Generic NOT A CHAPTER Update – ignore at will

Dearest Darling Readers-Mine,


RL, however, has decided to interfere with my writing processes to the point that I’m perma-glaring at her ass.   The Moon gave me several false starts but at least STC has finally (FINALLY) decided to play nice.  I’ve basically given up on EN: ATS and Decisions for right now.   They’re the least popular current works so they receive the least enthusiasm so *flibbith*.

But…EVERY DAMN TIME I sit down to even THINK about working on One Night, srsly, something happens.  I get interrupted by people with Things That Will Not Wait even though they fucking well could.  The dog got sick (she had a 3-day bout of Where The Hell Did This Come From doggy-diarrhea-poos…that was fun…); the cat got super-sick (he ended up staying at the vets for 3 nights/4 days – and it wasn’t a cruise – with a SERIOUSLY bad case of urinary tract crystals and is now on a $uper-$pendy diet and with instructions to keep track more/less of “how many cat pee balls are in his box” to make SURE he’s peeing enough) and, last but not least, *I* got sick (stress/allergies/not enough sleep will do that to ya, young padawan).    Srsly, I need a curse breaker pronto!

I still blame the cat pee balls, though (I use clumping litter – cat pees, it clumps)

And then there was Easter.  (I have great leftovers for that curse breaker if they need incentive to, you know, magically appear…)

Oy.  I need a vacay…

But anyway, STC is coming along so do expect a chapter sooner than later God willin’ and the creek don’t rise/animals don’t get sick/I don’t get sick/The Thing That Will Not Wait can actually fucking wait…postage not included, this space intentionally left blank.

Love and cat pee balls,



19 thoughts on “Generic NOT A CHAPTER Update – ignore at will

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of all your animal woes. That’s never fun and very hard on the owner. Hopefully everyone is feeling better now and will stay in good health.


  2. Never fun when the animals fall sick. Plus Vets, the wonderful wonderful tests they think up “just in case” can send a person broke. And yes, they always have some super new food that will solve everything which you have to mortgage your house to pay for. That was me at Xmyth. Not fun! You have my sympathies as I sit here typing and recovering from root canal therapy/torture (not that I’m complaining..,over the counter painkillers can make for interesting concoctions with the hourly swish of warm salty water [just read the label and don’t for any reason use white pepper, it doesn’t help in any way]). Be better 🙂


  3. As the “Lady of Infinite Patience”, I will wait until you have real life tied up and brought under control.
    That’s a joke on myself, of course. I can’t even read WIPs because I have no patience waiting for the next chapter, and I’m avoiding anxiety of any kind.
    Hope everyone’s upset insides have subsided.
    I have found fantastic coffee here. The shop owner gets the coffee direct from her parent’s coffee plantation in Brazil. It has reaffirmed my relationship with coffee.
    Wish I could get it to you~


  4. Must have been something going around everywhere! Sorry to hear about the vet visits and your own illness. We dealt with what we thought was a dead pet but saw her move so emergency Sunday visit to turtle doc. One daughter had knee surgery and hubby got sick! We all need vacations it seems. Maybe group rates?
    Hoping RL calms down and you get to do what you want, when you want. Take care!


  5. Call Charlie (or was it Bill) Weasley! He’s supposedly a curse breaker with Gringott’s!
    Take care of yourself and the animals 🙂


  6. I bet that advice about cat pee balls cost Uber $$. Vets usually do, and it sucks (cat pee) balls that we can’t, you know, take ‘me to human docs who are generally cheaper than vets who study about cat pee balls and all. 😳
    But seriously, follow those instructions, feed your cat $uper-$pendy diet cos we lost a cat to crystals. 😩 Hopefully your puss will get heaps better.

    And I’ll wait patiently for whatever your muse eventually coughs up. (Just don’t let it be a hair ball!) 😋😂


  7. And I here thinking that there were no new chapters because WP was malfunctioning and the only thing that happened was RL poking its ugly head (as usual). Patience.


  8. Sending you coffee ☕️ and donuts 🍩 And why not some wine 🍷 too – I’ll let you choose the order you consume them! Take care !


  9. **SNORT, SNORT** You are cray cray LOL!!! You take care of yourself woman… and wow happy pee balls to you!!


  10. Bill was the Curse Breaker, Charlie was the uber-cool dragon wrangler. Sooo, if you can bring yourself to ever ask any Bill in the known-imaginary-current-past-future universe for help, he’s your guy.

    Sorry to hear about your furr babies. They are almost as expensive as teenagers when they are well. When they are sick, start looking for the winning powerball ticket. Glad they are on the mend. As for you, tell everyone on the planet to step the fuck off for the weekend and get some sleep, get drunk, get laid, whatever you need to do for some good old fashioned you time. Coffee & chocolate liberally inserted wherever & whenever needed.

    And for a not so funny for me but apparently hilarious to everyone else story:

    I have one of those super cool Neil Med battery powered sinus irrigators. It is amazing and highly recommended for anyone who has sinus issues. Seriously, it is a fucking miracle. So the other morning I got up and thought I would multi task and do the irrigating while the coffee was brewing. So got the coffee going, put my filtered water in a glass and put it in the micro for about 15 seconds, got the saline powder ready to put in the little cup, the microwave dinged, grabbed the water, checked the temp, poured in the cup, screwed it together and started going and then….. Holy Mother of God!!! I thought I fried my brain. Don’t EVER, NO matter WHAT is happening, forget to put the saline powder in the chamber. You do NOT want to shoot plain water up into your sinuses. It burns like a thousand fires of hell and feels like you just mummified your brain and turned your eyeballs into hot molten lava.

    But on the upside, I was not congested for the rest of the day. As far as I know. Cause I took a sick day, a sleeping pill and an all day nap, in that order. LOL

    Hope you have a restful weekend!!!


  11. Wow. A lot to stress about. First think about your health than other things. Your familly, pets and devoted readers need you healty. Wish you stress free weekend.


  12. Jesus! So sorry for all the RL shit you’ve been dealing with. So very sorry. I’ll just wish you well, wish your furry friends well, and hope you get what you need- time, coffee, yummies, a stress-free week, month, year. Take care. 🙂


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