Happy Friday! Notice of possibilities…

Happy Friday – hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! 

Other than that, this post is mainly to ask who all might be interested in, say, Godric’s thoughts?  Maaaaaybe…a mini-Part, possibly a Part 2.5, that might-just-maybe be posted on Monday God willing and the creeks don’t rise?


(I have trees falling around my house for no valid-to-me reason so it’s a valid-ish concern…validly…)

So —– let me know if you want a peek into Godric’s mind/life?

And, one last thing before I do the princess wave:  I posted this little piece to the blog sometime last week.  It’s NOT AT ALL fic related, but kind of suits the changing of the season.

Click the pretty pic, and y’all have a great weekend!



52 thoughts on “Happy Friday! Notice of possibilities…

  1. As in: What state of mind is Godric? or, What he thinks about the feelings that come through his bond with Eric? and, he being the wonderful maker who all think he is, Has he investigated the situation in which Eric (and Louisiana) is?

    Do you think I care what is happening on the side of Godric with all these questions? Hahaha.


  2. Seriously? You think your adoring fans would say ‘nah.. not interested’? Pffft
    Lets see.. the Old Man wondering what the heck is going on with his kid? Anticipating/ dreading the bag of dirty clothes that’ll accompany him? 😄
    Good luck with the trees and creeks


  3. Uhhhh! Like, duh! Of course we’ll take anything you have to offer…and if it’s Godric? Hell yeah! 😋😀👍


  4. You ask the most interesting questions! HELLS, YES! Of course we all want to know what Godric is thinking, feeling, doing, anything! 🙂

    As for the trees, that’s a little frightening! Have you had much rain? Frankly, we’re getting ready to build an ark, just in case. It’s only NOT rained one day this week, but we live on a hill – what you would call a mountain – so we’re good. I know that heavy rains in a short period of time can cause such things, so perhaps that’s causing the trees to uproot? Be careful. I hope you don’t have any trouble in your basement as a result of this either. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you!


  5. fffbone: Srsly! The creek is fine as we haven’t been having all that much rain lately, but yeah, one of the huge tall pines in the back yard (lining but a bit back from the creek bank) falled down hard and went big boom! Thankfully all that is well away from the house and call, but still, it’s a mess. *pouts because I adore my big trees* I figure I’ll lose probably one more of the big trees (just statistics) with the first ice storm, too.


  6. shoegirl01: *snicker* So…I’m sensing a little ambivalence here… 😉

    So far no other trees have decided to test gravity but I’m still giving them the stink eye.

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  7. desireecarbenell: Come Monday… *sorry/not sorry for any earworm* So…I’m taking it that you might maybe just could possibly be a bit interested? 😉


  8. msbuffy: So…that’s one for the “eh, whatever” column, right? 😉

    Oddly we haven’t gotten all that much rain recently, but I guess it was enough to destabilize that poor tree (a huge tall pine at that). Poor thing decided it really needed to test gravity…unfortunately, gravity won. At least it was down at the lower end of the back yard – one of the trees that line (albeit several feet back) the creek bank, so the house and stuff are fine, but still. Poor tree. I just hope none of the others get any bright ideas! Hope your rain has eased off! *tosses over nails and tarps for the arc jic*

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  10. Lmao. Yeah, that was it.

    Now, get writing! ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪


  11. Sorry to read about your tree! I get so distressed when we lose more trees. People around here (including the utility companies) just cut them down as if they grow like weeds, but it properly maintained, they wouldn’t have so many problems with them. We have a huge pine tree in our front yard that we keep maintained so the boro won’t cut it down, but they’ll have to go through me if they ever decide to! There’s entire ecosystems living in that tree! The same family of cardinals and their mates live in it all year long, squirrels live in it, and numerous other species of birds and insects rely on it for dwelling and feeding. I’m sure there’s even more, but I can’t sit outside and watch it all day! It’s not the prettiest pine tree I’ve ever seen, but it’s healthy and green, providing us with lots of oxygen! That’s more than I can say for all the tree stumps in the neighborhood.
    Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers that you don’t suffer any effects from Hurricane Matthew! Take care!


  12. msbuffy: Oh, man, I *adore* my trees! Trees are NOT disposable, they’re not truly (or at least immediately) replaceable, either. We had to have one huge, beautiful, truly impressive one murdered several years ago because it’s old, old roots were starting to affect the house foundation, and I cried for a week! I vastly prefer that, if they “have” to go, they do it on their own. This last poor old soul didn’t stand a chance between a friendly woodpecker that lived in the area a few years ago (for several seasons) and all the rain and wind from that particular storm. The old soldier brought himself home to rest, though. 😦 But yeah, with good care, regular trimmings, etc., barring acts of nature and woodpeckers…, our friends can easily last lifetimes. (We also have a “swarm” of little yellow and black chickadees that invades two other trees every now and then – so much fun!)

    We were lucky – Matthew didn’t venture this far inland. The most we received was a lot of rain and a bit of wind. I did worry about that tree’s brothers, though.

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  13. So relieved you weren’t effected by the hurricane! I was thinking of you and some of the others I know who live down that way. Hope everyone made it through with no troubles.
    We have some chickadees who live around here in the summer! They are fun! I never realized they would dare to live in a suburban setting, but apparently they love it here. Could not agree more about the trees, unless those roots are growing into your sewer system, then everything must be done to save it. I’m the neighborhood hippie, don’t you know? Always giving people hell about cutting down their trees just so they can have their clear views or don’t have to rake leaves… Yeah, I have a husband to do that who has the proper tools, but we weren’t always so fortunate. We raked, bent, lifted, and carried lots of bags over many autumns long before we even got together…I mulched my leaves and used to them to put my gardens to bed each year, then lifted them to find budding flowers every spring. These people would rather cut their trees down so they don’t have to rake leaves… Next they’ll be pouring concrete over their grass so they don’t have to maintain their yards… Lazy, lazy, lazy!


  14. msbuffy: I feel so badly for the eastern part of NC. They’re really suffering from not just the effects but the after-effects are literally killing them. It’s hard to keep in mind sometimes how it might be DAYS until all the rivers reach their highest flood stages…

    Ohhh, let’s not talk about roots bursting through sewer lines…don’t want any of my trees getting any fancy ideas…ugh. And I’m with you on trees and their leaves. I might be odd, but I love watching the leaves change colors then fall, and a leaf “carpet” is a seasonally beautiful thing! True, leaf control IS a hassle…a huge hassle, lol, but the leaves themselves aren’t just gorgeous – they’re fantastic for the garden and for mulching around this/that.

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