Now you can’t say you haven’t heard a peep out of me, right?  *glances around room*

Anyway, RL, blah blah blah – hey, do you want a teaser for One Night – The Fourth Night – Part 3?? 

THIS CHAPTER IS NOT FINISHED YET – I just wanted to let you guys know/give you visual proof that I am, in fact, actively working on it.  I won’t say anything about the three OTHER versions of this chapter I’ve already written then tossed.  Nope.  Not a word about I’d get so far into the chapter then decide it wasn’t good enough/didn’t feel right/sucked ass and hit that lovely delete key.

See?  Not a word…about murdering my own words.  *sigh (This totally counts as “suffering for your art”, btw.)

Anyway, at some point in the near-to-faaaar future the rest of this chapter will magically appear before your very, um, inbox.  There is more written than I’m posting as a teaser – hey, a girl’s gotta have SOME secrets, right – I just wanted to give y’all a bit of proof since it’s been a while.  You know the rules –  the material is subject to change, corrections/additions/substitutions may be made, read it again when it’s actually posted to be sure, etc. 

But yeah, here: catch!

Wait, no, um…where were we?

With as much grace as he could muster under the slightly painful and highly frustrating circumstances, Eric followed his silently smirking Maker out of the house to the burgundy SUV somehow ready and waiting at the top of the circle.  As he folded himself into the vehicle with a grimace, he had to be glad of the additional leg-room provided by the SUV’s design and wanted to think he had successfully hidden his…discomfort.

Sookie’s impromptu hair petting session had left his pants tighter than comfort would allow but unfortunately that wasn’t a new thing where she was concerned.

For fuck’s sake…  Why, after a literal millennia, am I suddenly so susceptible to one woman’s touch?  Why?  Granted during my toddler years…so easily excitable…but that was then…!  I’d gotten over that, surely?  Untried 15-year-old boy now…  Ugh!  Down through the ages…the most beautiful women…the loveliest maidens…could choose at will…  Never had a problem performing, could go for nights on end, but could easily turn from such distractions when I wanted or needed to…  Now…now all one little shit – a fucking virginal shit at that although she had to have known exactly what she was doing…all she has to do is run a dainty little fingertip down my ear and I’m fucking toast…  Could it be the fairy allure?  Doubt it…that would lead to draining more than fucking, although that could be part of it…  No, this is all…her…no desire to drain her, only to fuck her senseless…

Godric remained silent as he drove them toward Dallas proper.   Normally he enjoyed a bit of speed to liven up any drive – vamping, as the young ones called it, was much more preferable, but what can you do? -but he proceeded more sedately to give his child a chance to reclaim the necessary facade.

Sookie…what a cheeky brat!  And so perfect for his complicated progeny!  Buy his child a treat indeed…small bouncy balls sounded more appropriate by the minute.

He’d most certainly heard what had taken place between Eric and Sookie both during his telephone – annoying things, those – conversation and thereafter.  Sookie would likely have been mortified if she’d known…the child had yet to understand just how powerful vampire senses could be.  She would learn in time, though.

Vampires never had the luxury of not knowing.  Whether for better or worse, from the time of their first rising there would always be few secrets of a physical nature between vampires in close proximity one to the other even when they didn’t share a familial bond; that bond simply ensured that were far fewer secrets.

It was necessary for survival and he had routinely thanked whatever gods there might be for it’s existence especially during Eric’s baby and toddler years, but the night a vampire was made was the night any hope of privacy died. 

Unless the progeny suddenly became Makerless; it happened.  Regardless, with age came knowledge of how to limit most perceptible physical responses, and with age also came knowledge of how to limit what passed from one familial vampire to the other.

Just now the spikes of confusion, frustration, and curiosity bombarding him from his progeny were, however, incredibly entertaining. 

He sensed when Eric finally reclaimed a few of his more important mental processes although he couldn’t hold a bit of night-dreaming against the boy.

So…there ya go.  I still exist, this story is still under construction, allergies suck, and I know of at least one litter box that needs de-clumping.  Oh, the joy.

Have a great weekend,


37 thoughts on “*peep*/TEASER

  1. You’re a delight…even when teasing and making us wait…which we will do patiently *sigh* …because, ya know, we like, love your stuff and shit 😉😋🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really, really loving this story but tell me… why has Eric started referring to Sookie as a shit instead of chit? enquiring minds wanna know.


