Hundreds of Place Names of Old Norse Origin in the British Isles

Of likely interest to many of my readers:

Many English villages and towns were founded by Vikings. (Photo: John Baker/

In the 9th and 10th centuries Norwegian and Danish Vikings crossed the ocean and sailed to the British Isles, and their legacy is still very much alive: Hundreds of place- and personal names of Old Norse origin tell that the Norsemen not only came to plunder, but that many also chose to settle on the isles to the west.

A recently published article in Antiquity, international quarterly journal of archaeological research, suggests that the number of Scandinavians have been larger than previous DNA studies demonstrate: As many as between 20,000 and 35,000 Vikings may have relocated to England.

The Vikings did have a strong influence on the English language, including place- and personal names, which is the linguistic evidence for the high number of settlers, according to the language researchers.

When the Scandinavians arrived in England…

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13 thoughts on “Hundreds of Place Names of Old Norse Origin in the British Isles

  1. LOL, thanks to Ragnar, Rollo, Bjorn Ironside, Ivar the boneless, Leif…. You know I’m guessing right lol… i know some of these Vikings are real but love their sexy asses… ERIC!!! LOL.
    Thanks so much this was very interesting so I went to the site and found some bucket list material for me to save for! Their building a Viking village to open this summer and I need to get a sugar daddy pronto cause I need my ticket first class to go to Norway and then over to Stockholm to stalkhomes of Alex **SNORT**


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  3. howyoudsdoin: I love history anyway, right, but when it involves tall blond warrior-dudes, hey, I’m in! I’d love to visit the recreated village and stroll among the sights while listening to condescending snots complaining about how NOTHING is “authentic” instead of just shutting the hell up and enjoying the atmosphere like the rest of us are. It would be so much fun! Glad you liked the reblog – thought it’d be interesting for you guys.


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