AWARD SEASON IS UPON US – THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER (It’s just news you’ve probably already heard by now and stuff)

Ok, so as you’ve likely heard, the YWB Awards are  back on again and will cover from April 15, 2015, to August 1, 2016.

Am I supposed to make a list of my stories that would qualify for nomination?  Well, to hopefully make this a bit easier for y’all (and because I’m totally awesome like that),  I did.  Also, I’ve narrowed down the Categories that I might qualify for, too, if you kind folks might want to nominate a story or three or…you know.   The *full* list of Categories is available on the YWB site, of course.

As for dates, I went by the date of the first review on each story.  I can of course check my Dashboard for the specific date/time anything was posted or updated, but since that’s not publicly accessible and the dates of first reviews are…yup, exactly.   That’s the simplest way for my site.

Anyway, here:

Nominate-able (is too a word……now) Fics:

Completed  Multichapters:

Blue Nail Polish (BNP)

The Revealing of Andre (Andre) 

A Parody in Three Acts: A Night in the Life of Andre (yes, that Andre…sorta)



Eric Northman: After the Show (EN: ATS)

One Night 

Sookie Takes Charge (STC)

The Moon  

One Shots:  (Shall We Dance missed it by *THIS* much!)

Playing for Keeps 

The Purveyor  

(There’s always a chance that I may have missed a fic or something, but I *think* I’ve listed everything applicable)

Most Relevant Categories (for my fics):

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award – Best One Shot

Mr. January Award- Best Lemon – Category for best love/sex scene

The Greatest Love Story – Favorite Story – Category for best story of the year

Rollercoaster Award – Best Angst/Drama/Cliffhangers – Category for those stories that are able to leave you gasping for breath

The Saucy Award – Best Sookie – Category for the Best Sookie

The Viking Award – Best Eric – Category for the Best Eric in a story

The Flying Monkey Award – Best Villain – Category for the best villain, must provide name  (**Do I even *have* good villains?  I dunno…y’all decide, lol**)

Who the Hell Are You Award – Best OC – Category for the best Original Character, must provide name

Pins and Needles Award – W.I.P. story you wait anxiously for updates on – Category for WIP stories only and last update must have been in the dates provided

Best of the Best Award – All Time Favorite Story – Category for the best story of all time. This is the only category with NO time limit. Yes . . . Any story can be nominated for this award.

EricIsMine Award – Favorite Author – Category for your favorite author

Even if you guys absolutely detest my fics, please nominate the writers/fics that you DO like.  The TB/SVM community is a great place to share our written humor, fantasies, and what-ifs, and reader support is a fanfic writer’s coffee-and-donuts.   Nominate well and thoroughly, and let your voices be heard! 


One Night, Part 2 is up

It had been my glorious intention to post a chapter of one of my WIPs (work/s in progress) along with this second part – the way I did with the first part but probably either Decisions or EN: ATS – but I’m a sick puppy so it ain’t happenin’.  I don’t know when a new WIP chapter will magically appear, either, so I’m going ahead and posting this anyway.

I’m sorry. 

I become almost comically irritated when writers start a new story or a new series while their on-going WIPs or series languish away all dusty and forgotten for months…so I try REALLY hard not to do that to y’all. 

So far I’ve managed to either stick with one-shots (that actually remain one-shots) or one-shots that grow to gigantic proportions but are complete BEFORE I post that first Part (as with BNP), so there’s that at least.

That being said:  HERE!

One Night

Also, don’t forget that awards season has descended upon our fair heads:

*Voting in the Fanatic Fanficts Multifandom Awards is open and doesn’t close until May 2, 2016.

*Nominations are open once again in the You Want Blood Awards for a couple more days (it states they’re open for a week and it was posted two days ago).  I’ve been asked if people can nominate more than one story per category but I have no idea since I haven’t had time to investigate the nommy form yet, but surely so?  I mean, our fandom is graced with some fantastic writers, more than one would fit per category I would think?  I dunno…my face hurts.

That’s all, folks.  I’m gonna go whine at my cats (they care, don’cha know…hey, delusions aren’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re all hurty) about allergies and shit.  Fucking spring. 

(Yeah, I’m on meds but not the kind that make me not hurt, dammit, because  doctors are pushed to/would rather pander more against drug addicts than actually give a fuck about their patients in pain but that  rant will have to wait.  It’s a good rant, too…I’ve had it before.)

Is this an April Fools’ Day Joke? Cause if not…

HOLE-Y CACA-PANTS…! You guys???  Thank you!!! 

I HAVE THE BEST  READERS EVER!!!  I can’t believe this!! 

A little birdie told me to go look here and because I’m sometimes a little gullible (and I totally trust said sweet little birdie) I did and – srsly:


DID YOU SEE??? DID YOU SEE??? —  DID!! YOU!! SEE!!??? 

