Just a THANK YOU!/update/other words

Here – catch:  a heart-felt (and probably painfully loud so you might wanna step back a bit…a little more…a little…ok, that should be about right) THANK YOU!!! to everyone who has donated to the GoFundMe!!!!

You are the very BEST readers and I absolutely appreciate every single one of you anyway, but your response to the GFM has truly blown me away.  Your support really does mean the world to me.

(I didn’t set the account up so I don’t know how GFM works so I don’t know how to individually thank the fantastic people who donated but I did want to thank you guys somehow!)

A better THANK YOU!!??


The campaign has not ended.  I still have to go for daily super-strong antibiotic IVs (“infusions” or if you wanna be all medical, “infusion therapy”), bi- and sometimes tri-weekly doctor (usually nurse) appointments, and I have at least one (probably two but I’m hoping the dr forgets) more surgeries in my future.  (Oh, the joy.)  Bluntly, I’m doing a LOT better health-wise but I ain’t out of the woods yet – it was just *that* bad, previously. 

Here’s the handy-dandy link in case someone’s won the lottery:


Fic-wise, I *have* been thinking about my stories, especially The Moon and One Night.  Thinking…but not writing yet.   You’d think having to remain off my foot (and in/on bed/chair/wheelchair as I’m STILL not allowed to put ANY pressure on my foot AT ALL) for 23.5 hours a fucking day would be conducive to writing, however…it is not.  I’m still too damn frustrated over all this mess *to* concentrate effectively on all the ins and outs of my fics. 

(Why did I have to go and make them so dang complicated?  Granted they’re not nearly as complex as many of our other writers’ plots are, but still…*grumph*)

I did want you to know that I have not forgotten my fics, and I haven’t forgotten you guys, either.  This health mess is just taking for-freakin’-ever to resolve.  But it’s getting there.


Thank you again, and I really appreciate your patience, your kind support, and of course if, your hard-earned cash.   (You knew I was blunt, right?  I mean, rly, you knew this already, right? *innocent face*)



37 thoughts on “Just a THANK YOU!/update/other words

  1. As long as you’re looking after yourself, that’s all that matters.
    Well, the stories matter too…but they can wait…sort of…how much longer did you say it was going to be???? *chews nails anxiously*
    Thank goodness for re-reads…but I still think you’re a bitch for getting me to like Andre… 😋😋

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  2. Glad to know that you’re doing better and really hope that you don’t require anymore operations. Sending you positive thoughts 💭 💭💭💭and coffee ☕️ ☕️☕️☕️ 😁

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  3. My God what exactly happened to you ! (if you don’t mind me asking. You don’t have to answer either). It makes me sad to hear you might need more surgery. Very happy you’re feeling better everyday. Hugs.

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  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better, concentrate on your health will be here to read when you can write again. (mischiffly) So One Night should have a new chapter up this coming week right (I’m an imp) what can I say. Plus my spelling sucks take care of your self we’ll be here when you update next.

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  5. Be patient now. It pays off in the end. Less complications, many many fewer complications later on. Believe me I know that one. Get better!!! Hugs and air kisses 🙂

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  6. I have not had the lottery yet, but you would be the fifth to think.

    Inhale and let your mind wander through places you’ve never visited and meet mythological creatures you’ve never seen. Then exhale and open your eyes to see if your extrasensory perception has changed. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until your frustration is gone.

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  7. I am a double amputee. Thanks, Diabetes Type 1. 😦 I lost the first leg because I had an ulcer on the bottom of my foot. Started out as a tiny scratch. Anyhoo, by the time I met with the orthopod, I just asked him, ‘can’t we just take it off below the knee?’. I lost the second leg because of a spider bite. That’s what the docs tell me. Long story short. STAY OFF YOU LEG, KEEP IT ELEVATED & CONTROL YOUR BLOOD GLUCOSE LEVELS. Sorry for ‘shouting’, but I can’t emphasis this enough. Sending you happy thoughts you way and for the boredom, coloring books. That’s what kept me sane. Not the fancy adult ones they have today, my auntie gave me a 100 page Disney coloring book and a pack of 16 count Crayola Crayons. 🙂 patsy

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  8. Thanks for the personal update, just concentrate on taking care of yourself and getting better. You know we all wish you well and will wait until you feel up writing and sharing it again.

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  9. Blah! I suppose I’ll have to wait til your mere scrape has healed (KIDDING) to get more chapters out of you! Until then, if you have a wheelchair, try not to wheel yourself into traffic or anything! 😉

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  10. Don’t worry about your stories right now. The quickest way to heal is to sleep and take pain meds. Seriously, people whose pain is controlled heal faster because their body doesn’t have to expend energy fighting the pain while fighting to heal. Things will get better!