  3. theslainvalkyrie: Heh, because she was being “a little shit” winding him up with him having to leave so soon, lol! (She really was being a little shit, lmao)


  4. *singsong* glorious!

    Love love love..

    Most fun a parent can have is when something confuses their child and you get to watch, it’s nice to see Godric’s mood improve! *snickers* If this is after only 4 nights imagine where Eric will be in a month.. (so much chafing) Thank you so much for this sneak peek 😀 *refills the coffee and grilled cheese buffet table* 😉


  5. *sigh* ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this little teaser! Also love that Eric is all twisted inside which is amusing Godric.
    Sending ☕️and 🍩to help bribe the muse & the universe!


  6. I have some wonderful allergy pills that work great. As entertaining as it is to see Eric having difficulty controlling his libido, Godric is still wise and slow to recover before arriving at his destination and be attentive. I love their internal dialogues.


  7. Love the teaser and sorry to hear RL is still kicking your ass. All joints crossed that things get easier soon.


  8. Thank you for the teaser, Mer. I love, love, love it! You know it’s my favorite story. In my humble opinion, this could go on and on and I would LOVE it. Enjoyed getting to hear Godric’s (squeeee!) inner musings. And I think it’s adorable that they both referred Eric’s toddler years. lol. Can not wait to hear/read more. Of course, a sexy picture of Skars is always a welcome sight. God damn, he’s a fucking, hot hottie.


  9. A tease indeed. So funny and leaving me wanting more..but that’s is the intent of a tease isn’t it?
    Sorry about your allergies, a lot of people I know with them say this spring has been particularly dreadful. It’s been raining here for 2 days, which would normally knock the pollen down, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Take care and hope to be reading more of your delightful work very soon.


  10. I’m sorry after that picture and Eric’s tightened pants everything blurred 😄. I’m hoping full banishment from said allergies for you. To help here’s this ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕


  11. ericluver: Awww, thank you! I’m getting there…mainly just wanted everyone to know that I actually am still all alive and working on it and shit, lmao! ❤


  12. switbo: The pic was a bribe so no one actively kills me…can’t write if I’m all dead and shit… *snicker* I’m about half-way through the chapter so far (like, past the intermission if that helps), so that’s good, right?


  13. bashfyl: Heh, Godric knows Eric…like, he gets him, so when Eric’s all confuzzled, trust Godric to maybe-kinda-totally snicker at him, too…some…a lot… *grabs coffee and slow-runs away*


  14. cari1973: Thank you! I love showing how Godric understand where Eric is coming from, that he gives Eric time to think and come to conclusions but he also gives Eric time to refocus and put his facade back in place, too. His ultimate goal is to help ensure Eric’s survival and success…even if he does snicker at him along the way, lol.


  15. desireecarbenell: Glad you liked it! I mainly wanted to reassure readers that I’m still all alive and kicking and shit, lol. The next part will be up…at some point. Hopefully. Maybe. *sigh*


  16. teachert99: Awww, thank you!! I keep imagining things “5 months away”, etc., which is great fun but I gotta manage to write “now” first, lol. Have to admit that I’m relieved that readers like Godric’s inner thoughts, too, as well as Eric’s. It’s always a bit risky to concentrate (even in small amounts) on “secondary” characters’ thoughts/etc, but I do love me some Godric.
    *maniacal giggle at successfully evading angry readers with handy-dandy pic of Alex*

    Liked by 1 person

  17. valady1: Yup, so far the allergies have been horrible. I have 2 options: turn into a brainless zombie on allergy meds, or suffer with at least partial clarity. *sigh* At least I’m past the “intermission” on the upcoming chapter, so that’s good, right? *I’d sigh again but I’d just end up coughing*


  18. Forgive any typos- second wine release party of the day. Of course we like Godric’s inner thoughts- one- he’s an awesome character and two- you’re writing his words! He may be a secondary character, but he’s numero uno with me. 😉. Seriously ? I spend too much time scrolling through smexy photos of him on Tumblr when I’m bored. Yes, I know I have a problem. Anyway- you should know that whatever you write, I’ll read. 🙃


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