BNP: Pt. 7 is up because #‎snOMG‬ ‪#‎snoPOCALYPSE‬ ‪#‎snoMAGEDDON‬

Snow sucks. 

It’s *gorgeous* to watch while it’s falling but the mess after said gorgeous falling sucks misshapen genitalia. Thankfully I’m in the mostly-snow zone for this “winter weather event” but there’s a chance for ice/freezing sky piss, so there’s a chance that my power might go bye-bye if there’s any accumulation of weight on trees and/or power lines. 

So, yeah, here’s the next Part of BNP.  Figured I’d set it free early jic the power does go on hiatus.

Enjoy!  There are several questions answered in this Part, so I hope it helps.

BNP huge

(Somebody tell this nasty mean old winter weather to go the hell away – it’s not listening to me.)



35 thoughts on “BNP: Pt. 7 is up because #‎snOMG‬ ‪#‎snoPOCALYPSE‬ ‪#‎snoMAGEDDON‬

  1. Snow sucks, even while it’s falling. It keeps me stuck in this damn house as if having old, achy bones and a healing fracture weren’t bad enough. We’re right on the edge of the damn “event,” so we could get 1″ or 8″. On the other hand, we’re more than halfway through January and this is the most we’ve had, or been forecasted to have, so I have to love El Nino (pretend there’s a tilda over that ‘n’). We’ve been lucky, but I’d be hella lot happier if we weren’t forecasted for any of it! 🙂 Stay warm and enjoy your coffee! Make sure you have plenty of that and cigs! 🙂

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  2. Need…more….soon! This is amazing! I love where you have taken this! I am sending you Arizona warmth, but not too much, as you need to stay inside so I may get an update sooner rather than later 😉😉 can’t wait for more, and stay safe & warm!


  3. Hope you’re doing Okay- I live in Montreal (Canada) so I sympathize with you. Actually I think you’re getting walloped more then us – we have no snow forecasted in the near future…just cold weather. Take care


  4. Ack! I accidentally unfollowed you after I read this chapter😱 damn app! Thank god I figured it out when I went to reread this chapter and your post had mysteriously disappeared from my dash. If I hadn’t realized and missed any of this goodness I would have been pissed!


  5. msbuffy: *glares menacingly at your healing fracture and tells it to get a move-on already* And srsly, all this frozen sky piss needs to land in droughty areas instead of, you know, “here”. *grumph*

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  6. shoegirl01: Made it thorugh pretty good so far (the “”event”” is technically over but there’s freakin’ frozen sky piss everywhere and now starts the thawing only to refreeze bit). But even snow-less cold weather is bad enough – bundle up!!


  7. askarsgirl: Oh no! Good catch!! I’ve done that before and had choice words for how the buttons are arranged on the screen, too! Hope you enjoyed the reread! 😀


  8. That’s why you didn’t get a comment on the chapter too. I had a lengthy comment typed up and just wrapping it up when the power (and the Internet) went out. I just didn’t have a chance to re type it up after. It was a great chapter though.


  9. Yes, it does! We were having a perfectly non-precipitous winter, and now this. Well, if this is the worst, then that’s OK. I do hope they get to the stranded folks soon! As for the fracture, my rheumatologist, henceforth known as ‘Dr. Obvious,’ tells me that I do two to three times longer to heal than the ‘normal’ person because of my other conditions. For this, our insurance company and we pay him… Just give me the pain meds that work and shut up already! Grr… Argh…


  10. switbo: Ugh, I hate when my comment, etc., gets wiped by something like that. And it’s usually something extremely thoughtful, witty, relevant, etc…in other words: a work of word art…and it’s gone in a blink. Infuriating! I hope your power wasn’t out long!!


  11. msbuffy: That’s me – if this is the worst AND it doesn’t happen again, I’m all find and partially-dandy. But no more! And don’t you love when doctors give you words and platitudes instead of giving or doing something that actually HELPS?

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  12. Yep, I’m done! 6 more weeks of winter, and I’m ready for rain and mud, and the deer to eat my tulips. Again. Then it’s time to go see Dr. Obvious for platitudes and a hefty new copay, but he is really nice! C’mon, Spring! 🙂


  13. msbuffy: You know the first time he coughs up some obvious bit you’re going to bust out laughing because you’re going to remember this virtual convo, right, then you’ll have to explain how you think he’s really nice and all but that you’ve been chatting with your friends about how obvious his statements and platitudes are…then of course you’ll have to tell us how it went!

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  14. Exactly! It was one of my typical long-winded responses and I just didn’t have the wherewithal to recreate it. 😏

    Only about 30 minutes as it turned out. So not bad at all.


  15. switbo: Those are the responses of mine that always seem to disappear – well thought out, well written, everything just so…bam…nothing… Glad it wasn’t out for long.

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