Remember AlphaEN’s DT;RT? Well, it’s now complete.

AlphaEN’s “Die Tonight; Rule Tomorrow” – sequel to her beloved “Put Me First” – is an old friend of mine.  We go way back, y’all, and the journey she takes Eric and Sookie through in both stories is filled with the most splendid ups, downs, sideways, and everything-in-betweens that you could want.

As some of you know, her site is password-protected, so if you reach a “blocked” page, just shoot off an easy request for the password and voilà – the magic of her writing is, can I say it…??  Magically accessible!  If you’ve never experienced that which is AlphaEN, start off with “Put Me First” then build up to “DT;RT”.  You’ll be glad you did.

I admit it – I’m sad the story, the grand adventure, is over, but I’m thrilled with how it all ended, thrilled that “our” Eric and Sookie have their well-deserved HEA.  I feel like one of my old friends has come of age now, and what an age it is!

Go forth, my friends, and enjoy the marvelous world of “Put Me First” and “DT;RT” – they’re complete in all their luscious, adventuresome, fantastical glory.   Be sure to let her know what you think of her chapters  – we writers love hearing from our readers – and enjoy.   She’s a great lady, a great writer, and a great friend.

Now I’m going to go pout that her stories – THAT I NEVER WANTED TO END – are complete…




17 thoughts on “Remember AlphaEN’s DT;RT? Well, it’s now complete.

  1. Lady, you are truly something else, entirely! Thanks to you I woke up to an inbox filled with access request to my site (everyone’s in!). I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement, support, and critical eye. You’ve been there for me through highs and lows, and I’ve come to think of you as RL friend who shares my views and love of many things, like Eric and Sookie fanfiction 🙂 Now that my fanfic-writing hat is off, I’ll indulge in catching up on One Night, and hopefully, one day I’ll be ready and bold enough to start working on that original series I’ve driven you crazy with talking about.
    Yours truly,

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  2. AlphaEN: Thank you, gorgeous! ‘Tis only the truth I tell, m’dear – you have an amazing talent and the E/S fandom is all the richer for it. I can’t wait for you to (have time to) branch out into the “real” world of publishing. Your imagination is a national treasure and your ability to weave gloriously complicated plots together is legendary. You definitely deserve a break and while I’d love it if you had time to peruse my meager fanfic offerings, I want you to keep that break short because the world at large deserves to experience the products of your imagination.
    I consider you a solid RL friend, too, and given enough time I fully expect to see us taking over the world.
    No, that’s not evil laughter you hear.
    Ok, it is.

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  3. Thank you for the recommendation. I love finding writers I haven’t had the pleasure of reading yet, and I am excited to read these stories. I’m so glad this fandom is still going strong. Thank you!

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  5. Hi. I’ve requested to follow her twice. I remember reading Put me First and really enjoying it. I would love to be able to access Die Tonight Rule Tomorrow. I’m sorry I don’t comment on the stories I enjoy this universe so much and gobble the stories up if I could be added that would be awesome!

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  6. Hi
    I would really love to have permission to read your stories. I am a terrible reviewer and sometimes start to write one and then delete it. But I love these stories, the amazing writer’s and will try and review more.

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