Ok, One Night – The Second Night – Part 2 is taking a bit longer to write than I had anticipated (mainly because I’ve also been working on Decisions, Moon, and STC…and also because I can be a bit wordy…sorry…), but it WILL BE ready to post in the next day or three, give or take…God willing and the creeks don’t rise…

In the meantime, here’s a wee teaser to tide y’all over:


With extreme reluctance Eric gave into the demands of time and slowly descended to land near the bottom of the steps leading up to Sookie’s porch. The Dae Cataliades’s sedately lawyer-esque vehicle was parked close by, his faint odor leading to the front steps Eric was oddly loathe to mount, and the sounds and scents of the remaining Were guards drifted through the wooded lands surrounding the old house.

Fury briefly spiked his blood.

Fucking Alcide off hiding in the bathroom chatting up one of his literal Werebitches while leaving Sookie unprotected… What if I hadn’t been there?  What if Compton had managed to…  Mangy flea-infested bastard will pay…

It took a second for Eric to refocus.

The contracts that would be discussed that night wouldn’t necessarily provide Sookie with immediate physical protection and he needed to secure more and better guards who were actually responsible enough to warrant his trust.

Obviously that pathetic mutt would rather spend his time chatting on phones in bar restrooms than doing his fucking job, but that other one… Tray?  Trey? However the fuck he spelled his name, he might be far more qualified.  He’s a loner, too, not overly affiliated with any one pack, so logistics wouldn’t be an issue.

Signed contracts would, however, vastly increase Sookie’s future security, as they would be both legally and, possibly, magically binding, but having his arms filled with her warm, soft form noticeably dimmed his enthusiasm for the upcoming discussions.

To his inner satisfaction, Sookie didn’t seem to be in any hurry, either.

She might have stepped away from him when they landed but, he noted smugly, she hadn’t stepped far.  His arm was still draped across her back and she wasn’t shrugging it away.

Content to let her set the pace, his arm sank to her waist and was far more “resting” than “leading” as they ambled toward that first riser.

He noted when a curious look crossed her face, and on the third step she stopped and looked up at him although he was still on the first. Her expression was now somewhat disturbed.

When she rose on her tiptoes, he graciously leaned toward her.

“Eric, I can tell someone is in there with Gran and I know it’s bound to be that lawyer, but I can’t make out his thoughts. They’re like a mix of radio static and white noise. I’ve never heard anything like that before.”

He kept his features neutral but inside he grimaced.

Damn. Trust the Dae to have odd brains… This is not the time to have to explain about a new species. I have to tell her something, but how do I tell this sheltered little babe in the woods that those woods are a hell of a lot more crowded than she’d ever guess?

He stared into her eyes with his mind still racing.

Oh, hey, Little Red Riding Hood, guess what – not only is the big bad human-wolf hybrid a thing that exists, but demons are real, too! And there are fairies and witches and maenads OH MY! But never fear, you get to meet a demon in three…two…

Yeah. That would work.

Standing as they were with Sookie two steps…


So…are you teased now??  Lol, let me know what you think, and fingers crossed the rest will magically appear soon.




34 thoughts on “PLOT TWIST…or rather…TEASER!

  1. I was lead to believe being a tease is a BAD thing. My niece just returned form a trip abroad and brought me some lovely Irish chocolates. I would be more than willing to share them if the muse will be cooperative and let you finish this update. Oooooh look! A fresh pot of coffee!


  2. A lovely tease, should tide us over until the next chapter.. thank you for thinking of your readers..


  3. Oh, being teased by Eric and his thoughts…have I mentioned how much I love you? Well, sending virtual coffee (even if I’m gagging on the smell of coffee, sorry) and all the virtual sweets you and your Muse can eat. Thanks for thinking of us and can’t wait for the next update.


  4. I think it is time that Sookie hears what a liar is her grandmother, if you go down the line of SVM in this. If TB, grandmother’s Sookie is a person to ‘feed apart’, keeping Sookie with her expectations of ideal life, tying it to her, making her dependent to never fly the nest, never informing her of having others like her making believe her she’s a freaky of nature …

    As Eric attitude with respect to Cataliades; This will show that Eric information is kept and can not fully trust him to be completely honest with her. The truth, but not all (which in my estimation was always like lying).


  5. Oh my! Definitely teased and titillated! More, please. Now about that Tray/Trey thing, drives me nuts! It’s “Tray,” damn it! Even if people don’t want to read the books, reference the proper spelling of the character’s name, please. 🙂 As an editor and a READER, I greatly appreciate that! Thank you for bringing that up, Eric; I mean, Meridian! LMAO! OK, I’ll shut up about that now. Here’s some DD coffee for you and chocolate cake for putting up with me. 🙂 It’s just not breakfast without it! Maybe the sugar high will kick the muse in her butt? Whatever works, right? LOL!


  6. Did I forget to mention she also brought me a awesome shot glass with pictures of drinking Leprechauns on it? I will set up those shots to celebrate the next chapter. You can pick the liquor 😀


  7. When I was a teenager, they had a name for girls who teased…. 😋😂
    Can’t wait 👍😀


  8. missingjasamalways: **snicker** Ohhh, Irish chocolates…YUM!!! That, my dear, is a GOOD niece! 😀 *snags the fresh coffee* Chapter’s up!


  9. mom2goalies: *quickly wafts scent of virtual coffee in the direction of away* Awww, thank you! In my imagination, Eric’s inner thoughts are a blast. He can go from viscous to comical to absurd to oh-la-la in an instant, lol. *fans self* Chapter’s up! Enjoy!


  10. cari1973: I’m not really following any true timelines, but yeah, Sookie needs to know her history. For the sake of balance in the universe Gran really does need to come clean to Sookie, but that might take a little time… There will be a bit of a…something…in the chapter (that’s now posted!), so… (And I absolutely agree – withholding information is ABSOLUTELY a form of lying – sin of omission…)


  11. msbuffy: Thank YOU! The little details absolutely DO matter, well, sometimes more than others, but still, they count. Thankfully I never have to worry about following particular timelines since I go AU so fast (and I usually warn readers in the description although I’m sure my regular readers have grown to expect it by now, lol), but yeah, even AU people need to get the names right if they’re going to be using them – either that, or write in an explanation of why this/that tidbit is different. Like with Eric – he “wasn’t sure” and it was a fun bit of mental fluff to toss in. (I love his mind, lol!) Anyhu, next chapter’s up! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  12. missingjasamalways: No way – I bet it’s fantastic!! And I would gladly join you for shots! You pick…I’m easy… (I do have a fondness for Frangelico, but it’s more a sipping aperitif.) Enjoy the chapter!


  13. You’re very welcome and YAY! Can’t wait to read it! Have to wait till the grandkids go to sleep though. They ‘need’ the laptop! 6 & 7! OK…


  14. Loved the Little Red Riding Hood reference and that was a nice tease made you want more with out feeling homicidal about it! (puts knife away…..for now)


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