Due to popular demand…

Due to popular demand and many bribes with delicious (albeit virtual) coffee (some kind soul even mentioned donuts…), I present:  One Night – The Second Night – Part 1… 

Yes, ladies and gennelmen, you read that right:  One Night has been revived. 

Naturally updates will be irregular as time/muse/weather/etc permit, but at this point I have roughly three “parts” parsed out for their Second Night – all filled with things that have to happen before they can arrive in Dallas.

And yes – spoiler – they will be going to Dallas…where the Godric is…  (You’re welcome!)

Yes, I said “Godric”.  GODRIC GODRIC GODRIC…  Godric.  😀  (You should know by now that I’m in permadoration of my version of him…)

Whew…ok…so there’s that.  Now:


Andre:  I’m about half way through that final chapter.  I’d gotten well over 4/5ths the way through an entirely different version when I decided it didn’t suit so I scrapped the entire mess and started all over again.  It’s a writer’s prerogative I sometimes gleefully (ok, and at times tearfully, other times begrudgingly) employ.  Andre heartily approved.  He told me so.  Of course, by this point he’d probably tell me the sky was pink if he thought that was what I wanted to hear just to get the damn story told, lol. 

STC:  *evil grin*  Things are progressing well – I’m about 1/3rd through the next chapter.

Moon:  Ditto…maybe a little more.  Yes, Sookie is still eating the weirdest combination of foods you can (try not to) imagine.  Eric is still being very polite about it all.  Sevrin grimaces.  Often.

EN: ATS isn’t up for another chappy yet, and we’re not discussing Decisions.  Nope.  *plugs ears*  I can, however, say with full confidence that Godric is not wearing shoes, and in all probability *checks watch* lacks clothing, too.  Cara fully approves.  

Ok, so –  w/o further ado’ing, enjoy:

One Night

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