This year, how about let’s drop all notions of silly things like “resolutions” or “plans” and just huddle in our jammies in a blanket fort (heated or a/c’d depending on your location) with a good book and a cup of something eminently sippable, yeah?

When I was a kid I was always soooo excited to stay up and “watch the ball drop” ’cause there was some sort of indefinable magic associated with The Coming of the New Year!! 

Now?  Yeah, not so much.  There will be no resolutions or plans and staying up to watch the ball drop?  Nah, probably not.  Damn thing never bounces anyway…

New Year’s Day or Eve or whatever.  Yay.  So like is everything gonna ALLUVASUDDEN change because the date on the calendar did?  And if it DID change, would it even be for the better??

Between all the old, new, and future COVID variants and associated and/or unassociated health, financial, and weather disasters… there are just too many disasters running rampant for me to have any hope for that.  It ain’t like THOSE things will suddenly disappear.


Oh, 2022, I’d love to have oodles of faith in you and your magic but…

Srsly.  Don’t even look it in the eye… 

Eeenyway, what about y’all?  What are your New Year’s plans?  The night of, the day after, etc.?  Are y’all gonna bother with resolutions and plans and hopes and such?

Also, here is a place to tell us about the GOOD things that happened to/for you this year.  Acknowledging the bad is necessary for reality and mental health but we can ALSO acknowledge – and revel in – the good, too.  I hope plenteous good things DID happen for y’all this year.  Just because the universe flushed my life down the toilet doesn’t mean that I begrudge you your wins! 


Did you kick his/her unworthy ass to the curb?  Did you get that book/play/’script published?  Did you finally pop that hidey-ass’d “bone deep” zit?  Did you finally find a back-scratcher that actually works?  Did you manage to get that one specific plant to bloom?  Did you meet the love of your life?

TELL US!  Let us celebrate with you!

To conclude whatever this was, I really do hope you beautiful, glorious wee beasties have a thoroughly amazing year in 2022. 

I hope your personal Universes collectively decide to make up to you for all the bullshit of the last two years.  I hope your coffers are filled and overflowing with currencies legal in your area, that all your health problems miraculously resolve themselves, that any family/friend problems do the same.  I hope that all who are important to you accept you for the glorious entity that you are, and I hope that your imaginations work overtime to bring light and magic  and resolutions and that maybe, just maybe, you will have a truly fantastic year.

I wish for these things myself, and hope that all our wishes come happily, completely, and irrevocably true.

Before I sign off on this wonderment of meandering, I want to thank you for your generosity. Your kindness whether in word or in deed, or in both, means the absolute world to me. When I say that every little/huge/tiny bit helps, I mean it. It means my cats and dog can eat; it means my lights are still on and that I still have internet. It means I owe a bit less to the vets and to the leg people, to the ambulance people and the anesthesia company and the… It means I slept a bit better those nights. It means that you are priceless and beyond wonderful.

Love, coffee, goodwill and a non-shitty 2022 to all,



Also a link but as a pic of my awesome furbebes (the ones who were boarded for over 2.5 months thus the humongo vet boarding fees since I had no one to care for them):

Go hug your pets. Now.

11 thoughts on “NEW YEAR, HAPPY, UM, HAVE ONE

  1. You are a treasure. I am thankful this end of the year because I have regained the ability to eat meat and some other things. I spent 9 months on yogurt and cheese.. I cried the first time I got to have beef and it was only one bite but it stayed where I put it and I wasn’t violently ill. I can eat meat now 1 time a day! 🎉 I also had chocolate last week! Ice cream was another tear jerker.. I still have a ways to go but I am rejoicing for every small step forward. I have no idea what the future year holds and I’ve decided not to contemplate it. I’m just going to ring in the new year with some lindor chocolates and a cheeseburger and be glad to be here to see it happen. All the best! ☕️

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  2. I don’t haveuch to say.. very thankful that I’m still driving for Amazon…lost my Jobs due to covid so been scrapping by but very thankful..been missing you but I understand, have new years day off so just staying home with the old man ☺️
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

