Poll Bitnez, Not Chapter Yet (so ignore if you’re busy)

Man, you ladies (and gents? We have any gents in the house?) should be writers yourselves!  Your fantastic suggestions have been fun, interesting, and inspired – very creative and imaginative and I can totally see some brilliant backstories being thought up for so many of those names.  Really, people – go pick up a pencil or a keyboard and get to it! 


Now, I don’t know if the poll will close on its own or not – damn thing is smarter than I am – but as of (glances at watch) right now, poll-wise Seb’s in the lead with Richard trailing along in eventual second place. 

But…I’m loving EVERY ONE of the suggestions in the comments!  I should have known better than to pull a poll because now I want to use ALL THE NAMES.

*grumph*  Dude may end up with the longest name in the history of fanfic naming conventions…Well, it IS Texas…and things are always bigger in Texas…

Oh, and here’s the deal about dear ol’ Stan Davis.  Many of y’all mentioned that he was the King of Texas (I ran out of time to reply to individual comments…sorry), and that’s kind of what I’d thought, too – and we were all right…sort of:

In SVM, Stan Davis was the vampire Sheriff of Dallas who does, eventually, become King of Texas much later in the book series (wiki says in book 7), but during this “time frame”, he’s not the king (yet) – still just a Sheriff (which is Godric’s job in the TB version that I’m mostly going with). It’s annoying that the ‘current’ king’s name wasn’t ever given (that I can find at least).

But in TB (where I’m basing the majority of this story), Stan’s just Godric’s mouthy, aggressive lieutenant and to my knowledge no name for the king of Texas was ever given there, either.

So…there’s that, hence this…

Anyway, as for the next installation, I’m already 4,200~ words into it and I’m not even at the half-way mark yet.  Lots of things happen in this Part and apparently these things require lots of parts of speech.  For comparison, the previous Part was around 8,981~ words, give or take.  Warning:  This installation is en route to becoming a monumental bastard with about 12 pee breaks, 2 dinners, and a vacation suggested.

I’m tempted to edit what I’ve written so far as a “”Part1a”” and post hell out of it tomorrow or something.

So that’s where I am.  And if you noticed that I didn’t mention which name/names/conglomeration of even more names I’ll be using, you’re right! *evil grin* You’ll just have to read on…and on…

Hearts and mosquitoes (cause I’m tired of dealing with the fuckers – I mean, really, “Fall” is supposedly scheduled to make its way here on Thursday and it’s still 88*F outside at *checks watch again* now ffs),


33 thoughts on “Poll Bitnez, Not Chapter Yet (so ignore if you’re busy)

  1. As for Fall I have you beat I’m in California and we are at 100 today so I agree where is fall we didn’t have much of a spring either it was chilly.


  2. Woohoo! Can’t wait. Post tomorrow, post tomorrow!! And,mean, Fall definitely needs to come. Both my boys are selling Boy/Cub Scout popcorn right now and it is way too dang hot to be walking door to door doing that. Ugh!


  3. I’m still smacking mosquitos, too, and I am really getting quite good at trapping the little suckers right between my hands! It’s a bit gross, though, so I’ve got a pack of wipes handy. The huge flies? Haven’t gotten a handle on them yet, but they have to go! Now! Our weather is changing though! It’s actually becoming nice at a low-80’s expected for the week, then dropping into the 70’s by the weekend. I don’t want to get too excited… We might actually see humans in the neighborhood again rather than just the local fauna, flocks of wild turkeys, herds of deer, and the nighttime critters skulking around. I can’t wait to see our yard again; it’s been so long! On the other hand, I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m sure we have the loveliest weeds in the neighborhood.
    So, posting tomorrow? Cool. I’ll send you all the coffee you want, donuts, too! With chocolate. 🙂


  4. Glad you’re having fun with all the comments/suggestions/(orders). Does inspire when you get such quality feedback. 🙂 BTW, its hitting Spring here so things are meant to be mild (which would be nice once the rain stops and the humidity disappears we’re melting – though the first blast of humidity is always the worst). 🙂


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  6. tj6james6: After you figure out the character’s backstory and therefore timeline, you can EASILY create a story for them. Just pick something that interests YOU in their timeline and go from there.


  7. tleel: Ugh, srsly. I’m in the middle of NC and around here, “spring” is that two-week period where the ice melts just before the heatwaves start rolling in, and “fall”?? Yeah, that’s where it “cools down” to the 80’s for a little while before BAM! – freezing temps at night. I miss the spring/fall transition periods. These days you blink and they’re over.


  8. switbo: I am! I am! Lol, Part 1 of The Third Night will be up shortly! 😀 And srsly, it’s just too hot for them to be out walking door-to-door like that! I’m fanning myself just thinking about it!


  9. msbuffy: Heh, any way that kills a mosquito is a GOOD way! *tosses over more disinfecting wipes* It’s supposed to be in the mid-80s here this week, too, and I will most certainly take it. Last week’s 90s-fest was ABSOLUTELY AND COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Unfortunately it’s supposed to heat up AGAIN toward the weekend I think…weather people keep changing the forecasts so who knows… And yup, the next Part will be up here in a bit!

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  10. jules3677: You’re absolutely right! I love getting informed, involved, enthusiastic feedback from readers! 😀 Also: ew, humidity… That nastiness sucks! Hope it eases off soon!

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  11. I know, but I’ve got many, many stories sitting on this computer which have been there for at least 3 years, waiting, and waiting, and waiting…the muse seems to have up and left me high and dry for them.


  12. tj6james6: Wanna jack-start your muse? Start going through your “gonna write this eventually” folder with an eye toward deleting the things you’re just not going to actually write. Sure, you’ll end up tossing out a few, but eventually your muse will wake the fuck up and be all “Nooo! This is a good story idea” and then she’ll get her slack-ass busy… Worst-case scenario? You’ll clear data space…


  13. ’tis a possibility :D.
    I can just imagine: I cried when I deleted my stories from FFN. I hurt. Even now she wants me to put them back, but I refuse since they refuse to protect us, the authors.


  14. You’re doing an awesome job on this story! It’s so great, and the intermission are just so funny! 🙂 You must laugh all day long!


  15. I’ll bet they are! I agree, way too much and I wish folks would lighten up. Laughing is highly underrated, and I think that’s why I try do more of it than anything else, even though it often gets me in trouble. On the other hand, I don’t much care about getting in trouble any more! I’m too old to give a shit now, which makes me laugh more… 🙂


  16. msbuffy: See? I think that’s the perfect blend! Laugh when you possibly can, laugh hard and enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer, but if and when you must take a stand, throw down hard, babe! 😀 ❤

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