I’ve had to update (ok, “redo” since it expired) the fundraiser for my prosthetic leg and the mountain of medical bills incurred when the hospital decided I didn’t need Leftie anymore, so instead of frantically updating my past posts with the new link, I’ve gone full-on lazy-brazen and decided to just post it in a new, you know, post.

So, um,  here:



BUT…did you notice something missing?? 

THE VET BOARDING BILLS!  YES, I have finally – miraculously! thankfully! – paid those off!!  If I could dance I’d totally be dancing right now!!  AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!  Srsly, thanks to donations and what tiny-little I had saved up, I have finally paid off the truly ludicrous, lube-free vet-boarding fees.  (Talk about highway robbery, y’all, srsly. Three pets being boarded over two and a half months made that office literally THOUSANDS…and one cat came back with MORE MATS.  Fuckers.)  It was a necessity at the time, though, since I had no one to care for them. 

But I still have a long, looong way to go.  Anesthesiologists, some doctor who looked at something once, another doctor who looked at an x-ray or something, a different doctor who, Idk, did…something, apparently…and another doctor who…oh, and the extreme cost of a fake leg.  Your jaws would drop if you saw how much greedy companies want for a metal and plastic leg.  And I got the cheapest option, too – it’s not like I’m a ballerina or triathlete.   I just wanna be able to walk my dog, wash the dishes, sweep, maybe even get OUT of the house and buy some groceries.  *sigh*

I don’t even have a ramp TO get out of my house.  There are ramps on Amazon that WOULD work but GOOD GRIEF they want blood money for them.

So, yeah, the fight goes on.  And on.  Annnnnd on…

Hang on whilst I sigh despondently.  I’m getting far too good at doing that.

Oh, and my toilet has decided that NOW is a GREAT time to become clogged.  Clogged.  Because why not?  I’ve tried plunging (try THAT with a fake leg…) and I’ve tried an enzyme “pro-environment” declogger.  Nothing works.  Know any free plumbers, anyone?  Cause I sure don’t but I guess I get to start calling around tomorrow.   Who needs groceries and electricity anyway, right?

If I could get down on the floor I would be hiding under my bed.  But I can’t so I’ll sit here and whine at you guys.

Send Toilet-Unclogs-Itself vibes??

Y’all are a great bunch – thank you so much for listening.  I try not to whine too much but sometimes life enjoys smacking me around just a LEEEETLE too much.


(Also, srsly, thank you so much for your time and patience – you guys truly are the best readers a writer could ever have!  I love y’all so much!)

11 thoughts on “JUST AN UPDATE!

  1. I was just going to write to you to say that the link had expired, and here you are!! BTW, are there any government, non-profit agencies that can assist with the expenses? Surely there is….right….right? Sigh, Americans give millions of dollars a year to charities who are supposed to help people, like the American Diabetes Assn….

    Thanks for the update! I’m selfish…..the sooner you get these bills paid, the more relaxed you’ll be and the more relaxed you are, you’ll…..write….yes?

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  2. duckbutt60 – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! And sadly, you’re exactly right – stress really does make writing, even writing outlines or editing “written but not posted” works, impossible. You end up messing up more than you wrote, or not writing at all because your hands are shaking so you can’t type well.

    It’s amazing how little public help there actually is even with associations that are meant to be providing that help. It’s…insane. It also makes me rethink every donation I’ve ever made back when I had the wherewithal TO donate. Now I just wonder whose bank it went to…

    My mom had the right idea all along – send the money directly to the people who need it and bypass third-parties who take their chunk (if not all of it).

    My mom was a smart lady. I miss her. She was a writer and the one who inspired me to put pen to paper.

    Again, thank you so much for not just listening, but for caring and for helping. We srsly need more of you.

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  3. Hurrah! I’m glad that bill is out of the way for you. I too would have thought there’d be more help from the government or diabetes associations. We have the NDIS here which stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. An application depending on severity of disability gets you a yearly $$ package. The US is so far ahead in many ways but not your medical schemes it seems.
    Sending hugs and good wishes and not much else unfortunately. But hope they count for something 😉😋❤️🙂

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  4. ericluver – Oh, honey, your care and support mean the world to me! And yes, things aren’t going…well…right now but at least that humongo boarding bill is gone!!!


  5. *hhhhhhuuuuuuugggggggg* Glad to hear that at least the vet is taken care of, that’s good. 🙂

    I wanted to share that hubby and I bought a sewer snake (not sure of it’s official name) and we use our battery DeWalt drill to drill our toilet when it clogs (which is A LOT with three kids!) and it works great! We have heavy calcium in our water (well water) which builds up no matter what we use, so we had to find a way to take care of clogs because using a plunger rarely worked, unless you count breaking the seal and having your bathroom floor flooded a fix! 🙂 Anyway, thought I would share this with you. The snake we bought was from the local hardware and only about $20-30. I know it’s an expense but a whole lot cheaper than a plumber. Hope this helps and sorry I can’t donate but I do send you mental hugs often. 🙂

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  6. I was so sorry to hear about your terrible troubles! I am bipolar and have diabetes, so I can somewhat understand how you were feeling when that happened last year. When you don’t feel your feet much anymore anyway and you are used to lots of weird pains, you just try to deal with it.

    I also sympathize with not having insurance. It’s insane how they charge you for every little thing like a band-aid to the 3 people who have to end up taking and looking at an x-ray.

    Praying for your continued recovery and that your spirits remain high!

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  7. Tannnara Moonvale –
    Three kids?? You guys autta OWN a plumbing company by now!! I’m not physically capable of running an auger (especially an auger + drill, lol) (the leg and my body don’t yet speak the same language) but I did end up calling out a plumber and they worked their plumb’ery magic. Thanks! And hey, mental hugs count!!


  8. Nancy – I don’t know how you do it! Diabetes alone can cause some MASSIVE mood swings, and when you don’t know that there’s a problem (like with physical body parts or “mental/emotional body parts”, how are you gonna know that something even DOES need to be fixed?? You…don’t.

    Thank you – all prayers are appreciated. For you, too, hon. It’s a hard row to hoe but we’ll get there, one way or another. (Probably screaming and hanging on by the skin of our teeth, but hey, that counts too!)

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