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  3. My fur babies and my amazing husband keep me going. We got a new baby last year and he has been a light in our world. With my in-laws health failing due to dementia/Alzheimer’s, we have been taking care of them and my mother moved in with us in October. Seriously, my husband deserves to be indoctrinated into sainthood for putting up with not only my crazy ass but my mother as well. I really appreciate you putting your life out there for us. Your stories have helped through dark times when depression kicked in during grad school. Now that I’m out, jobs are few and far between if you have an education now matter what people say about “everyone’s hiring”. I’ve put in at least 100 applications for various jobs and not one call back and not unemployment says I probably owe it all back since they made a mistake and told me I qualified for 2 years. Your dedication to your writing and fandom is amazing Meridian. Thanks so much for sticking with us and keeping us in the loop. Have a wonderful New Year!

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  4. Had a crap last two months if the year. Lost my sister and dad. But life goes on for the rest of us, yes?
    In the way of good stuff, I lost 15kgs this year so yay for me! 🥳 I got to see and hug my daughter and granddaughter who I hadn’t seen (other than on FaceTime) for 2years. My kids and friends are all safe and healthy. No dig intended but I’m not in debt! So again, yay me 🥳
    I’m not counting my chickens about this coming year (only the number of eggs they lay)! I’ve still got a hip replacement to look forward to but that’s ok because pain-be-gone! Other than that, friends, kids, grandkids, gardening, new chicken coop, new pergola and whatever life brings. 💗
    I hope life improves for you and you’re at least happier than you were this year. Hope all your fur babies are good too 💕 🐶 🐈‍⬛ 🐕

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  5. 2021 has been wearing. The only one in another State. Flew to see my parents in their residential care facility. Exited the airport and into my brothers car to discover they were locking the State down for quarantine purposes. So spent that night trying to book a flight home. Got to see my father for two hours, don’t believe he knew who I was. Spend additional hours with my mother. All the time rebooking flights as they were cancelled. Finally flew out on a jet with only four passengers, eerie, a flight attendant for each passenger. Landed, as disembarking its announced that the domestic airport is officially closed for interstate flights. The borders were closed and we were going into strict quarantine. Meanwhile my father’s mind deteriorates. 2022 more of the same? Hope your 2022 brings improvement to you. 🎉

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  6. Hygge: Danish ethos momentary bliss and cosiness. It literally means to curl up with a good book and a blanket and something hot.
    Favorite thing!
    We tapped out our entire savings and bought a house. Moved and started a new part of our lives. That is our win for the year.
    My hope for 2022 is that things settle down.
    15 years ago I stopped making New Year’s resolutions instead I make birthday goals; goals I set on my birthday in August. They are never serious goals: they are goals like rearrange my art supplies, label all of my spices, and I think my favorite so far rescue in opossum ( I make it every year and yet to have completed it) mostly because I think having an emotional support opossum would be the funniest thing ever.

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  7. I’m just happy to have made it through the last couple of years. My hope for 2022 is the doctors figure out if hubby has Parkinson’s or, if not, what is wrong, sigh.
    Hugs and good thoughts to you and your fans, and very distant pets and pats to your fur babies cause I’m allergic!

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  8. Go day to day. No past and no future. Happy New Year and, if not, don’t worry and claim that you are so. Something funny, laugh. Something crazy, laugh. Something dramatic, laugh. Laugh is neccesary for the happyness.

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  9. I am struggling to find words, but what you endured hurts my heart And leaves me in awe of your strength. I am wishing, praying and sending positive thoughts that your 2022 will find you in better health.
    I tried both links but both took me to an expired PayPal page. Let me know if you get a new one. Lastly if you’re willing to provide an address (via IM) I have at least 50 cans / pouches of cat food I can send you (my spoiled brat only eats one kind of food, so I have all the ones I tried til we found something he liked).
    Wishing you all the best!

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  10. Tracey Dalton: Thank you so much for your kind words!! These past couple years have certainly been painfully surreal, that’s for sure. And every day is a battle – sometimes 2 steps forward with 1 or 3 steps backward, but that’s how it goes now. Thank you also for letting me know about the expired link – the thought had not crossed my mind at all! And finally, thank you for your generosity. Times are tough for us all, unfortunately, but every single bit helps. Hope you have an amazing year!


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