The Moon, Chapter 32, is up for your viewing convenience

Hope you guys enjoy! 

aThe Moon banner 2

It’s been creepy-hot over here in NC-land, like, upper-70s/lower-80s crap – IN MARCH.  But there’s no global warming…nope…none at all…  *tosses scuba gear to all of Florida and affected areas of the Gulf*  (That’s not my excuse for waiting so long to post…it’s just a general bitch/gripe.  My excuse is the throbbing in my brain because ~migraine~…I figure it actually does have to do with the weather shifting; I know my allergies sure as fuck do.)

Have a good one and I hope to get another chapter of (nanner nanner not tellin’) out to ya soon.  I have chapters to several fics in progress so in theory it shouldn’t be too long. 

Yeah, I like my theories.  They come with cookies and hot coffee.


5 thoughts on “The Moon, Chapter 32, is up for your viewing convenience

  1. Sweetie, you can erase this, but there are no comments in the chapter… But it was awesome, and I love how you made us all feel better AfTER you had us think evilly of the good doctor…..


  2. Can’t post comments after the chapter, but wanted you to know I’m thrilled to see an update. And what a clever twist, Ludwig has 5 sisters! I knew she wouldn’t betray Sookie, beside manner of a prickly pear, but totally dedicated to her patients. Eric grief for Pam, tempered with his pride at her actions in the end was endearing. A true parent.


  3. valady1: Thanks – it should be fixed now. I totally spaced on clicking the boxes to enable comments this time around. 😦 I can’t see Eric just dusting his hands off and suddenly being over Pam’s death. I’m not going to doom-and-gloom the story with his grief, but yeah, he remembers and grieves, but he’s also proud of how she spent her final hour.


Ahh, you found me. No clue why they stuck me ALL THE WAY DOWN HERE, but see that "Comment" box? Have at it!

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