The Moon, Ch. 34, and a question

See, toldja I had the next chapter of Moon in progress – TAA DAAA!


aThe Moon banner

Ok, the question:  So, standing in front of the open fridge and squirting one’s mouth full of Reddi Wip every now and then is, like, normal, right?



25 thoughts on “The Moon, Ch. 34, and a question

  1. Absofrickinlutely, then add a little Hershey’s Syrup, it’s a party! Hey! You’re a grown-up, you can do that stuff now! Have fun! 🙂

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  2. Absolutely A-Ok to do that. We’re adults. We can do shit like that if we want! And neener-neener to anyone who says we can’t! 😋😂


  3. Do you have to ask? Of course it’s normal, much more so that eating Kool Whip from a container with a spoon. The direct route from the can to your mouth is much more elegant, AND it saves having to wash a spoon.

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  4. I’m more of a Hershey’s chocolate syrup kinda girl myself; but, whatever floats your sundae 😉


  5. kleannhouse: It’s so sad when it runs out, like, it’s trying to personally disappoint us because it’s all cruel and mean! But we’ll show it…WE’LL BUY MORE! 😀


  6. ericluver: Heck yeah! We bought it, we can use it! 😀 We can also lob the empty cans at nay-sayers, too…AND WE HAVE GOOD AIM… 😀


  7. valady1: So much easier and more elegant, and exactly – no dishes to wash afterward! 😀 And when the can is empty, it’s fun and aerodynamically crafted for throwing at naysayers, too!


  8. patsy1965: LOL!! *tosses you the jug of Hershey’s syrup from the back of the fridge – I can’t eat chocolate (migraines) so CATCH!*


  9. Takes a shot….yum! Now…..where’s an equally delicious Viking I can lick it off of? *looks around*. Damn. Mer – can you toss me a spare one of those too?


  10. switbo: Heh, if I ever find out where to file the “gimme an Eric” or “gimme a Sevrin” request forms, hell yeah I’ll share the info! 😀 We *all* could use a spare one or three……cans of Reddi Wip…yeah, that’s it…cans of Reddi Wip… *glances around furtively*


  11. I gather redi-whip is whipped cream in a can? (in the north of england we call it squirty cream) and it is considered strange, not to do this, if you happen to have some in the fridge. Us busy girls need those calories, stat. Non of this low-fat, slow release, healthy crap. Full fat, instant hit, tasty treat, is just the pick-me-up we crave. Tis only a little squirt, to oral bliss !!


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