So whaddya want?

Ok ladies and gennelmen, I’m almost somewhat sort of ready to climb back in the saddle/hit the road running (limping)/pick up where I left off/other euphemisms for “slowly starting to write fanfic again”.

So, which story do you want me to turn my writerly eye toward first (no guarantees but I’d love to hear what you guys want)?  Un/fortunately there are several to choose from.  Heh, good excuse for (you guessed it) a poll, right?  You know my thing for lovely delicious little polls.


Didja vote?  While I won’t make any promises (I tend not to unless I’m 100% positive I can keep the damn thing), I really would like to know which story/stories you’d most like to have updated first.  Encouraging words are being accepted, too.   I’m still sore from being kicked by life.  

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon.  Oh, yeah, and I yet live.  And stuff.


43 thoughts on “So whaddya want?

  1. I voted for the Cult of Common Sense. I will be expecting my membership info soonest! LOL In the mean time I will take whatever I get and like it 😀 See how easy I am? You should send Eric my way for a little while so I can show him

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  2. So, I voted for One Night, just because there was just something so interesting about that story and it captivated me from the first few lines. But I really do love ALL of your fics- you are such a terrific writer. So, whatever you write, I’ll read! Cheers!


  3. Glad to read you’re still amongst us 🙂 I voted The Moon though Sookie Takes Charge is a close, very close, second. Anything you can give us will appease. 🙂


  4. Oh woman, I can’t just pick one so I’ll join your cult of common sense and you can just tell me the stories as we and your other followers dominate the world bawahahaha!! You pick! Because you’ll need to be comfortable in your minds eye to put it to paper! You’ll choose wisely grasshopper, you have chosen well in the past my child….
    MWAH xoxo ox


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  6. I voted for The Moon because I really want more Sevrin and Willa but ya know…I’ll take anything you throw my way, lol. So glad you feel like getting back in the saddle!


  7. fffbone: Coming right…..up! Just taking a break to reply before finishing up the chapter and its tweaks before hitting that post button! 😀


  8. missingjasamalways: Lol, we really do need a Cult of Common Sense. The membership will be distressingly small, but that’s to be expected… ♥


  9. teachert99: Thank you! I’m having the best time with One Night. In it I’m able to give into my dreadful need to over-describe and over-investigate nuances, thoughts, pet spiders, and Godric’s toes. (Sorry, he has the cutest toes, for sure, right?) An update should be up within the next several hours, brain and WordPress depending… ♥

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  10. jules3677: Lol, Moon and STC almost semi-tied for 2nd 😀 One Night won, though, so I’ll be posting an update here in a little bit, but I’ve also gotten a good headway into an update for STC (and slightly less so for Moon, but I’m feeling really badly for preggo Sook, poor dear…) Thank you!

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  11. barbara87413: Aww, thank you! An update for ON will be up after while, and there’s been detectable activity on STC and Moon, so maybe-just-maybe it won’t be too long until I’m finished with chapters for them, too. 😀


  12. treewitch703: Hey thank you! I doubt they’re all that obvious (and some haven’t even been ‘inserted’ yet) but there are several little side plots I’m wanting to tease out and see where they can go, plus the Eric/Sookie connection may take its own sweet time (depending on what they each have to say to me…mouthy little snots…).

    And then there’s Godric. 😀

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  13. howyoudsdoin: LMAO! Cult of Common Sense – come on in, we have comfy chairs and ice cream! Hey, ice cream is healthy, I mean, calcium? Come on, it’s healthy… The next Part of ON should be up after while. Enjoy! 😀


  14. Teresa Rowell: Thank you! Well, ON did win, but Moon and STC came in really close… So, I’ll be posting the next Part of ON here in a bit, but I’ve already gotten started on updates for Moon and STC, so… Ah, Sevrin…he’s such a lure! A pretty, pretty lure…


  15. motomary: Awww, I’m sorry honey. It’s really worrying when long-time internet buddies seem to magically disappear. I’m back-ish now, though, and hope to stay that way. I had already gotten a good start on the next Part of ON, so that helped me put my toe back in. It should be posted after while (internet/life/WP willing…). Very sorry for the wait, though. ♥


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