Generic Update of ON Updatedness *wee teaser*

…or something.  This is just me letting you guys know that I’m only a day or three away from the next ON part (depending on that interferin’ RL thing).

Do y’all give a shit about word counts?  If you do, right now it’s at 6,708 (and growing) according to Word (WP counts differently for whatever reason).  If you don’t, unread that last sentence; I’ll wait.

Anyway, here’s an un-final-FINAL-drafted wee teaser for ON, 4th N, Pt. 4…aka: One Night, The Fourth Night, Part 4 iffin you wanna be all official an’ shit…  You know the drill:  the following is subject to minor/possibly major/whatever changes before posting.  (Bits and pieces of this Part keep magically disappearing – might wanna keep this for posterity cause technology keeps fucking with me…)


Eric rolled his eyes at the timing when, just after he shut the SUV’s door, his unofficial phone began to vibrate.

Oddly enough, his regular phone had remained suspiciously silent of late.  Sure, there’d been a few generic messages regarding businesses he no longer actually owned as it seemed the relevant people hadn’t gotten the memo yet, but nothing much more than that.  That, however, was to be expected.

What struck him as odd was that there hadn’t been a single screech – not even one nails-on-a-blackboard peep – from his former Queen who by now should have found something questionable to annoy him about.  She was rather talented at creating her own issues then either blaming others for them or conning/commanding others to fix them for her…but whatever, she hadn’t called a single time.

Maybe she just hasn’t realized I’ve slipped her noose yet?  Wonder how long it’ll take her to figure it out…if she ever does.  She’s so fucking clueless…after all, she’s the moron who actually trusted Compton – of all ass-lickers…Compton! – to procure Sookie…how stupid could she be…??  But…would think she’d sense by now that something is up with me but, then again… 

Eric’s eyebrow itched and he took a moment to scratch it as he let his mind momentarily wonder while Godric messed around in the SUV.

Maybe she sent the Berts to spy as they dumped Billy’s Mommy off on me…but knowing her, maybe her only objective truly was to rid her Area of that whiny drudge.  Can’t blame her there…  Regardless, that Andre of hers…he always was the brains behind any of her “operations”.  For all I know she’s just bought yet another clothing line that’s going out of business and is so wrapped up in shirts and scarves she’s forgotten I exist otherwise…  Maybe she’s finally branched out into the wonderful world of puggles?  She’s yipped about them often enough…not for herself, of course…no dog worth its bark would have a thing to do with her…  Still, this silence from her end is strangely deafening…

With the speed of light or sound, he never could remember which was faster, he finally withdrew the phone and clicked for the message.  At this point in his current activities, he figured it could be from Pam, Rasul, some other contact, or even Desmond although the old Dae preferred to leave succinct voice mails to texts.

Technophobe…but what can you say, he’s a Dae.  You’d think after so many centuries the elders of his species would be able to keep up…but then again, there are The Flowers…

Pam, he was glad to note as he leaned back against the door, was in her usual element.

More sooner than later I hope,


23 thoughts on “Generic Update of ON Updatedness *wee teaser*

  1. Maybe Sophie-Ann has lost her head (because she had to lose it earlier than she did if she wanted to antagonize her older Sheriff by stealing an assett from his area without telling him). Whahaha.


  2. Will wait patiently…still waiting…*taps fingers on desk*…waiting…well, maybe not patiently…but I’ll have to I suppose *pouts* 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great teaser, and knowing another chapter is coming soon has me doing the happy dance..


  4. Ooo! Love teasers. Can’t wait to read more!


  5. mom2goalies: Thank you! It’s so long that it took longer than I’d hoped to get the Part posted but it’s finally up! (There’s a bad “that’s what she said” joke in there somewhere…)


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