The Moon, Ch. 40 – A Sookie Interlude…Sookilude? Wait…

Ok fantabulous readers-mine, this is for you.  You know Sookie’s weird-ass’d cravings and her new-fangled fairy light hands?  Remember that teleportative pop to Eric’s side several chapters back?

You know how she isn’t gaining all that much weight?

Well, here ya go – the whys are out.

This isn’t a “real” chapter, per se, but it counts, right?  Let me know what you think:

Anybody got any coffee?  *sigh*

Ok, next post will be the next chapter of STC. 

Given how unpredictible WP can be with notifications, be sure to check my home page (just click any topmost banner) to see what’s been posted when.

Have a great weekend!




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