Since it’s a holiday for us ‘Merrykins: BNP, Pt. 6 is up!

No comment.  Nope.  None at all.  Well, except to say that although I know *vastly* better than to try to run updates/upgrades on my system while Mercury is in Retrograde or to at least implement stringent precautionary measures if said updates/upgrades are necessary, my dumb ass blithely did it anyway (Firefox because I’m a complete moron and don’t value my favorite add-ons enough to pay fucking attention to the calendar like the dumbass I am).  #bitterness


All sympathies are hereby accepted and appreciated.

Send coffee and ciggies.

It’s gonna be a long-ass’d day.

BNP huge

(Runs for life)

9 thoughts on “Since it’s a holiday for us ‘Merrykins: BNP, Pt. 6 is up!

  1. :hands over gallon of very strong Kenya AA and 12 cartons of ciggies:

    Yeah, um, Mercury Retro can kick your ass. Nothing to comment on at this time. :runs away and jumps in convertible with Eric, trying to avoid flying objects:


  2. Poor woman! Here’s some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and cigs for you! Enjoy! Just walk away from anything technology-related for awhile. Now breathe! All will be well…


  3. I’ve been in IT for waay too many years and I still get frustrated with slowness – been known to tickle the monitor trying to coax it into spitting out the info faster… 😭 probably need a psychologist who can make sense of this!


  4. shoegirl01: OMGodric…a lag (internet/browser fighting or like when you’re running backup as if for the first time ever) will drive you nucking futs… I have created the best curse words during those times! Heh, tell any innocent bystanders that it’s for the safety of all human-kind…

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