HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 4th Night, Part 1, is up!!

Hope you guys had a fantastic Christmas and that your New Year will be filled with all things good and happy!! 

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EN: ATS Chapter 18 is up!

I figured you guys would rather have a new chapter than me replying to your fantastic comments, although I do plan on getting to them regardless, but…yeah, chapters…!

Your support – from being excited to read the chapters to leaving such great reviews to all the other stuff in between – means the world to me and I really do appreciate it.  You guys are why I hit that “publish” button – I could write all day and all night without posting a thing, but y’all add the fun to the process.

Hope you enjoy – heh, Stan’s a hoot…

Eric Northman After the Show Main Banner Pic

And, just in case you’ve missed them, here are my last four fanfic posts since WP doesn’t always think to do its notification job:

STC, Ch. 28

STC, Ch. 27

STC, Ch. 26

Andre, Chapter 49

One Night, Part 2 is up

It had been my glorious intention to post a chapter of one of my WIPs (work/s in progress) along with this second part – the way I did with the first part but probably either Decisions or EN: ATS – but I’m a sick puppy so it ain’t happenin’.  I don’t know when a new WIP chapter will magically appear, either, so I’m going ahead and posting this anyway.

I’m sorry. 

I become almost comically irritated when writers start a new story or a new series while their on-going WIPs or series languish away all dusty and forgotten for months…so I try REALLY hard not to do that to y’all. 

So far I’ve managed to either stick with one-shots (that actually remain one-shots) or one-shots that grow to gigantic proportions but are complete BEFORE I post that first Part (as with BNP), so there’s that at least.

That being said:  HERE!

One Night

Also, don’t forget that awards season has descended upon our fair heads:

*Voting in the Fanatic Fanficts Multifandom Awards is open and doesn’t close until May 2, 2016.

*Nominations are open once again in the You Want Blood Awards for a couple more days (it states they’re open for a week and it was posted two days ago).  I’ve been asked if people can nominate more than one story per category but I have no idea since I haven’t had time to investigate the nommy form yet, but surely so?  I mean, our fandom is graced with some fantastic writers, more than one would fit per category I would think?  I dunno…my face hurts.

That’s all, folks.  I’m gonna go whine at my cats (they care, don’cha know…hey, delusions aren’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re all hurty) about allergies and shit.  Fucking spring. 

(Yeah, I’m on meds but not the kind that make me not hurt, dammit, because  doctors are pushed to/would rather pander more against drug addicts than actually give a fuck about their patients in pain but that  rant will have to wait.  It’s a good rant, too…I’ve had it before.)

So this is it… Lol, Act 3 of the Andre crack fic is up and that POS is now complete!

Several of you fantastic fuckers have been going through some rough times here lately, and this silly crack fic was meant to bring you a few giggle-snorts, maybe a full-on belly laugh (ok, so I really wanted at least some of y’all to pee your pants laughing, but it’s ok if you didn’t…I won’t pout…much…*dabs eye with tissue*). 

I love thinking that I’ve brought a bit of sunshine, or at least some fun snark, to your life to brighten your day.  Life can suck donkey ass at times and if I can use my words to bring fun and joy to my fuckawesome readers, then that’s what Imma gon’ do.

So here.  This is the third and final “Act” in this mess.   It’s:



Over and…out.

Clicky the pikky and read and giggle and then tell me I’m pretty (snark) — Just don’t tell Andre I wrote this…(not snark) :

A Parody in Three Acts banner


The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 43, is up!

1.  Thank you everyone for your well-wishes and support during the “The Great and Annoying Revenge of the Hands, V. 2015“.  The Site of the Great and Invisible Splinter is now all-but undetectable, and the Stabby-Sore Finger-Joint of Death and Grumbling seems to have finally shut-it.  The Voldemorting Palm Scar seems to be minding its manners, too, so yeah, that’s good.

I wisely and/or lazily gave all of the above a couple days’ extra rest before hovering too closely over my keyboard just in case.  You know how vengeful hands can be.  I wouldn’t want them attacking me in my sleep and I know those bitches…they totally would, too.

2.  For some reason WordPress has become a wise-ass here recently and has decided that aprox. one-fourth of the reviews and comments I receive need, for some reason, to go hide out in either the Pending or the SPAM folder instead of posting normally.  I’ve caught quite a few reviews and other comments from long-time readers as well as from some of my newer lovelies hanging out and being bored in those folders.  I’ll go through and approve (again and again and again), but for some reason it keeps happening.  I’m only letting y’all know about WP’s strange new habit so you won’t wonder where’n hell your review went when it doesn’t show up immediately, but no worries – I keep an eye on those folders. 

