STC, Ch. 29, is up, and new PDFs added

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the PDFs page conveniently listed as “PDFs” in the menus, have a look.  I’m slowly converting posted one-shots and finished fics into – you guessed it – downloadable PDFs for y’all (cause I’m all nice and cool and shit like that).   Converting these fics is a slow-going process done in my spare time (let’s all laugh gaily at the thought of that mythical “spare time” bullshit, shall we?), but I’ll post’em as I do’em so check that page every now and then. (There may be a chance that a multi-chapter fic or three may-just-might be pulled from all sites at some nebulous point in the far-flung future so grab’em if you like’em.)

Anyway, happy reading!

STC banner from Gyllene

As always, let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “STC, Ch. 29, is up, and new PDFs added

  1. LOL! Laughing at the mythical spare time! Who was so cruel to make up something like that? You really are nice & cool & shit, ya know! LOL! Just too funny! 🙂


  2. msbuffy: “Spare time” really is a myth…I think we autta start throwing fruit and veggies past their prime at THOSE PEOPLE who spread those kinds of rumors.

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  3. Well, given that I rarely have the time to clean those out of my fridge, I have plenty! Let me know when it’s time to start throwing them! I’ll keep stocking up! I’ll even practice my aim! That would make THOSE SAME PEOPLE pleased that I’m exercising, so maybe not… 🙂 Spare time! HA!


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