Decisions, Chapter 39, is up!

Hey guess what?  Yup, Cara was chatty.  Oh, was she chatty (it’s a long chapter – longer than I’d thought it’d be – go pee and grab a drink and maybe a snack). 

I always think of lots and lots of things to say (write) “here” but when it comes time to actually SAY (WRITE) anything, yeah, I draw a blank.  It’s annoying. 

Anyway, here’s the chappie – enjoy, and lemme know what you think!


You’re still here??  Go!  Read!  Enjoy!!

If you’re looking for the answer “to life, the universe, and everything”, spoiler: it’s 42.

If you’re wondering how the cottage pie I just made turned out, you’ll have to wait – it’s still too damn hot to eat.

If you’re looking for the (suspiciously conveniently placed) link to my GoFundMe page, well, there it is.

Now shoo – happy reading!



9 thoughts on “Decisions, Chapter 39, is up!

  1. Hi, Jayla – Believe it or not, I absolutely will…time, brain fog, and health willing, it will happen. I just can’t say when, tho’. ♥


  2. Thats great. Take your time. I was just clearimg some of the ones i follow and re reading mostof then. I wish i could get answers from the other too. I look forward to then. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


  3. It’s really sad and frustrating when a work you’ve enjoyed isn’t complete but it’s so much worse when the writer seems to disappear off the planet. (I do that, too – every now and then I’ll go back through some incompletes to check for updates…sadly, there usually aren’t any.)


  4. Yes. I totally agree. I wish they would at least put a note that says. Sorry thats it or somethin. Lookin forward to more updates but i am so definetly on of those who has life interfere more often than not so take care of you and ill keep an eye out for the updates.


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