You guys make me tear up in the good way!!

(Here are the nominations listed by Category.)

This…this has come at a very good time.  The Spring Frazzles have struck with a vengeance and, well, I’ve come to slightly envy those chickens running around with their heads cut off because at least they can’t see what they’re about to run into, so yeah, this…wow – perfect timing.

Thank you, readers-mine.   Really, thank you.  This has blown me away.  (I can’t believe it – even  TwiFuckery and A Parody in Three Acts are on there!!!  THAT IS FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!!!  BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!)

Shhh: Cheat sheet:

All-Time Favorite True Blood Fanfic – Blue Nail Polish
Favorite Comedy Fanfic – A Parody in Three Acts
Favorite Comedy Fanfic – TwiFuckery
Favorite Complete Fanfic – Blue Nail Polish
Favorite One-shot Fanfic – Playing for Keeps
Favorite One-shot Fanfic – Shall We Dance
Favorite Risqué Fanfic – Eric Northman: After the Show
Favorite Romance Fanfic – Blue Nail Polish
Favorite Romance Fanfic – Decisions
Favorite Romance Fanfic – Sookie Takes Charge
Favorite Romance Fanfic – The Moon
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – Eric Northman: After the Show
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – Sookie Takes Charge
Favorite Work-In-Progress Fanfic – The Moon
Favorite Veteran Author

According to the site, “Voting opens on April 11, 2016”, so, like, don’t forget and stuff.  In the meantime I’ll be sitting over here stunned, shocked, amazed, and most likely STILL grinning like a loon.  (Do loons even grin?  Well, THIS ONE DOES!) 

Check out the other nominees, too – I’m in some truly fantastic company over there.  (*I* just happen to have ALL the best readers, though…sorry, other writers…*my* readers totally freakin’ rock!!)

(How old do ya gotta be before “nanner nanner nanner” becomes TOTALLY inappropriate???  Just askin’ for a friend…)

Check out Gyllene’s nominations, and here is the All-Time Favorites list for True Blood.  Go check it out – there are SO MANY WRITERS listed – it’s like THE “Who’s Who” listing of the year!!

*raises giganto coffee cup*  Eric, Sookie, Godric, Cara, Andre (and Emma, she’s meandering around here somewhere still snickering at the Andre in Three Acts) and I salute you, your kindness, your great taste, your patience, your generosity, and your shimmeringly brilliant fantasticness!  😀



*Random pic of Alex as Tarzan as an after-blog mint*

Alex3 tarzan partial jpeg


STC, Ch. 24, and other words:

1:  Here’s the new chapter of STC.  The Poll said you guys wanted a new chapter of this (what, you don’t like The Moon anymore??) (j/k…probably…) and since the muse (sometimes) listens,  voilà!!  Hope you like it!

STC banner from Gyllene

2:  Here are some recent posts jic WP neglected to send out the notifications:

EN: ATS, Chapter 17

Decisions, Chapter 35

BNP, Part 9 (the final chapter)

3:  The Fanatic Fanfics group are doing their nominations thing again so I’m hawking that – and not just for me, either:  there are some amazing writers and banner-makers in our fandom, so go show some love!  There’s a little less than a week left to toss names/links into the pot:

Now go read and I hope you enjoy!  *evil grin*

STC, Ch. 16 is up + MY TURN!

1:  Without forcing you to search through this (very, very long/ginormous) post for the chapter (although I do like thinking that you’re reading the whole post which contains lots of eloquent witticisms, secrets of the universe, and sincere thanks…ok, so not that many secrets of the universe, but lots of the other two), here:

Sookie Takes Charge pic

2:  I MADE IT THROUGH THE FIRST ROUND OF VOTING IN THE FANATIC FANFICS MULTIFANDOM AWARDS!!!!  That was some stiff and plentiful competition, and I know that I have you fangtastic readers to thank for my (LUCKY??) *13* surviving nominations…that’s right, ladies and gennelmen, ***13***!!!  THANK YOU!!!

So, that being said, now it’s time to go vote again…yes, again, and, like, NOW. (Don’t worry – it’s hella shorter this time around.)  Round 2 – the final round, I think? – is open for voting:

2nd Round of Voting opens on June 15th, 2015.
2nd Round of Voting closes on June 22nd, 2015.
fanatic fanfics multifandom awards
For your ease and convenience (and because I’m proud as hell!), here are the categories in which I’m nominated and the relevant stories:

ALL-TIME FAVORITE TRUE BLOOD FANFIC:  (There was a LOT of STRONG competition in this category, as in them all, and I’m extremely honored to have not just one but TWO stories make it past Round 1 – y’all make me tear up!)
FAVORITE ANGST FANFIC:  (To this day I feel both chagrined and oddly proud that I managed to write an angst fic, albeit a one-shot with extremely short angst…  I keep wanting to declare:  but I’m the ANTI-angst!  Really!  I am!)
FAVORITE COMPLETE FANFIC:  (Ya know, I am kinda proud of that li’l fic…)
FAVORITE ONE-SHOT FANFIC:  (Shhh – preening in progress*)
FAVORITE RISQUÉ FANFIC(That ANYTHING I wrote was even nominated for this category astounds me, but that not one…not two…but THREE of my fics survived Round 1 in *THIS* category – and against such, erm, STIFF competition?? – makes me both laugh {THANK YOU!!) and…laugh {Oh, the irony!} since I’m kind of known as being anti-smut…  Either way, you guys rock my world, and I’m, yeah, I’m still in shock BUT IN AN AWESOME WAY!!)

