Until Then, I will Sit

A friend of mine wrote this and it is entirely worth the read. ♥

It's a Mis-fit

stadium-seatsI did it. I sat through the presentation of colors, the invocation and the national anthem at a local high school game. I sat, because I love the country I live in. As much as I love it, I am bothered by so much of what I see. I am also bothered by what I see as a near compulsory demand for an adherence to ritual while failing to truly understand, that for many Americans, such rituals ring hollow. It is for them, after much contemplation that I sat.

I sat for the people of Flint, for whom profit mattered more than safe drinking water, for the residents Standing Rock for similar reasons. I sat for those serving long term sentences for minor drug charges while those who commit violent crimes go free. The injustice, often along color lines is an ongoing injustice. Even worse, profit comes into play…

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11 thoughts on “Until Then, I will Sit

  1. Thank you for the great read! She’s taking a brave stance. I always believed that it was a choice to stand… Love the new Fall look! I’ll love it even more when it’s not 90-something degrees! LOL!


  2. msbuffy: It truly was a very brave stance for her and I’ll support that courage. And thanks! Unfortunately I think Fall is just a sweet myth from days gone by – it’s cooled down now to 90* from today’s high of 95*… Blech.

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  3. Absolutely! I got kicked out of homeroom in 10th grade for something similar regarding the Pledge of Allegiance, First Right Amendments, and choice. My principal was cool with it though and supported my part in the debate (the teacher called it an argument). I got to use his office as my homeroom, giving me all kinds of freedom that I probably shouldn’t have had! It was fun!
    We’re finally cooling down here, supposedly, with the rain we’re currently being pummeled with! I’m dreading ‘Indian Summer’ though if this is Fall! Yikes!


  4. Yeah, thought it might get cooler, but, no. It’s still freakin’ humid! So weird! Wishing you cooler temps soon!


  5. I heard on the news that the hot weather & the drought in some areas will ruin the beautiful Fall Leaf season, at least in some places in New England & Northwestern PA. It should be OK here, we had enough rain. You get pretty Fall seasons there, don’t you? I hope yours isn’t ruined by all the heat! I heard that the leaves will turn quickly and fall much faster than normally. So disappointing! If we get a good one, I’ll send you some pics, but the leaves are barely turning yet! It was 89 here yesterday. So weird!


  6. msbuffy: Same here! Some trees do seem a bit more resistant to gravity than others, while a couple species (dunno which) are shedding already. It’s weird. If I drove a little way away, I could be in leaf-peeper heaven, but meh. I’ll have enough leaves in my yard sooner or later, lol. I hope you guys have a pretty season! It’s one of the few things that will help make up for all the nasty heat this summer…!

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  7. I’m hoping we do, something to make up for all the hibernating that had to be done over the summer, or should we call it SIMMER? Yeah, we’ll have leaves all over the driveway & yard up through Christmas. I don’t sweep them up though! My husband does all the hard work with leaf vacuum… Tough job!


  8. msbuffy: My front yard doesn’t accumulate many leaves but one side and the back do…and I fully intend on leaving them there for a long while (unless they’re mowed over into tiny little nutrient-bearing morsels for the grass, lol, and I will have to sweep off our walkways). This summer has been exactly as nasty as I was afraid it would be, and while we’re NOW forecast to be in the lower 80s this upcoming week, I’ll beleaf’ it when I see it…

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