BNP, PT. 9 – come and get it!

Ok, y’all – here it is in all its (hopeful) glory.  This has been a wild ride for me and your support has helped more than you could know.  I took me out of my “writing comfort zone” completely expecting to fail miserably, but I had to try, ya know?  So…I did it…and you fantastic readers-mine gave me the best love and support I could ever have asked for – thank you!  (Thanks for the coffee and donuts, too!)

This is the last Part, but it’s a long one, and there will be an outtake posted at some point.  (Ignore any mistakes…it’s 6:12am and I’m going to bed.)

So, without further ado’ing:

BNP huge

As usual, there’s an “intermission”, coffee is suggested as this is a long one…and let me know what you think!

10 thoughts on “BNP, PT. 9 – come and get it!

  1. Great story as always girl. I do like this Eric and Sookie. I’m so glad she could finally give him all of her. Great writing. Thanks for another great story.


  2. gyllene: YES!!! I think you are exactly right! If it doesn’t work, they’ll fix it wrong, and if it works fine, they’ll fix it wrong even faster.


  3. bbrock525: 😀 Thank you!! It took Sookie a while to get over Beehl and then BAM – she was struck by that disparity with her fairy-self, but in the end she not only recovered, but started getting help for things she should have been getting therapy for all along. Now she can truly appreciate Eric for who he is, and he truly gets his Sookie. They make a writer proud… 😉 Glad you liked it! 😀

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  4. You’ve done so well with this one and I hope that you’ll continue steeping out of that comfort zone. Be proud of this one. It’s stunning. 🙂


  5. Continue to challenge yourself. I think you’ll find the results well worth it. Well done, Meridian! I intend to nag you to do this more often, so consider yourself warned! LOL! 🙂


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