FAVORITE ROMANCE FANFIC: (Awww, thank you!!)



*ME  (Out of all the nominations, I can’t believe I’m still in this one!)

Now, Imma ask you fine folks to remember to vote for Gyllene, too.  Not only is she a fantastic friend and a fantastic writer, but she’s also a fantastic banner-maker.  If you see a banner on my site AND it actually looks GOOD, there’s an extremely high chance that she was the one who made it.   She’s up for:


There are many other brilliant writers from our fandom who survived Round 1, including but not limited to: BonTempsBaby, California Kat, Chicpea, dream7me7to7sleep, ElfChef, hisviks, Kittyinaz, Morggy, and Queen of Area 5.  IF I HAVE FORGOTTEN ANYONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  Also, our own 4padfoot is nominated in many of the Artist categories.  I humbly suggest that you not forget them while voting in this MUCH SHORTER poll.

If you have made it down this far, here’s a treat to thank you for reading!
Eric black background(Now go read and vote!)  😀

Aye yai yai….

Translation:  I just finished voting in the Fanatic Fanficts and…yeah, gimme a sec…


Ok, my flighty little caffeine-addicted muse is starting to whisper a bit in my ear (unless it’s a ghost…), and she wants to know which fic you want me to work on next.  

Options in no particular order are:

Sookie Takes Charge
The Revealing of Andre
The Moon
(I can’t list TwiFuckery because I don’t know any other fandoms all that well, so it’s on temp. hold…)


Ok, about the voting:  this is basically ROUND ONE – this voting determines who will go on to, I guess, the final round of voting?  You can select up to 10 nominations in each category (unless there aren’t 10 options, then you can select up to 5).  You can vote once per IP address.

I highly suggest you use Control + F to find the nominations you’re wanting to vote for – you’ll see why.  The options are generally plentiful (sometimes VERY plentiful), and are listed story name first, not writer name.  I’d love it if you would vote for me, but please, do vote for your favorites! 

Now:  GO VOTE!!  (Pack a lunch…)  ❤

fanatic fanfics multifandom awards

Decisions, Ch. 27, plus VOTE!

○ Yup!  Decisions, Chapter 27, is up for your perusal!  For all you Eric lovers, I’ve given his voice quite a bit of air-time in this chapter.  I hope you enjoy it (and the chapter), and that you let me know what you think:

Decisions Story Banner

○ Voting (UNLIMITED!) in the 2015 You Want Blood Awards is now open!!  As I may have mentioned (screamed, squee’d, whispered, shouted from the rooftops…), I’m nominated a (THANK YOU!!!) grand total of *22* times!!   I don’t know who all nominated me, but whoever you are, consider yourselves hugged enthusiastically (but not to the point of being creepy)…(much), sloppy-kissed (on the cheek…no, not THOSE cheeks…), and sincerely thanked!!

○ And on that note, I’d like to take this opportunity to send a huge shout-out to the brilliant and gorgeous Gyllene for making me the BEST banners!  (Obviously not the one to Decisions above, lol – that’s proof of my “skill”…).  Gyllene, however, truly IS extremely talented at making fantastic banners that are beautifully crafted banners I’m very proud to display/show off/stare at for hours.  She’s also up for some nominations, too…  (*cough*hint*cough*)

Now:  GO READ, and have a much-better-than-average/awesome day!  (Ok, just don’t get put in jail, alright?  Alright.)

And here’s an extra link to the new chapter for your ease and convenience (as a reward) jic you read all the way down this far (Thank you!):

Decisions Story Banner

Thank you to…??

Whoever you are:



fanatic fanfics multifandom awards



Can I just say:  WOW!!!  SRSLY???  FUCK!!!  WOW!!!

Ok, I said it anyway…! 

Because WOW!!!  😀    ♥    😀

Thank you!!!!!!!

Voting runs from Monday, March 31st through Monday, April 14th.

Other notable nominees of my actual acquaintance are:



Leigh Warner




And, last but by no means least: Ericiz Mine

(If I’ve forgotten to add someone, please add yourself in the comments below!)

And srsly, I can’t believe Godric Wakes was nominated for anything but a smut award…