I found some words! (aka: *tap tap tap* Is this thing on?)

Not *all* the words, dammit, but at least some of them, and that totally counts, right?  RIGHT?

So…this is just a heads-up:  I’m working on the next chapter of Decisions (yes, that antique Godric/Cara fic Decisions) and I wanted to let y’all know in advance so that – if you’d ever been reading it at all – you’d have a chance to do a bit of a (likely badly needed) reread before the chapter magically appears (sometime between “now” and “then”, btw, so no holding your breath…).  I’m currently only 1,183 words in, but D chapters aren’t generally marathons.  I’m guessing I’m about a third of the way through, give/take, atm.  It’s going well, though, hence the “warning”.

Anyway, I yet live…words still exist in places both known and unknown…and occasionally I even find some of them.  I feel guilty as fuck about how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything on One Night, Sookie Takes Charge, and The Moon (Gawd but PreggoSookie is soooo gonna kick my ass), and we’re not even gonna talk about EN:ATS…  *cries a little*

At least Cara took pity on me and decided to visit for a while.  She’s great to hang out with and is really nice when she wants to be.  She still has problems with her reflex-o-fangs, but meh, we’re used to it.

Annnnd…well…yeah, so, that’s where I am with the fics for now.  Lemme know if you’re still out there!


35 thoughts on “I found some words! (aka: *tap tap tap* Is this thing on?)

  1. Happy to wait but glad your Muse kicked Cara’s ass for you. Gave her a little “pep” talk? Hehe.


  2. Yes, still here!! And girl please, you think I’m going anywhere?? So happy to get your post. So happy to learn it’s about Cara and Godric. And, so happy to learn your muse came for a little visit. She must have brought you coffee.
    Take care and I cannot wait to read your new chapter. Of course, to prepare, I MUST reread all things Godric and Cara. I must!
    Hugs to you from Salisbury


  3. First and foremost, how are you feeling? I hope your body isn’t giving you problems. Chronic illness and pain takes a toll on creativity. So, hang in there and recharge. I’ll wait, I love your stories; but, PreggoSookie is def gonna kick your tuckus 😉 patsy


  4. I’m here too. Patiently waiting for the chicks with the talent to send me, the reader, new chapters. Hope your muse sticks around. Mine divorced me and never looked back. I did retain possession of my stories, but if they were cash, I’d only have about $4.99.


  5. Always ready for any post that comes our way from you! I do feel sorry for pregnant Sookie though 😉


  6. Seriously?? You wonder if I’m still here? Where am I going to go? I love Godric and I love Cara and I love the world you created, so, yes. I’m still here and thrilled that you have posted. Can’t wait to read!


  7. femmecreatif: Thank you! It’s taking a bit longer than I’d anticipated – Cara’s being unusually chatty, but that’s a good thing, all’n’all. Well, she says it is. But then again, she’s saying a lot of things, so… 😉


  8. Teresa: Salisbury? You’re so lucky! I’d love to explore Old Sarum, Stonehenge, the old churches/cathedrals…oh, who’m I kidding – if it’s “old”, I want to explore it!

    Lol, there was (is still) definitely coffee involved…apparently Cara had a vat of her own as she’s STILL chatting at me…talky li’l sorta-vamp…but hey, at least she’s present and accounted for, right? Doesn’t seem like she’s going to leave room for Godric, though…? Maybe I’ll have to side-eye her… 😉


  9. patsy1965: Thanks, hon. I’m…ok. (Super-achy, but that’s an on-going thing…never fun, right?) Mainly I’m disappointed that all the struggles have been such a muse-dampener – hate letting my readers down. 😦 At least Cara did finally stop by for a chat…and she’s still chatting…someone must have slipped her some high-test coffee… 🙂 *still running from PreggoSookie, though*


  10. gaijinvamp: *pfft* Hey, $4.99 is better than $4.98, right? Cara’s proving to be quite talky this time around, not sure she’s even gonna let Godric get a word in edgewise. Spoiled li’l sorta-vamp… 😉


  11. mom2goalies: *snicker* I’m practicing “tactical avoidance” of her just now. If she would send muse-food for her story to my FLM, it’d help, but noooo, she just keeps eating weird crap instead. See, it’s her own fault…or, um, something… Carry on! 😉


  12. teachert99: Awww, thank you!! I’d thought I’d have it posted by now but apparently someone gave Cara some super-charged coffee because she’s *still* talking…and talking… I think she’s missed me but just doesn’t want to admit it. Poor Godric can’t get a word in edgewise! 😉

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  13. I’m so happy to hear from you! Although I don’t read Decisions, it’s great that Cara visited you. This means that Sevrin and the others will probably swing by sooner or later as well!


  14. georgiasuzy: I’m glad to hear from you, too!! Lol, Cara really was pretty chatty for her, but it was nice of her to (finally) visit. I’m hoping Godric decides to drop by for their next chapter; he’s always fun. Sevrin? Oh, yeah, I hear him rumbling (literally…rumbling – dude’s huge!) around in the background, PreggoSookie is, too, and she ain’t all that happy with me at the moment…may have to go into hiding. ❤

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