You know that new chapter of STC I promised? Catch!


That being said, I think some of it is funny, but then I know I have a strange sense of humor, so keep that in mind.

The Night Eric Northman’s Life Changed Forever is coming along swimmingly, and according to Word the latest word count is 16,150, so for ease of consumption I may well split it into two posts cause I ain’t done with it yet…I mean, even at 8,000+ words each they’d still be “2 pee break” reads…

Dunno…we’ll see.

Anyway, here’s the latest STC chapter – enjoy!  *snicker*

STC banner from Gyllene

10 thoughts on “You know that new chapter of STC I promised? Catch!

  1. Upstatetraildude: I have never been brave enough to attempt Nano (and huge kudos to all who do!) but this “one shot” is well over 18,000 words now… It’s good practice for the real thing, though, that’s for sure. 😀

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  2. The Winner for “The Best Warning For a Chapter, Ever” goes to Meridian! Your Bill Warning is the absolute funniest and best warning for a chapter I’ve seen to date in any fanfiction. Woman, I just love your sense of humor and hope you hang on to it always! It will keep you young and do marvelous things to keep the wrinkles, et al at bay. Just fabulous! 🙂


  3. msbuffy: LOL!! It wouldn’t be fair to spring such a Bilious organism on people while they were all innocently unaware…forewarned/forearmed…small trashcans may prove useful… Glad you liked it! 😀

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  4. Upstatetraildude: Would NANO be ok with writing fanfic as the novel? I have several non-fanfics in the mental (and barely partial…) works but nothing of this length yet. This piece is proving helpful toward the “writing for profit” goal by showing me some things I need to work on, so there’s that at least. For posting here I expect this to top out at more/less 19,000/19,500-ish…give or take…sorta…, but it could easily be expanded to 80,000+ if given free reign and some time.


  5. Yep! Anything you write can be used for Nano – it just has to be written during April. The content doesn’t matter because they don’t actually read your work. They’ll use a word count program to validate your word count, but what you put in your 50,000 words is completely at your whim. Plus there’s writing prompts and a community of fellow writers to help you along. Check it out –


  6. Upstatetraildude: I like that anything you write counts – that frees it up for anyone to do. And a support system sounds really, really good, too. I’ll definitely check it out – thank you!!!


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