Regarding downloadable .pdfs:

Before I go through all the hassle (Anticipating has 41 chapters PLUS side stories…  Andre?  50…), I gotta ask:  would you fantastic readers-mine even BE interested in downloadable copies of my magnificent (or whatever) fics?

In the past, several truly thoughtful readers have asked if they could make .mobis or .pdfs, etc., to read at their leisure and I’ve always given the go-ahead but had never actually thought about making them.

Anyway, just to see how the process went and to see if I could post them for y’all here on WP (which does not allow me to post .mobi files, btw, but Online Convert can do that for ya for free after you download this version), and to test interest,  I decided to go ahead and post the .pdf to Blue Nail Polish.

In the menus, the page for these (potential) files is listed under PDFs (I know, so original, right?), but here’s the handy-dandy link for if you want to read my BNP words while you’re getting your oil changed and your tires rotated or while you’re waiting for the progeny to finish with practice or…

PDF large

Let me know if it downloads the way it should.


21 thoughts on “Regarding downloadable .pdfs:

  1. Great idea. I always appreciate when my favourite authors put my favourite finished stories into easily downloadable PDFs on their WP sites.

    I would LOVE a copy of Andre and anything else you finish for my Kindle app on my iPhone. I carry my fave stories with me EVERYWHERE.

    Bravo! 😀👍🎉

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  2. Ooooo! Downloadable stories? Yes, yes, yes, please! Also love Online Conversion (new to me), super fast and easy. I’ve used Calibre in the past but that’s a bit more involved. Looking forward to when you have time to offer other stories. Thanks!


  3. You know I’m all about the download. BTW, Calibre can do much of the work for you…just sayin’.


  4. Downloaded, and it looks perfect!

    This would be wonderful! I think I’ve mentioned I often have to my books through text-speak, and a pdf version is so much better to do on my phone!

    Wow. If you have the time to do this, I would greatly appreciate it!

    And I love this story 🙂 It will be nice to hear it again 😍


  5. ericluver: Hey cool! I’ve gotten started on Andre but it’s going to take a while because as I go through it I’m removing the A/Ns and making sure “it looks good”, etc. divided by “free time”. (Until I figure out a faster way, I’m having to copy the chapter from WP and paste it into a doc, go through it, repeat…then whenever the story is in the doc, then about 4 seconds later I have the pdf, lol). I’ve posted a couple converted one-shots, too, if you want them.


  6. mom2goalies: I’m with you on Calibre. It’s not intuitive, at least, not as far as I’ve found. Maybe if I messed around with it more it’d be different, but I have simple tastes, lol. I’ve added some converted one-shots but check back every now and then for new uploads. 😀

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  7. tleel: Cool, thanks! I’ve added a couple converted one-shots to the page, but check back every now and then as I have a chance to add more. 😀


  8. E. B. Rhome: Being able to read what you want WHERE you want is huge! I think Calibre and I speak different languages. I’ve tried working with it several times but..yeah, different languages, lol. Plus I want to neaten up the chapters of, especially, the longer fics, so that means I still have to copy them to a doc, fix stuff (remove A/Ns, that sort of thing), then it’s just a 4-second job to convert them to .pdf. (You should know that Calibre is now pouting at me…)


  9. virtuallyeverythinguneed: Awww, thank you!! I’ve added a couple one-shots to the page, and as I have time I’ll be adding others, so keep a check on it! 😀


  10. gwynwyvar: Yay!! I was wondering if the conversion would come off property! Good to know! Did it convert in such a way that the text-to-speech function worked? I’ve since added a couple converted one-shots, so they’re up, and as time goes on I’ll be adding more, so check that page every now and then. Hope they come in handy!

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  11. cari1973: That’s awesome! And thank you – glad to hear it! 😀 I’ve added a couple converted one-shots, and more of the longer chapter fics will be added over time, etc., so keep an eye on that page. 😀


  12. absolutely love the idea of your stories being downloadable.. of course you will still keep them up on this site? I refer people here who haven’t read your stories (I know, can you believe there are people out there who are not familiar with them? It blows my mind !!!) You keep creating and writing, we’ll keep reading and enjoying.


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