Who wants One Night, Part 4?

Ok, so, here’s the last part of the “one shot” formerly knows as “The Night Eric Northman’s Life Changed Forever”. 

I’ve achieved what I set out to do:  explore the ramifications of what could happen if one action were taken – of how lives and tides and futures could change so drastically – in the process of one night.  Because Eric took the initiative, so many lives have been positively impacted:  Godric, Sookie, Gran, and hell, even Tina *seriously* benefited.  And then there’s Eric himself; he’s now in the process of gaining independence from the queen, reconnecting with his Maker, getting rid of Compton, and ending that desperate boredom.

And that’s not even touching the subject of a romance with Sookie.

Now, I’ve heard some chatter that a continuation of sorts wouldn’t be hated…and bits of scenes have been wandering through the hallowed (hollowed?) halls of my mind off and on so there’s definitely material for at least an epilogue of sorts (and we know how I can get with those bastards…), so there’s that.

Plus Godric.

There’s “that”, too…

Anyway, let me know what you want.  I make no promises but I’m not saying never, either…but keep in mind that my writing time isn’t infinite and I do have (*cries a little*) five other WIPs to complete (and Andre is mean-glaring at me, too…impatient bastard).

Enjoy the Part, and lemme know what you think.

One Night

5 thoughts on “Who wants One Night, Part 4?

  1. I could do brownies and my son works at Starbucks. IMG_4558.JPG This is the ad he drew in chalk for Mother’s Day. He says my geriatric stripper name should be Lovely in Lavender


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