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  11. murgatroid98: Thank you! I’m getting there. Saw the dr today and he didn’t say mean things like “more antibiotics” or “put the wound vac back on”, so that’s really good! 😀


  12. shoegirl01: Things ARE progressing well – saw the dr today and he didn’t say mean things to me (like “more antibiotics” or “back to the wound vac”, lol), so I’m pleased/squealing with joy. All coffee is appreciated! 😀

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  13. kleannhouse: Thank you gorgeous!! I finally have some good news to report (why my reply is so late): saw the dr today and I’m off antibiotics (for at least a week until cultures come back – they looked great last lab, too, but caution is abundant, lol) and he didn’t reapply the wound vac!! It’s not much in the grand scheme of life, but dang, I’ll definitely take it! 😀


  14. fffbone: It’s a long-ish story, but this might help ‘splain it all a bit. It’s an excerpt from where I was chatting w/ a friend of mine about it:

    The thing about it all is this: I am not an unintelligent person. I know what infections are like, how they “look” and how I “feel” when I have one, yet I had absolutely no idea that there was ANYTHING wrong in that foot. There hadn’t been/I hadn’t seen any cuts or breaks in the skin barrier! There were no pricks or holes to let infectious bacteria invade that I had noticed, and as a diabetic I naturally pay at least a bit more attention to my skin in general and my feet in specific than the average person would. I’m diabetic; it’s what we do.

    The only clue that there was any kind of issue at all was a mysterious blister that I attempted to treat myself. It was “just a blister”. NBD, right? I mean pretty much all of us have had a blister at some point, right? At one point in my ill-spent youth I’d counted a total of 17 blisters between both feet and they all healed fine. In the scope of life, blisters are *nothing*.


    But even if I had jumped on the hysterical horse and charged off to the ER the moment I saw it, it would *still* have been too late to avoid surgical intervention – that’s how bad the super-silent, super-strong, and super-stealthy infection (*three* insidious types of name brand bacteria because my foot is speshel…) had already progressed.

    And I had no clue.

    My take from all this? If it could happen to me, it could literally (yes, literally) happen to any diabetic. You do not automagically “feel” or “sense” an infection. Your body can betray you; it has little to do with intelligence.

    Ennyway, had a great dr visit today. They took more cultures for the lab and are holding off on more antibiotics for a week (until my next apt) for the results. The last set were fine but caution still prevailed which is good. I also didn’t get stuck w/ the wound vac again, which is excellent (that thing is so annoying…and heavy!) I’m still in the surgical boot, still on crutches/in wheelchair since it’s still a “no pressure on the foot” situation (cause I’m what, graceful now? Ugh.) But—–it’s still progress! 😀


  15. teachert99: I’m trying, I’m trying… *dramatic sigh* I’ve actually been doing pretty good – dr said so today! (Dr visit today was one of the reasons my reply is so late.) While I’m still on crutches/in a wheelchair since it’s still a “no pressure on the foot situation”…and the surgical boot (that weighs AT LEAST 1,000 lbs…) is still in force…and I’m still bandaged up like I have a mummy-foot, I’M OFF ANTIBIOTICS FOR A WEEK AND THERE’S NO WOUND VAC!!! (Oy, I’ll take my joy where I can get it, lmao!) Still, it’s great news, and I am healing (albeit slower than I’d ever have wanted…) The antibiotics may come back depending on the lab results…but I hope not. It’s just a time thing now…a time thing and a very frustrating “sit for 23.5 hours a day” thing…but I’ll get there! ♥

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  16. ericluver: I had my “next” dr apt today and guess what: great news (for me)! I’m off antibiotics for A WEEK!! (at least until the lab results come in from today’s swab and I’m really, really hoping it comes back clean) *and* NO MORE WOUND VAC!!! (for now at least)!! Eh, might sound like kind of “meh” good news, but I’ll hella take it, lol. The surgical boot, crutches, and wheelchair all stay, though, dangit. (I’m going to be hearing “NO PRESSURE ON THAT FOOT” in my dreams for years to come…)
    Also, I should possibly not mention that I’m MWAHAHAHAHA’ing all over the place about getting you to like (my) Andre! *evil snicker* He’s a good guy, he really is…sometimes…maybe… At least he got his story told, right, and his actions make better sense…in a way…and he did atone…right? 😉


  17. tleel: So…are you saying I write mischief or that you guys will be waiting mischievously? *quirks brow a la Eric* I think I know the answer to both… *snicker* I hate the temp. hiatus in my writing but… *hang on while I glare menacingly at my foot*


  18. jules3677: Patience sucks and my tank is low, lol. I’m trying to be good (srsly, years from now I’ll be hearing the dr/nurses chanting “NO PRESSURE ON THAT FOOT!”), but it’s so frustrating!! *sigh* Thanks, hon – hopefully I’ll be back in writing mode sooner than later.

