This…post? collection of words?…whatever…has two functions.

First and foremost, I want to wish every single one of you magnificent creatures truly fantastic Christmas/Yule/Holiday tidings. I hope you feel the warmth, comfort, and festive spirit of this time of year. I wish you warm, cozy toesies and eggnog burps, spiced wine and the comfort of a firelit hearth, cold wet puppy noses and little kitten purrs, and most of all the joy – the “hug” – of the season.

Second, if you are just not feelin’ the joy, dude, I got’cha. That’s where I am, fam. It just ain’t happening this year either. I am just too <everything icky and negative> for the “warmth of the season” to have a chance to take hold. So, I get it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and there is nothing WHATSOEVER wrong with just plain not feelin’ it. Grump is the word, y’all. Maybe next year?

But that’s no excuse to ignore the eggnog and fruitcake and cookies, tho’…right??

All that being said, I wish you great tidings and eggnog, warm hearths, mulled cider and wine, gingerbread and sugar cookies, huge platters of favorite foods, warm buttery puffy pastries and jelly tarts, cozy blankets and lovely flickering candles. I want the best for y’all.

You deserve it.

You are absolutely the best readers any writer could ever want and I appreciate every single glorious one of you. You mean the world to me.

I’m vaguely mentally planning another post/whine session/group hug before the new year but jic not, HAPPY (effin’) NEW YEAR to you!!

(Srsly, fuck this year.)

Love and appreciation and all that warm and fuzzy stuff,


*Had to redo the fundraiser thing b/c apparently they expire after so many days? I don’t understand modern life. Anyway, here:

Same fundraiser, different day

12 thoughts on “THAT TIME O’YEAR

  1. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to one of my favorite writers! Sorry this year has sucked for all of us, especially you, but here’s hoping next year is waaayyyyy better!! Sending you a warm “hug” from New Mexico to hopefully help you smile for a moment.


  2. It’s ok to feel ‘Grump’! and really fuck this year, with out lube. Next year better get its shit together. For reals.
    Hugs back lady.


  3. Ditto to the feelings of 2021! May it get thrown out to Mt. Crumpit. I hope you have a relaxing holiday. There are some years I don’t feel it either. I wasn’t for awhile but after almost losing my mother in law this year, my hubbie and I decided to be there for the parents and it is draining but I am thankful that I have all my family for another holiday. Even if we are the only ones that showed up. So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May your holidays be filled relaxation and a lack of stress. Take care cause I can’t wait for your stories to come back.


  4. Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas ! I am another just not feeling the cheer. I don’t know why either. Maybe I’m eating to much sugar, but home made cookies are the best.
    Anyway lets hope 2022 is better. It just has to be. It big hugs.


  5. L_Viviane: I think we probably need to see who sells econo-vats of lube what with how it’s been going…ugh. This and last year are both “that which shall not be mentioned”. I’d say “here’s to 2022” but I don’t wanna jinkx it…


  6. Mom2goalies: Grump is the word, luv. Do hope you and all the people you love had a great Christmas and that the new year treats you well. Hugs!


  7. Nicole Raslich: Oh, honey, I absolutely know the peculiar kind of stress that comes with taking care of parents/our elders even if it’s just emotionally over the holidays. Kudos to you, my friend. And srsly, I really hope 2022 treats us all better. Now if you could find that FLM…(flighty little muse) Hugs!


  8. fffbone: I know you were probably kidding but really, sugar CAN have a weird “depressing” effect on the brain chemistry, no shit. Increasing your hydration (water or other no/low-cal fluids) while moderating (hey, we’re not saints, dammit!) the intake of sugars might help with that. So will increased daylight. And money. And a viking-laden vacation… Wait, what? Also, pass the dang cookies this way. Hugs, hon, and here’s to a better year for all of us.


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