Also, I’ve been told by a couple of friends that, apparently depending on their phone’s system?, they sometimes have to enter their comments two or three times to get them to go through.  I dunno if this is a phone thing, a WP thing, or a duck farting in China thing, but it sounds very frustrating.  The comments do come through eventually, though, if you keep entering them.  I guess you have to keep stabbing “enter” or whatever till that duck farts or something.

KEEP REVIEWING, though – review OFTEN and LOTS and all that jazz CAUSE IT MAKES ME HAPPY!  😀  I like being happy!  Happy is good!

Okee dokee, after all that ado’ing, voilà:

Andre banner1



Chapter 40 of Andre + New Group Info

Due to popular demand (ok, I just happened to think of it), I’ve created a Facebook group for my Andre readers (and any other readers who want to join cause I’m all nice that way):  Support Group for Lovers of My Andre.  Any reader is welcome to join and (insert appropriately solemn and serious expression here) together we can come to terms with just how weird it feels to have nice, sweet, gushy feelings toward the former BAMF we all used to love to hate. 

Ok, it’s more for story updates (well, updates on all my stories), reader’s questions about the story (well, any of my stories), whining about the story (stories…me)…   Despite the name, this group obviously isn’t limited to just the “Andre, yes, that Andre, fic”.   😀

But yeah – how weird is it to actually LIKE the formerly beloathed (srsly, I love that word and I totally claim it!) anti-hero?  Heh, well, now we have a place to discuss that!

(I actually have a regular but unpublicized group page, Meridian’s Fanfics, but this new one seemed like fun…)

Come aboard or, um, don’t.  Either way, enjoy the new chapter!

***And if you find the 11 missing words (Word counted 2537 words, yet when I copied/pasted over to WP, WP counted 2526), let me know.  I NEED THEM BACK!  Ugh!  STOP FUCKING WITH MY BRAIN, ELECTRONICA!  Ideas are already running around loose in there – DO YOU WANT THEM TO ESCAPE?????…***

And on that note:

Andre banner1

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 30, is up!

I hope you enjoy!


*Yeah, ok, I know *ANDRE* wouldn’t be wearing glasses, but, um, yeah…just click it and go with it…it’ll allllll be ok……








Introducing Valentine’s Night, a short Eric/Sookie story

Yes, I have several other stories needing chapters (Andre…Decisions…DAC with my co-writer, and we won’t mention any others…) therefore I decided to write a two-, maybe three-chapter short story about how Eric’s marital incarceration coulda/shoulda ended.

I hope you like it – let me know what you think, and if I could continue it or not.


Eric in a tux







Andre Chapters 18 and 19 are up!

Hope you like!

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 18

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 19

*This Short-n-Sweet Post is brought to you by the Short-n-Sweet Poster who is, um, me.*

Remember:  Reviews are love!




Wanted: Personal assistant with investigative background for busy entrepreneur; flexible hours, excellent pay; must be discreet, single, obedient. AU, canon characters, an SVM/TB story by CollidingMuse.


Introducing CollidingMuse, the chaotic results of a collaboration between the illustrious and enormously talented J.R. Watkins and the gum-smackin’, oft-cursing InvertedMeridian (me). Expect a really good story (J.R.), shenanigans (both), and profanity (IM) all filled with the foul miasma wafting from the primordial ooze of our collective muses. Odd chapters are written by J.R. Watkins, and even chapters are written by InvertedMeridian (still me). *Enjoy!

(*Affinity for throw rugs not required but unfathomably helpful…)!

Why I’m OK with CH’s stomping us in the face…(spoilery)

Why am I OK with CH’s stomping us in the face?


We have a glorious plethora of excellent fic writers at our fingertips – writers whose stories I have, in all honesty, enjoyed more (and often MUCH more) than CH’s slowly-devolving works.

Am I heartbroken that CH built up a fantastic world of romance and possibilities between Eric and Sookie, then turned right around and spit in our faces?

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Chapter 10 of The Revealing of Andre is up

For some reason I’ve had a hell of a time getting this chapter written, and have NO idea why.

So…give it a read, and let me know what you think.

The Revealing of Andre, Chapter 10

Enjoy, and let me know what you think!