


Reposting this due to some fb link issues

Hello everyone! Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve last posted anything for you. It’s closing in on a year since the last story I shared with you. I’d say I’m sorry, but it’s been such a wonderful time for me that I can’t even begin to bitch about my muse going into hiding.

I’m going to state here that I’m going to go a bit into details about my life this past year. If you’re not interested in reading this just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link there to get to a new one shot that may or may not get continued.

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