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  19. geenakmom: Thank you, hon. Dr today said that things really are looking good! I’m pretty sure there’s at least one more surgery in my future (to tie up “loose ends”, as it were), but my fingers are sooo crossed that it’ll just be a local rather than knock-out (bad reaction to the last bout of anesthesia). ❤


  20. gaijinvamp: Thank you, hon. Things are progressing nicely if very, very slowly (it has nothing at all whatsoever to do w/ me being the most impatient person on the planet…nope…nothing…). Had a nice dr visit today which was encouraging (but still super-impatient…oh, wait, not me, no…neva…) 😉


  21. cari1973: 5th? Hey, I’ll take it! (The needs of beloved family and friends should *always* come first!) I’m slowly progressing, though, regardless of how impatient I am to get back to whatever the new normal will be (big life disruptions – for better or for worse – always settle but never quite back into whatever the “old normal” was).
    And I love your technique for handling frustration! What a great way to release the negative impulses! Thank you! ❤


  22. patsy1965: Awww, honey, I am very sad to hear that. T1, well, all forms of diabetes…a terrible thing. No matter how hard you try, unless you’re one of the few fortunates running around, keeping the numbers managed is so damn hard and can be a real struggle sometimes (especially when your body decides not to cooperate…). But we battle it every day. (Diabetes management alone is very painful – pricks everywhere!) (Yes, that was an attempt at a bad pun…)
    I’m slowly improving – dr visit today, dr said it was looking really good, and I’m now off antibiotics for the next week until the current labs come back and if THEY say I’m still ‘clean’, no more overly-dramatic IVs!! and I’m off the wound vac (unless something changes), so those two bits of news are FANTASTIC (to me at any rate, and hell, I’ll take it…). Still on crutches/wheelchair (still no pressure at all on the foot), still stuck in the surgical boot (damn thing weighs 1,000 lbs at least…), but srsly, things are improving however slowly. It’s really, really sucks that diabetes cost you your legs. There’s no “but” – it really sucks. You have a warrior’s attitude, and I imagine that has helped a lot. (And coloring books rock!) ❤


  23. mom2goalies: Thank you! I’m progressing, had good news from the dr today (holding off on more antibiotics until results come in since everything’s looking good so far *and* no more wound vac!), so that’s a relief. A long way to go yet, but hey, I’ll take any progress! 😀

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  24. gyllene: Awww, thank you gorgeous! Things are progressing – slowly, but they’re getting there (…slowly…). I hope your writing is going well?? Can’t wait to see your name in lights! 😀 ❤


  25. redequus: LMAO!!! You know how so many hospitals seem to be built on hills? Heh, for over a month I had to go to the hospital for super-dramatic IV antibiotics, and during the course of time I naturally became familiar w/ one of the ladies womanning the ER registration desk (had to enter via the ER b/c of on-going “improvements” to the campus), and anyway she told me one day that the day before somehow some guy in a wheelchair – while waiting on his ride just outside of the entrance – absolutely managed to lose control of his ‘chair and ended up rolling down the hill toward the fairly busy road… (It’s funny because he was ok.)
    At least my mere scrape is healing nicely if FRUSTRATINGLY slowly…so slowly…(kind of but not really…I’m just super impatient to do things like WALKING and GETTING UP AND GOING…*sigh*). 😉

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  26. georgiasuzy: You are absolutely right – pain causes stress reactions, an increase in destructive stress hormones, interrupts sleep, makes rest well nigh impossible… Control the pain, relax, and rest so that your body can do what needs to be done.
    I’m doing a lot better than I was – saw the dr today and he said that everything is looking really good. I’m not out of the proverbial woods yet…still can’t put pressure on the foot, still have to wear the surgical 1,000-lb boot, still on crutches/in a wheelchair (soooo annoying), etc., but if this latest culture comes back negative, at least I’ll be off antibiotics, and hopefully I’m now off the wound vac for good. (It doesn’t sound like much, but dang, I’ll take it!) ❤


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