Power to the People


I don’t want to get too political here because that’s not what this blog is for, but since this blog has the most followers I wanted to share something. If you’re planning on protesting tomorrow, Saturday or any other time please keep the following information handy. It takes just one person to tip the scales from peaceful to violent and then all hell breaks loose. So whatever side of the aisle you’re on, please be safe and peaceful. The message gets lost when heads get bashed.

As far as I’m concerned, Love Trump’s hate.

All my love,


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9 thoughts on “Power to the People

  1. makesmyheadspin: Thank YOU for posting this! I try hard to not let my political truths run rampant on this blog since, as you say about yours, it’s not what this blog is for, but:

    If any of my readers want to let their voices be heard, I want them to be LOUD and PROUD…AND SAFE. I want them to do what they need to do to feel and BE heard, but I want them to be able to easily return to their homes and lives without persecution for exercising their rights to do so.

    So, thank you for posting the safety tips, and here’s to a safe and successful rising. ♥

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  2. Absolutely! Apathy has been such a mainstay of the American diet that there are a lot of people who have been stirred to do something to invoke change. No way should anyone who follows the rules of peaceful protest have to risk jail time or a trip to the ER just because they were exercising their rights.

    I also read that if you’re going to protest, don’t wear contacts. If you get pepper sprayed, the chemicals can melt the lenses. That can lead to the lenses fusing to your eyes and potentially blinding you for life. Eeeek!

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  3. makesmyheadspin: YES!!! Doing nothing is the same as acceptance. Unfortunately and exactly as intended, protest – no matter how peaceful – does come with the risk of charges (no matter how feeble or unjustifiable) and (unnecessary, inexcusable) police (brutality, misconduct) aggression. So…protest all you want, just go into it with your eyes wide open, your contingency plans made and accessible, and your bail money handy. Have a contact either at home or otherwise in a separate and safe location that you can call if there’s any sort of problem

    Let your voice be heard but be prepared for backlash from those determined to keep you cowering and silent.

    Great tip about the contacts! Also, change your phones to password protect rather than fingertip activation. Police can force you to touch your phone to activate it but can’t force you to reveal your password.

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  4. Lots of stuff to think about. Reminds us just how serious this business is. Trump and the police will look pretty bad if they unleash violence against women.. Of course, it has been done in the past. Women suffered and died just trying to get the right to vote.


  5. murgatroid98: And given Trump’s blithe support of the “grab’em by the pussy” mindset and the fact he’s on his 3rd wife and the fact he doesn’t see anything wrong with barging in on under-age contestants in their dressing room and the rape trial he had his people harass the victim until she dropped the charges and the fact he judges women by their appearance… … …


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