Two-fer to make your Monday a better place, I hope!

Welcome to the only official Monday of this week!  For better or for worse, aren’t you glad each week only gets one Monday (usually)??  Hope you have a great one – now, on to:

FIRST ITEM UP FOR BID:  Don’t forget that for the last four years I’ve had “The Rantery” up for rants and tangents about, well, everything – from issues with fanfic reviewers, writers, and characters to pretty much everything else under the sun that concerns writing and reading (fanfic or professional), it all fits in “The Rantery”.   My own rants live on in infamy there (some aren’t as relevant to me – or anyone else, lol – now as they maybe once were), and yeah, I’m a bit on the mouthy side in them (you’re shocked, right?), so be warned if you decide to read them.  THEY ARE NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART…   Anyway, this magical bastion of “here’s what I think” lives under the SITE ‘RULES’ & NOTICES drop-down menu and is the perfect place for these kinds of discussions.  You guys are more than welcome to post there especially if you don’t have your own blog or for some reason would rather use mine for your rants and insights.   That’s why it’s there, my little loves – GO FOR IT!!  

SECOND ITEM UP FOR BID:  Now – guess what:  I have *2* posts for you today!!

As promised, Godric’s “One Night – Third Night – Part 2.5” is up —and—  SURPRISE: Chapter 30 of STC is posted, too!  (*psst:  Godric is in both!)  See:

One Night


STC banner from Gyllene

Have fun, I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think about Godric’s bit and the STC chapter!  *coffee and beignets at the door*


**Psst:  Srsly, Godric is in both…

9 thoughts on “Two-fer to make your Monday a better place, I hope!

  1. lorip100: *pfft* Don’t be thatta way, lol – a line or three in brackets is NOT an issue! Honestly, though, if you find that you’re on a good ranty (or whatever) roll, FEEL FREE to take it to ‘The Rantery’ – seriously!

    I absolutely invite everyone to post their longer thoughts and rants, tangents and issues over there. It’s free! It’s fun! Come rant a while – helps lower the ol’ blood pressure in the end, lol.

    (And yes, there *is* coffee…and sometimes donuts, depending…)


  2. LOL Thanks I just had a case of the guilty’s and thank you for the invite , next time will head over and let rip ( you might be sorry , I can get kinda lengthy ) Brewing a nice strong coffee just for you and I may just join you too lol .


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